Geology of Fossil Fuels --- Oil and Gas : Proceedings of the 30th International Geological Congress, Volume 18 Part A book cover
1st Edition

Geology of Fossil Fuels --- Oil and Gas
Proceedings of the 30th International Geological Congress, Volume 18 Part A

ISBN 9789067642347
Published March 1, 1997 by CRC Press
360 Pages

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Book Description

This book presents the proceedings of the 30th International Geological Congress, covering oil and gas generation in nonmarine basins, targets of hydrocarbons, reservoir characterization, marine carbonate source beds, and oil and gas basin system.

Table of Contents

I. THEORY OF OIL AND GAS GENERATION IN NONMARINE BASINS AND THEIR CONDITIONS OF ACCUMULATION Advances in hydrocarbon generation theory (1): Immature oil and gas generating hydrocarbon and evolutionary model Huang Difan Characteristics and formation conditions of oil/gas fields (pools) in abnormal formation pressure environments in China Wang Tingbin and Liu Bin Structural style and petroleum systems of the Songliao basin Dou Lirong and Li Jinchao PART II. NEW PROSPECTS AND TARGETS OF HYDROCARBON IN THE 1990S New oil and gas exploration frontiers and resources potential of old cratons in NE Asia Hu Jianyi, Zhou Xingxi, Xu Shubao and Li Qiming Optimization of oil deposits prospecting and exploration at the stage of a high degree of exploration of the territory (by the example of Tatarstan) R.Kh. Muslimov, I.A. Larochkina, R.N. Diyashev, E.R. Kirillov and Sh.M. Bogateyev Geological characteristics of Central Gas Field in Shanganning Basin, China Yang Juntie The gas resource in tight sandstone in Sichuan basin Guo Zhengwu Formation and distribution of coal measure-derived hydrocarbon accumulation in NW China Zhao Wenzhi, Zhang Yan, Xu Dateng and Zhao Changyi Oil and gas generation potential resources and prognosed highly perspective targets and operation works in sedimentary of search-prospecting D.I. Drobot and E.V. Krasukov The pattern of combination and industrial division of gas-bearing basins in China and the strategic thinking for natural gas exploration Qian Kai, Wang Zecheng and Deng Hongwen Coalbed methane in China: geology and exploration prospects Chen Xiaodong and Zhang Shengli Petroleum geological features of Tertiary terrestrial Lunpola basin Lei Qinling, Fu Xiaoyue and Lu Yapin Assessment of oil and gas resources by 3-D modeling of Tarim basin, China Wang Yingmin, Zhao Guanjun, Deng Lin, Liu Ling, Dong Wei, Jing Jianpin and Luo Linmin PART III. RESERVOIR CHARACTERIZATION The role of secondary mineralization for the formation of oil-gas reservoirs E.E. Kanryushina A study of the pore structure of major sandstone reservoirs in China Shen Pingping, Jia Fenshu and Li Kevin Reservoir characterization of the Ekofisk field: A giant, fractured chalk reservoir in the Norwegian North Sea --- Phase I: resevoir description B. Agarwal and S.C. Key On interwell prediction for clastic reservoir Huang Shiyan and Wang Kuangyuen PART IV. MARINE CARBONATE SOURCE BEDS AND RESERVOIR The geochemical characteristic of marine oil in China Huang Difan and Zhao Mengjun Stratigraphic zonation of Bangestan reservoir, Binak Field, SW Iran B.A. Habibnia and D. Javanbakht Reservoir of chalkified Miocene reef-banks on Dongsha platform in South China Sea Wu Xichun and Li Peihua Deformational characteristics and oil/gas accumulation in Tarim basin in China Yang Keming, Gong Ming, Chen Zhaoguo and Wu Yajun PART V. OIL/GAS BASIN SYSTEM AND OTHERS Oil and gas basin system Zhao Zhongyuan and Jin Jiuqiang The evolution of geotectonic system and formation of hydrocarbon generation in China Wang Jingqi Petroleum geology and exploration direction of Qingzang plateau He Zhiliang, Liu Jishun and Jiang Ping The regularity of oil and gas abundant accumulation in North Jiangsu Basin, China Wei Zili and Zhou Liqing Numerical simulation of histories of hydrocarbon generation and primary migration in several typical basins in China Xu Sihuang Prediction and assessment of natural gas resources in China Zhang Hongnian, Yang Dengwei and Yang Ruizhao Geology and hydrocarbon occurrence of Tertiary strike-slip basins in Eastern Tibet and Western Sichuan Tian Zaiyi and Zhang Qingchun

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