1st Edition

Geophysical & Astrophysical Convection

Edited By Peter A Fox, Robert M. Kerr Copyright 2000
    480 Pages
    by CRC Press

    390 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Geophysical and Astrophysical Convection collects important papers from an international group of the world's foremost researchers in geophysical and astrophysical convection to present a concise overview of recent thinking in the field. Topics include: Atmospheric convection, solar and stellar convection, unsteady non-penetrative thermal convection, astrophysical convection and dynamos, dynamics of cumulus entertainment, turbulent convection: helical buoyant convection, transport phenomena, potential vorticity, rotating convective turbulence, and the modeling and simulation various types of convection and turbulence.

    Atmospheric Convection with Analogies in Astrophysics and the Laboratory Solar and Stellar Convection: A Perspective for Geophysical Fluid Dynamicists Unsteady Non-Penetrative Thermal Convection from Non-Uniform Surfaces Astrophysical Convection and Dynamos Dynamics of Cumulus Entertainment The 2/7 Law in Turbulent Thermal Convection Organization of Atmospheric Convection Over Tropical Oceans Images of Hard Turbulence Convection in Cloud-Topped Atmospheric Boundary Layers Solar Granulation: A Surface Phenomenon Turbulent Convection: What Has Rotation Taught Us? Helical Buoyant Convection Modeling Mantle Convection Turbulent Transport in Rotating Compressible Convection Potential Vorticity, Resonance and Dissipation in Rotating Convective Turbulence Numerical Simulations of Convection in Protosellar Accretion Disks A New Model for Turbulence: Convection, Rotation and 2D Transport Using Transilient Matrices


    Peter A. Fox , Robert M. Kerr