1st Edition

Geomechanics and Geodynamics of Rock Masses, Volume 1 Proceedings of the 2018 European Rock Mechanics Symposium

Edited By Vladimir Litvinenko Copyright 2018

    This book is Volume 1 of the EUROCK 2018 proceedings.

    Geomechanics and Geodynamics of Rock Masses contains contributions presented at EUROCK 2018, the 2018 International Symposium of the International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM 2018, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 22-26 May 2018). Dedicated to recent advances and achievements in the fields of geomechanics and geotechnology, the main topics of the book include:

    - Physical and mechanical properties of fractured rock (laboratory testing and rock properties, field measurements and site investigations)
    - Geophysics in rock mechanics
    - Rock mass strength and failure
    - Nonlinear problems in rock mechanics
    - Effect of joint water on the behavior of rock foundation
    - Numerical modeling and back analysis
    - Mineral resources development: methods and rock mechanics problems
    - Rock mechanics and underground construction in mining, hydropower industry and civil engineering
    - Rock mechanics in petroleum engineering
    - Geodynamics and monitoring of rock mass behavior
    - Risks and hazards
    - Geomechanics of technogenic deposits

    Geomechanics and Geodynamics of Rock Masses will be of interest to researchers and professionals involved in the various branches of rock mechanics and rock engineering. EUROCK 2018, organized by the Saint Petersburg Mining University, is a continuation of the successful series of ISRM symposia in Europe, which began in 1992 in Chester, UK.

    VOLUME 1

    Key lectures

    Advancement of geomechanics and geodynamics at the mineral ore mining and underground space development
    V. Litvinenko

    Complete laboratory experimentation on hydraulic fracturing
    H.H. Einstein, O. Al-Dajani, B. Gonçalves da Silva, G. Bing Li & S. Morgan

    Strength and deformability of brittle polycrystalline materials in multiaxial stress-strain state: Rupture energy evaluation for brittle materials
    E.G. Gaziev

    Anisotropic and nonlinear properties of rock including fluid under pressure
    I. Gray, X. Xhao & L. Liu

    Dynamic rock support in burst-prone rock masses
    C.C. Li

    Deep mining rock mechanics in China—the 3rd mining technology revolution
    M. He

    Diagnostics and prediction of geomechanical objects state based on back analysis
    L. Nazarova

    Rock mechanics and environmental engineering for energy and geo-resources
    F.L. Pellet

    The development of geomechanical engineering in mining
    V.L. Trushko, I.B. Sergeev & A.N. Shabarov

    Review papers

    Geodynamic safety of subsurface management
    A.N. Shabarov & S.V. Tsirel

    Methods and approaches to geomechanical ensuring of mining safety at potash mines
    A.A. Baryakh & V.A. Asanov

    The Ural scientific school of geomechanics: Fundamental and applied research
    S.V. Kornilkov, A.D. Sashourin & A.A. Panzhin

    Geomechanical substantiation of mining in rockburst-hazardous deposits
    A.A. Kozyrev, V.I. Panin & I.E. Semenova

    The researches of burst-hazard on mines in Russian Far East
    I.Ju. Rasskazov, B.G. Saksin, M.I. Potapchuk & P.A. Anikin

    Modeling geomechanical and geodynamic behavior of mining-altered rock mass with justifying mechanisms of initiation and growth of failure zones
    V.N. Zakharov & O.N. Malinnikova

    Physical and mechanical properties of fractured rock

    Determination of the errors arising from apparatus and operator during applying the point load index
    D. Akbay & R. Altindag

    Determination of rock deformability using the coastal sections of concrete dams as a large-scale stamp
    E.S. Argal & V.M. Korolev

    Characterization of hydromechanical damage of claystones using X-ray tomography
    C. Auvray & R. Giot

    Creation of regional database of physical-and-mechanical characteristics of man-induced dispersed soils
    S.P. Bakhaeva & D.V. Guryev

    Analysis of crack initiation and crack damage of metamorphic rocks with emphasis on acoustic emission measurements
    K. Bartmann & M. Alber

    Comparison between conventional and multi-sensor geotechnical core logging methods
    M. Bhuiyan & K. Esmaieli

    Graphical evaluation of 3D rock surface roughness: Its demonstration through direct shear strength tests on Bátaapáti Granites and Mont Terri Opalinus Claystones
    I. Buocz, N. Rozgonyi-Boissinot & Á. Török

    Feasibility study on the influence of discontinuities on anisotropic rock masses regarding the stiffness
    A. Buyer, L. Gottsbacher & W. Schubert

    The effect of mining layout, regional pillars and backfill support on delaying expected shaft deformation at Bambanani mine
    P.M. Couto

    Fractured clay rocks as a surrounding medium of underground structures: The features of geotechnical and hydrogeological assessment
    R.E. Dashko & P.V. Kotiukov

    New methods to fit a Hoek Brown failure criterion to data sets from multiaxial laboratory tests
    A. Defay & S. Maiolino

    Application of a new clustering method for automatic identification of rock joint sets
    S. Fereshtenejad & J.-J. Song

    Experimental evidences of thermo-mechanical induced effects on jointed rock masses through infrared thermography and stress-strain monitoring
    M. Fiorucci, G.M. Marmoni, S. Martino & A. Paciello

    A correlation between thermal conductivity and P-wave velocity of damaged granite
    P.K. Gautam, A.K. Verma, P. Sharma & T.N. Singh

    Characterization of shear behavior of discontinuities of Brioverian schist
    S. Guiheneuf, D. Rangeard, V. Merrien-Soukatchoff & M.-P. Dabard

    Effects of stress, anisotropy and brittle-to-ductile transition on fracturing and fluid flow in shales
    M. Gutierrez

    Geomechanical characterization of the upper carboniferous under thermal stress for the evaluation of a High Temperature-Mine Thermal Energy Storage (HT-MTES)
    F. Hahn, T. Jabs, R. Bracke & M. Alber

    Investigating the mechanism contributing to large scale structurally driven hangingwall instabilities on the UG2 reef horizon
    A.G. Hartzenberg & M. du Plessis

    Strength estimation of fractured rock using compression—a specimen with spherical indenters
    V.A. Korshunov, D.A. Solomoychenko & A.A. Bazhukov

    Measurements of thermal properties of rock samples under high temperature conditions
    W. Lin, O. Tadai, T. Sugimoto, T. Hirose, W. Tanikawa & Y. Hamada

    Static and dynamic effective stress coefficient of St. Peter sandstone during depletion and injection
    X. Ma & M.D. Zoback

    Jointed rock mass characterization using field and point-cloud data
    M. Marjanović, M. Pejić, J. Krušić & B. Abolmasov

    New failure criterion for rocks by using compression tests
    C.G. Nicieza, M.I.Á. Fernández, C.C.G. Fernández, R.F. Rodríguez & J.R.G. Menéndez

    Ore strength property evaluation in the design of ore preparation cycles
    N.V. Nikolaeva, T.N. Aleksandrova & A.M. Elbendari

    Geomechanical behaviour of a rock barricade and cemented paste backfill: Laboratory experiments on a reduced-scale model
    M. Nujaim, C. Auvray & T. Belem

    Multivariate Artificial Neural Network (ANN) models for predicting uniaxial compressive strength from index tests
    B.S. Othman, N.T. Özcan, A. Kalender & H. Sönmez

    Investigation of scale effects on uniaxial compressive strength for Kars-Kagızman Rock Salt, Turkey
    I. Ozkan & Z. Kızıltaş

    Practical aspects of boundary condition selection on direct shear laboratory tests
    T.R.M. Packulak, J.J. Day & M.S. Diederichs

    Experimental studies of saliferous rock direct tension
    I. Pankov, V. Asanov, V. Kuzminykh & I. Morozov

    Understanding tilt-test results on saw-cut planar rock surfaces from a statistical perspective
    I. Pérez-Rey, L.R. Alejano, J. Martínez, M. Muniz & J. Muralha

    The use of InSAR as a tool to manage precursor ground displacement in rock masses
    J. Raventós, C. Sánchez & A. Conde

    Correlations of geomechanical indices for Andean environments
    S.S. Rodríguez, J.D.L. Valero & C.L. Gómez

    Thermal behavior of Indian shale rock after high temperature treatment
    S. Sardana, A.K. Verma, M.K. Jha & P. Sharma

    Swelling pressures of some rocks using different test procedures
    L. Selen, K.K. Panthi & M.R. Vergara

    The implementation of de-stress gold mining technique along complex geological structures and heavily fractured ground conditions
    F. Sengani & T. Zvarivadza

    The use of face perpendicular preconditioning technique to destress a dyke located 60 m ahead of mining faces
    F. Sengani & T. Zvarivadza

    Prospects of the physical model-based study of geomechanical processes
    A.N. Shabarov, B.Yu. Zuev & N.V. Krotov

    Long term creep pressuremeter tests in soft rock (St. Petersburg, Russia)
    A. Shidlovskaya, J.-L. Briaud, M. Chedid & S. Tafti

    Reviewing length, density and orientation data of fractures in a granitic rock mass
    G. Somodi, Á. Krupa, L. Kovács & G. Szujó

    Change in elastic properties of hard rocks passing from thawed to frozen state
    S.V. Suknev

    Tensile behavior of rock under intermediate dynamic loading for Hwangdeung granite and Linyi sandstone
    Y. Wicaksana, S. Jeon, G. Min & S. Cho

    Development of a rock blasting management system
    M. Yamagami & S. Katayama

    Experimental study on damaged zone around an opening due to thermo-mechanical loading
    N. Zhang, S. Jeon & S. Wang

    Ground closure monitoring systems on trial in deep to ultra-deep mechanized gold mining
    T. Zvarivadza & F. Sengani

    Geophysics in rock mechanics

    Study of factors behind rock slope displacement at Higashi Shikagoe limestone quarry, Japan
    C.N. Bandazi, R. Uy, J.-i. Kodama, Y. Fujii, D. Fukuda, H. Iwasaki & S. Ikegami

    Seismic measurements to recognize rock mass damaging induced by recurrent vibrations
    D. D’Angio, R. Iannucci, L. Lenti, S. Martino & A. Paciello

    Dynamic investigations of EDZs from Bátaapáti radwaste repository based on passive seismoacoustic measurements
    F. Deák & I. Szűcs

    Reactivation of the old landslide caused by the land development—the case study
    L. Florkowska, I. Bryt-Nitarska, R. Gawałkiewicz & R. Murzyn

    Rock stress assessment based on the fracture induced electromagnetic radiation
    V. Frid & S.N. Mulev

    Modern principles of nondestructive stress monitoring in mine workings—overview
    V. Frid & A.N. Shabarov

    Empirical-Statical-Dynamic (ESD) methodology for extrapolation in rock mechanics
    M. Jovanovski, I. Peshevski & J. Papic

    State-of-the-art damage assessment methods for brittle rock using digital image correlation and infrared thermography
    M. Karakus, S. Akdag, L.S. Randhawa, Y. Zhao & Z. Cao

    The increasing of exploitation safety of potassium salt deposit based on geologicalgeomechanical simulation
    Yu. Kashnikov, A. Ermashov, D. Shustov & D. Khvostantcev

    Effect of viscosity of fault filling on stick-slip dynamics of seismogenic fault motion: A numerical approach
    S. Kostić, N. Vasović & I. Franović

    Integrated seismic measurement techniques to determine the velocity distribution near underground drifts at the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF)
    W.M. Roggenthen

    Geophysical monitoring as an inherent part of the technological process in deep open pits
    V.V. Rybin, V.I. Panin, M.M. Kagan & K.N. Konstantinov

    Changes in the time of the properties of rock foundations of large hydraulic structures according to geophysical monitoring data
    A.I. Savich, E.A. Gorokhova & M.M. Ilin

    Recovery of in-situ orientation of drilled rock core samples for crustal stress measurements
    T. Sugimoto, Y. Yamamoto, W. Lin, Y. Yamamoto, T. Hirose & N. Kamiya

    Monitoring and analysis of a large mass movement area in clay endangering a motorway in Bavaria, Germany
    L. Wilfing, C. Meier, C. Boley & T. Pfeifer

    Rock mass strength and failure

    On a model of geomechanical effect of underground explosion in the massif of block-like structure and the mechanism of rock destruction
    V.V. Adushkin, I.V. Brigadin & S.A. Krasnov

    Effect of thermal damage on strain burst mechanism of brittle rock using acoustic emission
    S. Akdag, M. Karakus, A. Taheri, G. Nguyen & H. Manchao

    Gel explosives—a tool to improve the efficiency of drilling and blasting operations
    V.E. Annikov, N.I. Akinin, V.A. Belin, D.I. Mikheev, S.I. Doroshenko, I.V. Brigadin, V.M. Gubaidullin, A.V. Shirokov, A.N. Hasov & V.M. Mytarev

    Dynamical destruction of rock mass due to excavation of a coal seam
    A.S. Batugin, V.N. Odintsev, K.S. Kolikov & Eu.I. Hotchenkov

    Quantitative assessment of variability in values of Geological Strength Index (GSI)
    A. Bedi, M. Invernici & J.P. Harrison

    The effect of stress level on the compressive strength of the rock samples subjected to cyclic loading
    M.H. Beşer & K. Aydiner

    Normandy cliff stability: Analysis and repair
    J.-L. Briaud

    Analytical formulation of stand-up time based on 1989 Beniawski’s chart
    E. Estébanez & A. Lage

    Assessing the influence of discontinuities and clayey filling materials on the rock slope instability
    D. Fereidooni

    Laboratory investigation of crack initiation on hourglass-shaped granite specimens
    L. Jacobsson & J.E. Lindqvist

    Comparison of different approaches to predict the shear strength of large rock discontinuities
    M. Jeffery, L. Lapastoure Gritchou, A. Giacomini, V. Griffiths & O. Buzzi

    Effects of excavation damage on the electrical properties of rock mass
    P. Kantia, R. Kiuru & M. Rinne

    Study of physical-mechanical properties of hard rocks under water-saturated conditions
    N. Kuznetcov, I. Fedotova & A. Pak

    On the effectiveness of rocks and materials destruction based on shock-wave cutting technology
    N.P. Mikhailov, E.A. Znamenskiy, S.I. Doroshenko, Y.A. Telegin, I.V. Brigadin, V.M. Gubaidullin & G.P. Paramovov

    Modelling of fault reactivation in applications of mining and petroleum industry
    R. Quevedo, C. Mejia & D. Roehl

    Acoustic emission precursor criteria of rock damage
    A.O. Rozanov, D.N. Petrov, A.M. Rozenbaum, A.A. Tereshkin & M.D. Ilinov

    Numerical simulation of stress distribution within a rock discontinuity asperity
    A. Sainoki, Y. Obara & H.S. Mitri

    Thermo-temporal behaviour of uniaxial compressive strength of a fine-grained Indian sandstone
    N. Sirdesai, V. Srinivasan, R. Singh & T.N. Singh

    Acoustic and failure behaviour of Gondwana shale under uniaxial compressive and indirect Brazilian tensile loading—an experimental study
    A. Tripathy, V. Srinivasan, K.K. Maurya, N. Sirdesai & T.N. Singh

    Rocks drillability classification based on comparison of physico-mechanical properties with drilling rate timing
    A. Trofimov, A. Rumyantsev, V. Vilchinsky, K. Breus & A. Skokov

    About specific energy intensity behavior under multistage triaxial compression of sandstone specimens
    P.A. Tsoi, O.M. Usol’tseva & V.N. Semenov

    The relationship between strain, microstrain, temperature fields and microseismic emission parameters in geomodels with hole under uniaxial and biaxial loading
    V.I. Vostrikov, O.M. Usol’tseva, P.A. Tsoi, V.N. Semenov & O.A. Persidskaya

    Monitoring of coal pillars yielding during room and pillar extraction at the great depth
    P. Waclawik, R. Kukutsch, P. Konicek & V. Kajzar

    Nonlinear problems in rock mechanics

    Ultimate bearing capacity analysis of foundation on rock masses using the Hoek-Brown failure criterion
    A.A. Chepurnova

    Conception of highly stressed rock and rock mass—as the step to theory of hierarchical cracking mesostructures
    M.A. Guzev, V.V. Makarov & V.N. Odintsev

    Zonal type mesostructures around single openings in deep rock mass
    L.S. Ksendzenko & V.V. Makarov

    Models of strength and fracture of rocks
    A.G. Protosenya & M.A. Karasev

    Geophysics in rock mechanics

    Tunnel restoration in unstable rock masses: Numerical analysis and validation of monitoring data from innovative instrumentation
    A. Segalini, A. Carri, R. Savi, E. Cavalca, C. Alessio & G. Kalamaras

    Forecast of rock mass stability under industrial open pit mine facilities during the open pit deepening. A case study of the Zhelezny open pit, JSC Kovdorsky GOK
    I.M. Avetisian & I.E. Semenova

    Benefits and limitations of applying directional shear strengths in 2D and 3D limit equilibrium models to predict slope stability in highly anisotropic rock masses
    N. Bar, G. Weekes & S. Welideniya

    Mathematical modelling of limit states for load bearing elements in room-and-pillar mining of saliferous rocks
    A. Baryakh, S. Lobanov, I. Lomakin & A. Tsayukov

    Quantitative risk analysis of fragmental rockfalls: A case study
    J. Corominas, G. Matas & R. Ruiz-Carulla

    Experimental and numerical investigation the divergence of horizontal and vertical displacement in longwall mining
    E.T. Denkevich, O.L. Konovalov & M.A. Zhuravkov

    Numerical analysis of the rheological behaviour of the Socompa debris avalanche, Chile
    F. Vagnon, M. Pirulli, I. Manzella, K. Kelfoun & A.M. Ferrero

    Numerical study on the strategies to reduce the risk of induced seismicity in an enhanced geothermal system
    W. Feng, Z. Hou, J. Liao & P. Were

    The reasons of landslides activization at Sakhalin Island (on the example of landslide exploration at the river Lazovaya)
    I.K. Fomenko, D.N. Gorobtsov, V.V. Pendin & M.E. Nikulina

    Prediction of rock movements using a finite-discrete element method
    B. Ilyasov, A. Makarov & I. Biryuchiov

    Simulation of fracture propagation depth and failure in long hole open stoping
    P.J. le Roux & K.R. Brentley

    Hydraulically fractured hard rock aquifer for seasonal storage of solar thermal energy
    M. Janiszewski, B. Shen & M. Rinne

    Peculiarities of numerical modeling of the conditions for the formation of water inflows into open-pit workings when constructing the protective watertight structures at the Koashvinsky quarry
    S. Kotlov, D. Saveliev & A. Shamshev

    Numerical study of the hydraulic fracturing and energy production of a geothermal well in Northern Germany
    M. Li, M.Z. Hou, L. Zhou & Y. Gou

    A mathematical approach for prediction of inclinometer measurements in open-pit coal mine slopes
    M. Mesutoglu & I. Ozkan

    Comparison of limit equilibrium and finite element methods to slope stability estimation
    A.B. Makarov, I.S. Livinsky, V.I. Spirin & A.A. Pavlovich

    Analyzing slope stability in bimrocks by means of a stochastic approach
    M.L. Napoli, M. Barbero & C. Scavia

    3D finite element modelling of fracturing in heterogeneous rock: From pure solid to coupled fluid/solid analysis
    R. Pakzad, S. Wang & S.W. Sloan

    Global sensitivity analysis on thermo-hydro-mechanical coupled processes in a low strength sedimentary rock
    S. Parsons, G. Stuart, B. Murphy & D. Price

    The effect of rock mass stiffness on crush pillar behaviour
    M. du Plessis & D.F. Malan

    Discrete element modelling of a soil-mesh interaction problem
    A. Pol, F. Gabrieli, K. Thoeni & N. Mazzon

    Numerical modelling of fracture processes in thermal shock weakened rock
    M. Pressacco & T. Saksala

    Static and dynamic analysis of a rock slope in Sikkim: A case study
    N.R. Kallam & M.K. Adapa

    Finite-element analysis as a means of solving geomechanics problems in deep mines
    A.E. Rumyantsev, A.V. Trofimov, V.B. Vilchinsky & V.P. Marysiuk

    Numerical modelling of rock fracture with a Hoek-Brown viscoplastic-damage model implemented with polygonal finite elements
    T. Saksala

    Numerical modeling and back analysis method for optimal design of Butterfly Valve Chamber (BVC) of Tehri HPP
    D.V. Singh, R.K. Vishnoi, T.S. Rautela, U.D. Dangwal & A.K. Badoni

    3D finite element modelling of chain-link drapery system
    S. Tahmasbi, A. Giacomini, C. Wendeler & O. Buzzi

    Analysis of instability mechanisms of a high rock prism standing on a cliff face
    L. Verrucci, P. Tommasi, A.D. Giulio, P. Campedel & T. Rotonda

    The propagation of hydraulic fractures in coal seams based on discrete element method
    Y. Lu, Z. Yang, V.V. Shelepov, J. Han, X. Li, Y. Zhu, J. Guo & Z. Ma

    The influence of the interface of drilled socketed shafts and rock mass on their behavior
    M.G. Zertsalov, V.E. Merkin & I.N. Khokhlov

    The determination of crack resistance of circular shaped fiber reinforced concrete tunnel lining by means of linear fracture mechanics
    M. Zertsalov, V. Merkin & E. Khoteev

    Kinematics and discreet modelling for ramp intersections
    T. Zvarivadza & F. Sengani


    Professor Vladimir Litvinenko is the Rector of St. Petersburg Mining University, St, Petersburg, Russia.