1st Edition

Geoeconomics and Geosecurities in the Indian Ocean Region

Edited By Timothy Doyle Copyright 2017
    126 Pages
    by Routledge

    126 Pages
    by Routledge

    There are important changes in regional and global demographics ahead of us. A profound rise in the number of citizens in the Indian Ocean Region in the next fifty years will have significant impacts on the state, on the nature and operation of markets and the neo-liberal framework they operate in, and raise new challenges for regional security. This book considers the insufficient dialogue between ever increasing and closer connections between geo-economics and geo-securities in the Indian Ocean Region, and highlights some of the challenges. This book takes a broader understanding of security than what is usually meant in more traditional security frameworks in politics and international relations. Economic and politics are integrally, and obviously, related. This book considers regional themes such as discourses around strategic competition; models of regional cooperative security; Indian Ocean Region domestic economies/ contexts and the military industrial complex; and regional models of identity and cultural belonging. Regions and regionalisms are increasingly being used to challenge power, and the existence of any uniform model of macro-politics and macro-economics (whether it be neo-liberalism or otherwise). Most importantly, these discussions of region enable us to celebrate the similarities that we share as neighbours (in a real geographical sense) and to comprehend and respect these differences in these rich regional communities of markets, cultures, and securities. This book was previously published as a special issue of the Journal of the Indian Ocean Region.

    1. The coming together of geoeconomics and geosecurities in the Indian Ocean Region
    Timothy Doyle

    2. Beyond the ‘String of Pearls’: is there really a Sino-Indian security dilemma in the Indian Ocean?
    David Brewster

    3. Security cooperation in the Indo-Pacific: non-traditional security as a catalyst
    Erin Zimmerman

    4. Taking to the skies - China and India’s quest for UAVs
    Aditi Malhotra and Rammohan Viswesh

    5. Building South Africa’s naval capability: heyday, decline and prospects
    Thean Potgieter

    6. Entering the blue: conflict resolution and prevention at sea off the coast of East Africa
    Francois Vreÿ

    7. Religious citizenship: the case of the globalised Khōjā
    Iqbal S. Akhtar


    Timothy Doyle is Professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of Adelaide in Australia. He is also Emeritus Chair of Politics and International Relations at Keele University in the United Kingdom and a Distinguished Research Fellow at the Australia-Asia-Pacific Institute (AAPI), Curtin University, Western Australia.