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    Geomechanics from Micro to Macro contains 268 papers presented at the International Symposium on Geomechanics from Micro and Macro (IS-Cambridge, UK, 1-3 September 2014). The symposium created a forum for the dissemination of new advances in the micro-macro relations of geomaterial behaviour and its modelling. The papers on experimental investigations show findings from micro-scale experiments, non-destructive imaging, element testing (coarse grained materials, fine grained materials and mixtures), physical model tests and field tests. The subjects of the investigations include particle effects (shape, size and grading), partial saturation, creep and aging, fluid-grain coupling, biological and chemical effects, and thermal effects. The papers on discrete based modelling examine pre- and post-failure behaviour, particle shapes and size effects, particle crushing, dynamic behaviour, bonding effects, fracturing and fragmentation, interface behaviour, and fluid-grain coupling. The contributions on continuum based modelling include stress-strain relationships, multi-scale modelling, multiphase modelling, fluid flow modelling, and numerical modelling based on continuum based models and particle based models.

    Geomechanics from Micro to Macro will be of interest to academics and engineers involved in granular physics, soil mechanics, rock mechanics, geotechnical engineering and geological engineering.

    International advisory committee
    Organising committee

    Volume I


    Granular plastic flow and fabric-based internal variables
    F. Radjai & S. Roux

    Advancing geomechanics using DEM
    C. O’Sullivan

    Meso-scale structural characteristics of clay deposit studied by 2D Discrete Element Method
    A. Suzuki &T. Matsushima

    Part I: Discrete-based modelling

    Pre-failure behaviour

    Modelling soft-particle materials
    S. Nezamabadi, F. Radjai, J. Averseng & J.-Y. Delenne

    Pre-peak deformation of model granular materials: A DEM study
    J.-N. Roux

    Grain-scale discrete analysis methods for real granular matter: Granular element and coupled Level Set-Discrete Element Methods
    K.-W. Lim, R. Kawamoto & J.E. Andrade

    Capturing the state-dependent nature of soil response using DEM
    X. Huang, C. O’Sullivan, K.J. Hanley & C.Y. Kwok

    Investigation of fabric evolution in elliptical granular materials for kinematic models using the Discrete Element Method
    M.J. Jiang & T. Li

    Fabric of monosized granular media
    J. Sánchez, G. Auvinet & B. Cambou

    Change of scale in 2D granular materials: Behavior at meso- and macro-scales
    S.K. Nguyen, H. Magoariec, E. Vincens & B. Cambou

    Fabric evolution of 3D granular materials in rotational shear
    D.S. Yang, X. Li & H.-S. Yu

    Micro and macro behavior of granular materials in simple shear
    M. Gutierrez & A. Muftah

    Effects of sample preparation methods in DEM
    M.L. Bernhardt, C. O’Sullivan & G. Biscontin

    Characterization of induced microstructures in a simulated triaxial specimen
    Y. Lu &Y. Tan

    Comparison between geometrical and dynamic particle packing
    I. Koval, M. Roozbahani & D. Frost

    Incremental stress and microstructural response of granular soils under undrained axisymmetric deformation
    N. Kumar, S. Luding & V. Magnanimo

    Post-failure behaviour

    Anisotropic Coulomb failure criterion: From DEM to experiments
    P. Fu, Z. Tong & Y.F. Dafalias

    Investigation of Christensen’s two-parameter failure criterion for brittle materials
    K.J. Hanley, C. O’Sullivan & X. Huang

    Instability in granular materials – a micromechanical investigation
    J.C. Lopera Perez, C.Y. Kwok, C. O’Sullivan, K.H. Hanley & X. Huang

    Characteristic lengths in granular piles exhibiting steady surface flows
    J.-F. Camenen & P. Richard

    Flow patterns in quasi-static deformation of dry granular materials
    K. Viswanathan, A. Mahato, T.G. Murthy, T. Koziara & S. Chandrasekar

    Comparison of fabric tensors for granular materials
    A. Theocharis, E. Vairaktaris, P. Fu & Y.F. Dafalias

    On the role of meso-structures on the instability mechanism of granular soils
    J.Wang & B. Zhou

    Simulation of granular soil behaviour using physics engines
    M. Pytlos, M. Gilbert & C.C. Smith

    A microstructural cluster-based description of diffuse and localized failures
    N. Hadda, F. Bourrier, L. Sibille, F. Nicot, R.Wan & F. Darve

    Particle shape and size effects

    Effect of mean grain diameter on vortices, force chains and local volume changes in granular shear zones
    M. Nitka, J. Tejchman, J. Kozicki & D. Lesniewska

    A discrete element analysis of the micromechanical interaction of non-spherical particles in cohesionless granular solids under K0 condition
    H. Khan, J.P. Morrissey, J.Y. Ooi & J. Tod Pittam

    Investigating the effects of particle shape on the normal compression of sand using DEM
    J.P. de Bono & G.R. McDowell

    Micromorphic continuum stress measures calculated from three-dimensional ellipsoidal discrete element simulations on granular media
    R.A. Regueiro, B. Zhang & F. Shahabi

    Characterizing and incorporating particle morphology in Discrete Element Modeling
    S. Thomas, C. Hurt, C.E. Cary, D. Barrot, P. Giordano, J. Corriveau, S. Mandayam, N. Das, A. Daouadji & B. Sukumaran

    Shape effect of elongated soil particles on Discrete Element Modelling of methane hydrate soil sediments
    Y. Yu, Y.P. Cheng, X. Xu & K. Soga

    A study on a shape effect in rockfall simulation using DEM
    S. Moriguchi, I. Tachibana, K. Terada, S. Takase, T. Kyoya, J. Kato, S. Sawada & A. Yashima

    A micromechanical study of the equivalent granular void ratio of soil mixtures using DEM
    N.H. Minh & Y.P. Cheng

    Coordination number and geometric anisotropy in binary sphere mixtures
    J. Sánchez, G. Auvinet & B. Cambou

    The influence of finer fraction and size-ratio on the micro-scale properties of dense bimodal materials
    T. Shire, C. O’Sullivan & K. Hanley

    The influence of particle shape for granular media: A Fourier-shape-descriptor-based micromechanical study
    Z. Liu, J. Zhao & G. Mollon

    Particle crushing

    A contribution to the numerical simulation of aggregate crushing
    A. Neveu, R. Artoni, P. Richard & Y. Descantes

    Force chain evolution during the gravity induced crushing of a fractal granular mixture
    Z.Wang & L.E. Vallejo

    New approach to grain fragmentation for discrete element methods
    D. Cantor, N. Estrada & E. Azéma

    An evaluation of the progressive crushing of granular materials under compression
    L.E. Vallejo, S. Lobo-Guerrero, C. Sbarro, Z. Liu & J.R. Valdes

    DEM modelling of a double-porosity crushable granular material
    M.O. Ciantia, M. Arroyo, J. Butlanska & A. Gens

    Evolution of particle size distributions in crushable granular materials
    D.-H. Nguyen, E. Azéma, P. Sornay & F. Radja

    Compression behavior for assembly of DEM crushable cylindrical gravels
    Y. Nakata & Y.Watabe

    A DEM investigation of a simple shear test on crushable materials
    Y.S.Wang, S.H. Liu, C.M. Shen & Z.J.Wang

    A probability-based approach for predicting particle crushing of granular soil
    B. Zhou & J.Wang

    Model methodology for studying crushing of unbound granular materials during compaction
    M.S. Ocampo, B. Caicedo & L.E. Vallejo

    Dynamic behaviour

    Micromechanics of seismic wave propagation in granular materials
    J. O’Donovan, S. Hamlin, G. Marketos, C. O’Sullivan, E. Ibraim, M. Lings & D.M.Wood

    Novel methods of bender element test analysis
    J. O’Donovan, G. Marketos & C. O’Sullivan

    Dynamic response of granular soils during dynamic compaction by PFC3D
    M.C. Jia, X.H. Yang, S.H.Wu & J. Zhang

    Macro and micro responses of granular materials under traffic load
    J.G. Qian, Z.P. You, X.Q. Gu & M.S. Huang

    Impact of seismic intensity on deformation of road embankment constructed by granular soil
    J.Wang & R.Y.S. Pak

    Dynamic soil-structure interaction around a monopile supporting a wind turbine
    L. Cui & S. Bhattacharya

    Behaviour of bonded materials

    Numerical investigation on effect of bond size on the compressive behavior of rigid bonded granules by FEM and DEM approaches
    F. Liu, C. Sun, M.J. Jiang, Z. Li & G. Deng

    Three-dimensional DEM investigation on failure criterion of cylinder-shaped bond between spheres
    Z.F. Shen, M.J. Jiang & H.N.Wang

    Shear behaviour of methane hydrate bearing sand: DEM simulations
    J.S. Vinod, M. Hyodo, B. Indraratna & S. Kajiyama

    DEM analysis of geomechanical behavior of methane hydrate-bearing sediments
    Q.J. Yang & C.F. Zhao

    DEM analysis on formation of shear band of methane hydrate bearing soil under different temperatures and water pressures
    M.J. Jiang, D. Peng, F. Liu & Z.F. Shen

    Three-dimensional DEM simulation of mechanical behavior of methane hydrate under triaxial compression
    M.J. Jiang, J. He, J.F.Wang & F. Liu

    DEM simulations of methane hydrate dissociation by thermal recovery
    M.J. Jiang, C. Fu, L. Cui, Z.F. Shen & F.Y. Zhu

    A simple three-dimensional bond contact model for cemented sands considering the influence of bond width and thickness
    M.J. Jiang & F.G. Zhang

    Discrete Element Method for modeling the mechanical behavior of unsaturated granular media
    K. Tourani, A. Mahboubi & E.S. Hosseininia

    Discrete Element Modeling on strength degradation of concrete induced by sulfate attack
    M.J. Jiang, Z.W. Liao, H.N.Wang & S.L. Chen

    Significance of DEM input parameters on the modelling of low strength soft rock mechanical behaviour
    D. Barreto, M. Rouainia & D. Simpson

    Fracturing and fragmentation

    Blasting of cemented granular material and discrete element simulation of the process
    N. Kikkawa, K. Itoh, T. Mizutani, T. Hori, Y. Toyosawa, M.J. Pender & R.P. Orense

    Modelling fracturing process of geomaterial using Lattice Element Method
    J.K.-W.Wong, K. Soga, X. Xu & J.-Y. Delenne

    Coupled hydro-thermo-mechanical modeling of hydraulic fracturing in quasi-brittle rocks using DEM
    I. Tomac & M. Gutierrez

    Interface behaviour

    Effects of joint geometry on the modelled material strengths of rock masses in the distinct element method
    B.D. Roullier, P.A. Langston & X. Li

    Particle flow modeling for direct shear behavior of rough joints
    C.C. Xia, S.W. Zhou, S.G. Du &Y.L. Song

    DEM investigation of geogrid–soil interaction under wheel load
    Z.Wang, M. Ziegler, F. Jacobs & C. Yin

    The influence of membranes on tests of coarse-grained materials at low cell pressures
    L. Le Pen, J. Harkness, A. Zervos &W. Powrie

    Exploring the influence of normal boundary conditions on interface shear test
    S. Liu & J.Wang

    Fluid-grain coupling

    Lattice Boltzmann modeling of liquid clusters in granular media
    J.-Y. Delenne, V. Richefeu & F. Radjai

    Shear flow of dense granular suspensions by computer simulations
    L. Amarsid, P. Mutabaruka, J.-Y. Delenne, Y. Monerie & F. Radjai

    Underwater granular flows down inclined planes
    K. Kumar, K. Soga & J-Y. Delenne

    Coupled LBM-DEM modeling of Bingham fluids with suspended particles
    S.G. Chen, C.H. Zhang, Q.C. Sun & F. Jin

    A coupled CFD-DEM model for fluid-particle flows with free surface: Formulation and validation
    L. Jing, C.Y. Kwok & Y.F. Leung

    Coupled CFD-DEM simulations of submarine landslide induced by thermal dissociation of methane hydrate
    M.J. Jiang, C. Sun,W.C. Zhang & F. Liu

    Investigation of submerged debris flows via CFD-DEM coupling
    T. Zhao, G.T. Houlsby & S. Utili

    A new discontinuous model for three dimensional analysis of fluid-solid interaction behavior
    H. Zhang, G. Chen, L. Zheng, Y. Zhang, Y.Q.Wu, Z. Han, F.S. Fan, P.D. Jing &W.Wang

    Contact mechanics in presence of fluid under pressure
    L. Mongiovi

    Numerical simulation of liquefaction behavior on gravelly soil in dynamic triaxial test by particle flow code
    Y.L.Wang, Z.L. Cheng, Y.Wang & Z.B.Wang

    Microstructure evolution of granular soils during liquefaction process
    J.Wei & G.Wang

    Numerical analysis of internal stability of granular materials using discrete element method
    N.A. Hama, T. Ouahbi, S. Taibi, J.M. Fleureau, A. Pantet & H. Souli

    Numerical simulation of localised fluidisation due to a leaking pipe
    J. Li, X.L. Cui, A.H.C. Chan, L.W. Kong & X.W. Zhang

    Mesoscale simulation of clay aggregate formation and mechanical properties
    D. Ebrahimi, R.J.-M. Pellenq & A.J. Whittle


    Probing DEM specimen heterogeneity by simulated CPT
    J. Butlanska, M. Arroyo & A. Gens

    Three dimensional modelling of the behaviour of stone columns using the discrete element method
    F. Siahaan, B. Indraratna & C. Rujikiatkamjorn

    A study of the behaviour of fresh and coal fouled ballast reinforced by geogrid using the discrete element method
    N.T. Ngo, B. Indraratna & C. Rujikiatkamjorn

    Analysis of micro characteristics and influence factors of foundation pit failure
    Y.Q. Li, Z.L. Hu, X. Fang & J. Fonseca

    Distinct element analysis on uplift resistance of belled and multi-belled piles in layered ground
    T. Honda

    A 2D DEM mono-pile model under combined loading condition
    N. Duan & Y.P. Cheng

    DEM analysis of green rubberised backfills towards future smart Integral Abutment Bridges (IABs)
    L. Cui & S. Mitoulis

    The effect of relative density on tunnelling-induced settlements – DEM simulations versus centrifuge test results
    B. Zhou, I. Elkayam &A.M. Marshall

    DEM analyses of pipe-soil interaction for offshore pipelines on sand
    G. Macaro, S. Utili & C.M. Martin

    Granular ratcheting phenomena behind a model retaining wall
    F. Gabrieli, G. Zorzi & R.Wan

    DEM modelling of boulders for rubble mound embankment construction
    X. Zhao, J. Xu, B. Li & B. Mu

    Author index

    Volume II

    Part II: Continuum-based modelling

    Constitutive modelling

    Constitutive modelling of fabric anisotropy in sand
    Z.W. Gao, J.D. Zhao, X.S. Li & Y.F. Dafalias

    Sand model within anisotropic critical state theory with evolving fabric
    A.G. Papadimitriou, Y.F. Dafalias & X.S. Li

    Granular material behaviour along proportional strain loading paths
    P.-Y. Hicher

    A quasi-static and hysteretic constitutive model for sand based on granular solid hydrodynamics: A triaxial compression example
    H.Wang, Z. Chen & X. Cheng

    A thermo-mechanical coupled constitutive model for clay based on extended granular solid hydrodynamics
    Z.C. Zhang & X.H. Cheng

    SCLAY1S-BS: an anisotropic model for simulation of cyclic behaviour of clays
    M. Rezania, H. Dejaloud & M.M. Nezhad

    Computations of plastic flow in granular assemblies under rotation of principal stresses
    N. Hadda, R.Wan & M. Pouragha

    A microstructural plastic potential for granular materials
    M. Pouragha, R.Wan & N. Hadda

    Pre- and post-failure analysis using a two-scale constitutive model
    M.T. Manzari & K. Yonten

    Modelling the shear strength and dilatancy of dry sand in triaxial compression tests
    J. Fern, T. Sakanoue & K. Soga

    Incorporation of initial static shear stress in the dilatancy flow rule of granular materials under quasi-static loading
    H. Shaverdi, F. Kalantary & M.R. Taha

    Why do constitutive models using (p and q) have problems?
    T. Nakai, H.M. Shahin, M. Hinokio & H. Kyokawa

    Method for shear strength of coarse granular materials based on fractal grain crushing
    Y.F. Xu, Y. Xi & F.F. Chu

    A theory predicting breakage dependence of critical state in sand
    A. Tengattini, A. Das & I. Einav

    A new method for establishing elastic-viscoplastic constitutive model of clay
    Z.Wang, M. Jiang, Z. Shen, S. Chen & J. Cai

    Modelling tertiary creep in geomaterials using a continuum damage mechanics approach
    A.S. Osmanm & T.J. Birchall

    The constitutive model for unsaturated sands based on thermodynamics
    W. Zhang & C. Zhao

    Comparison of strength criteria of rock under complex stress state
    H.Z. Li, H.J. Liao, J.N. Ren, G.D. Xiong, G.P. Zhao & C.M. Ning

    Constitutive modelling of granular soils and interfaces considering their internal state
    J. Duriez & É. Vincens

    Microscopic image of meta-stability of clays
    T. Takeyama, A. Ikeda, E. Nakayama, M. Taya, I. Kobayashi, T. Pipatpongsa & H. Ohta

    Thermodynamically consistent fabric tensor definition from DEM to continuum
    X.S. Li &Y.F. Dafalias

    Multiscale failure modeling in granular soils
    F. Nicot, G. Veylon, H. Zhu & F. Darve

    Multi-scale modelling

    Bridging the micro and macro for granular media: A computational multi-scale paradigm
    J.D. Zhao & N. Guo

    Deformation analysis of granular materials at micro and macro scales
    N.P. Kruyt, O. Millet & F. Nicot

    Numerical simulation of the macro-micro mechanical behavior of granular materials based on a two-scale method
    X. Chu, C. Yu & Y. Xu

    FE modelling of sand with micro-characterization
    D. Takano & Y. Miyata

    Scale effect in composites with matrix-inclusion morphology
    D. Lydzba, M. Rajczakowska, A. Rozanski, A. Serwicki, M. Sobotka & D. Stefaniuk

    Fabric anisotropy & DEM informed two-surface hyperplasticity: Constitutive formulation, asymptotic states & experimental validation
    W.M. Coombs & R.S. Crouch

    The role of micro-mechanical parameters in the runout length of high-speed granular masses. Modeling and numerical simulations
    F. Federico & C. Cesali

    Mesoscale simulation of quartzite and porous sandstone at high loading rates
    N. Durr & M. Sauer

    Scale effects in relation to swelling pressure in anhydritic claystones
    K. Serafeimidis, G. Anagnostou & A. Vrakas

    Numerical simulation of transformation of an obliquely incident shear wave at rock joint
    R. Sebastian & T.G. Sitharam

    Multiphase modelling

    Study on H-M-C coupling mechanism of bentonite engineering barrier based on fractal theory
    H. Jiang, Y.F. Xu, G.S. Xiang & T. Chen

    Equating pore and particle surface areas with application to soil-water characteristic curve derivations
    A.R. Russell

    Hydro-mechanical modelling and numerical simulation of the water retention properties of the Callovo-Oxfordian argillites
    X.P. Nguyen, B. Bary, C. Imbert & P. Sémété

    Evolution of the soil water characteristic curve with void ratio using a fractal approach
    A. Khoshghalb, A.Y. Pasha & N. Khalili

    Analysis of dynamical effects in the formation of compaction bands
    F. Cecinato & A. Gajo

    On micro-macro transitions and linear wave propagation in saturated and partially saturated porous media
    B. Albers

    Physicochemical conceptual model on reversible and non-reversible volumetric variations in non-swelling clays
    M. Pedrotti & A. Tarantino

    Comparing double porosity and single porosity models for the simulation of coupled chemo-hydro-mechanical behavior of compacted active clays
    G. Musso & G.D. Vecchia

    Doublescale modelling of hydromechanical coupling and anisotropy in localization problems
    B. van den Eijnden, P. Bésuelle, F. Collin & R. Chambon

    Effective stress and the role of liquid fabric in unsaturated granular soils
    K.N. Manahiloh, B. Muhunthan & W.J. Likos

    Fluid flow modelling

    Micro and macro modeling of internal erosion
    K. Maeda, A. Kondo & D. MuirWood

    Simulation of two-phase flow in soils using microscopic pore network model
    J.N. Meegoda, S. Gao, L. Hu & P. Zhang

    Shale gas migration modeling considering pore scale and fracture density
    L. Hu, P. Zhang & J.N. Meegoda

    Two methods for simulating the relationship between the tortuosity and porosity
    X.W. Tangm, Z.F. Sun & G.C. Cheng

    A study on the causes of debris flow focusing on groundwater infiltration
    Y. Kochi & M. Suzuki

    Three-dimensional network modelling of the influence of microstructure on mass transport in unsaturated soils
    I. Athanasiadis, S. Wheeler & P. Grassl

    3D neurofuzzy modeling of Lugeon values at the abutments of a dam site
    S.R. García, V. Castellanos, J. López, J. Landa & J. Alemán

    Effects of granulometric stability of cohesionless materials on safety of geotechnical structures
    F. Federico & M. Iannucci

    Numerical modelling – continuum based methods

    Support mechanism of anchor type retaining wall and influence of existing structure in braced excavation
    H.M. Shahin, T. Nakai, K. Okuda & M. Kato

    Research of rigid-pile composite foundation with crushed stone cushion based on FDM-PFC coupling method
    Y. Li, X. Han, J. Ji & H.Wang

    Sensitivity analyses on the influence of constitutive parameters on the numerical simulation of the behavior of a cavern in rock salt
    E. Mahmoudi, K. Khaledi, D. König & T. Schanz

    A multiscale approach for evaluating the failure condition of calcarenite structures subject to environmental loads
    M.O. Ciantia, R. Castellanza, J.A.F. Merodo &T. Hueckel

    Finite Element modeling of the behavior of salt caverns under cyclic loading
    K. Khaledi, E. Mahmoudi, M. Datcheva & T. Schanz

    Winkler springs (p-y curves) for liquefied soil from element tests
    M. Rouholamin, S. Bhattacharya & D. Lombardi

    Numerical modelling – particle based methods

    Numerical simulations of triaxial compression tests using the Material Point Method
    T. Kiriyama

    Two-phase Material Point Method applied to cone penetration for different drainage conditions
    F. Ceccato, L. Beuth, P.A. Vermeer & P. Simonini

    Numerical simulation of a series of flume tests with dry and wet sands by using depth averaged material point method
    K. Abe & K. Konagai

    Run-out of landslides in brittle soils: An MPM analysis
    A. Yerro, E.E. Alonso & N.M. Pinyol

    Development of the cellular automaton model for simulating the propagation extent of debris flow at the alluvial fan: A case study ofYohutagawa, Japan
    Z. Han, G. Chen, Y. Li, H. Zhang, F. Fan, P. Jing,W.Wang, S. Zhou, L. Xu & S. Chen

    Modelling crushing of granular materials using Markovian processes
    B. Caicedo, M. Ocampo & L.E. Vallejo

    Development of moving particle simulation method using a rigid plastic constitutive model
    K. Isobe, S. Ohtsuka & T. Hoshina

    SPH model of water jet erosion in granular soils with a boundary layer of liquefied soil
    B. Stefanova & J. Grabe

    Part III: Experiment-based investigation

    Micro-scale experiments

    3D fracture behavior of sand at the particle level: Experimental versus numerical modeling
    K.A. Alshibli, M.B. Cil &A.M. Druckrey

    An experimental investigation of the micromechanical behaviour of cemented sand particles
    V. Nardelli & M.R. Coop

    Experimental investigation into the primary fabric of stress transmitting particles
    J. Fonseca, C.C. Reyes-Aldasoro, C. O’Sullivan & M.R. Coop

    Photo-elastic and DIC techniques to study development of shear and compaction bands within granular materials
    D. Lesniewska, M. Pietrzak & J. Tejchman

    Application of digital image technology for investigation of shear band of soil specimen in triaxial test
    L.T. Shao, G. Liu & X.X. Guo,

    Three-Dimensional Translucent Segregation Table (3D-TST) test for soil particle size and shape distribution
    J. Zheng, R.D. Hryciw & H.-S. Ohm

    New insights into the micromechanics of soft clay shearing on rough and smooth interfaces
    M.Y.-H. Kuo

    Imaging of crushable grains when shearing against rough interfaces
    M.Y.-H. Kuo & M.D. Bolton

    From nano to macroscale: A new experimental approach to mechanical characterization of rock materials
    A. Bandini & P. Berry

    Particle effects

    The effect of the coordination number on particle crushing
    M.C. Todisco, M.R. Coop, Q. Guo & K. Senetakis

    Compressibility and creep behaviour of a crushed carbonate sand
    D.W. Airey & G. Miao

    Compressiblity and grain breakage of a gap graded material
    M. Tapias, E.E. Alonso & J. Gili

    Effect of particle crushing on the dynamic properties of pumice sand
    R.P. Orense, M.J. Pender & L. Liu

    The effect of particle characteristics on shear behavior with methane hydrate bearing sand
    S. Kajiyama, M. Hyodo, Y. Nakata, N. Yoshimoto & A. Kato

    Effect of particle shape on the mechanical response of a granular ensemble
    R.K. Kandasami & T.G. Murthy

    Effect of particle characteristics on the shear strength of clinker ash
    M.J.Winter, T. Sueshima, N. Yoshimoto, M. Hyodo, Y. Nakata, A. Nakashita & Y. Nakamura

    Index test for liquefaction potential considering the granulometric properties
    E. Schwiteilo & I. Herle

    Japanese and New Zealand pumice sands: Comparison of particle shapes and surface void structures
    M.J. Pender, R.P. Orense & N. Kikkawa

    A methodology for accurate roughness measurements of soils using optical interferometry
    M. Otsubo, C. O’Sullivan & W. Sim

    Non-destructive imaging

    Investigation of the fracture behaviour of individual LBS particle using Nanofocus X-ray CT
    B.D. Zhao, J.Wang & M.R. Coop

    Visualisation of grain crushing using micro-focused X-ray CT scanning
    W.M. Yan, Y. Shi, T. Mukunoki, T. Sato & J. Otani

    XRCT scanning of unsaturated soil: Microstructure at different scales?
    J.C. Smith & C.E. Augarde

    Micro-focus X-ray CT scanning of chemically improved sand
    Y. Nakata, K. Ogawa, H. Akagi, J. Kawamura & Y.Watanabe

    Challenges in analyzing micro-CT images of dam filter materials
    H.F. Taylor, C. O’Sullivan & W.W. Sim

    Using CAT to obtain density maps in Sherbrooke specimens of silty soils
    N. Sau, M. Arroyo, N. Pérez & J.A. Pineda

    Chemo-mechanical couplings characterisation by nuclear magnetic resonance in lime-treated soils
    O. Cuisinier & G. Kervern

    The use of P-wave velocity tomography – a particular application on exploring the mechanism of friction fatigue
    Z. Zhang &Y.-H.Wang

    A μCT investigation of the collapse of a loose unsaturated sand specimen: Comparison between macroscopic and mesoscopic scale
    J.-F. Bruchon, M. Vandamme, J.-M. Pereira, N. Lenoir, M. Bornert & P. Delage

    Characterisation – Coarse grained materials

    Displacement fluctuations in granular materials: A direct manifestation of grain rearrangement
    G. Combe, V. Richefeu & G. Viggiani

    The multi-fractal nature of soil particle size distribution
    X. Zhang & B.A. Baudet

    Prediction of the effects of compaction on granular materials
    G. Chiaro, G. Modoni & E. Salvatore

    Shear zone of sand and its rate effect in ring shearing
    M. Suzuki, N. Otani & N. Van Hai

    Contact fatigue: A key mechanism of time effects in silica sand
    R.L. Michalowski & S.S. Nadukuru

    A view of small strain shear modulus from very large strain levels
    S. Teachavorasinskun

    Experimental studies on the cutting of granular materials
    S. Yadav, S. Singh, R.K. Kandasami, T.G. Murthy & C. Saldana

    Compaction and shear localization in porous sandstone and sand
    A. Torabi, E. Andò, R. Alikarami & G. Viggiani

    Microstructural pore changes in Gosford sandstone during compressive loading
    A. Sufian & A.R. Russell

    The liquefaction resistance of weakly cemented sands
    A.D. Vranna & Th. Tika

    Micro-meso-structure model of fissured lateritic soil based on physical and mechanical characteristics
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    Kenichi Soga, Krishna Kumar, Giovanna Biscontin, Matthew Kuo