1st Edition

Geoid and its Geophysical Interpretations

    Geoid and its Geophysical Interpretations explains how an accurate geoid can be constructed and used for a variety of applied and theoretical geophysical purposes. The book discusses existing techniques for geoid computation, recently developed mathematical and computational tools designed for applications, and various interpretations. Principles and results are well illustrated. This book will be an excellent reference for geodesists, geophysicists, geophysical prospectors, oceanographers, and researchers and students in geophysics and geodesy.

    What is a Geoid? (E.W. Grafarend). Estimation Techniques for Geoid Determination (L.E. Sjoberg). Global Geoid Solutions (R.H. Rapp). Regional Geoid Determination (M.G. Sideris). Geoid Undulations from Satellite Altimetry (V. Zlotnicki). Spectral Decomposition of the Geoid (L. Svensson). Inversion Techniques (Z. Martinec). Signal Processing Techniques: Along-Track Signal Processing of Satellite Altimeter Data (R.V. Sailor). Computer Imaging of the Geoid (J. Verhoef). The Geoid and Oceanic Lithosphere (A. Cazenave). The Geoid and Characteristics of Its Anomalies (C. Bowin). The Geoid and Geophysical Prospecting (K.L. Hayling). The Geoid and Tectonic Forces (M. Pick). Geoid and Its Strain and Stress Fields (E. Livieratos). Geoid and Earth Rotation (B.F. Chao). The Geoid and Ocean Circulation (R.S. Nerem and C.J. Koblinsky).


    Petr Vanicek and Nikolaos T. Christou