1st Edition

Geopolitics of European Union Enlargement The Fortress Empire

Edited By Warwick Armstrong, James Anderson Copyright 2007
    260 Pages
    by Routledge

    264 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Under the impact of accelerated globalization, transnational integration and international security concerns, the geopolitics of Europe's borders and border regions has become an area of critical interest. The progressive enlargement of the EU has positioned its borders at the heart of recent discussions on the changing nature of the EU, the meaning of 'Europe' and what constitutional shape a more politically unified Europe might take.

    With enlargement, the EU must elaborate strategies to contend with a fiercely competitive world - and to build fortress-like defences against perceived tensions arising from greater cultural mixing and threats such as terrorism. The authors build up an integral picture of the EU's internal and external borders and borderlands to reveal the processes of re-bordering and social change currently taking place in Europe. They explore issues such as security, immigration, economic development and changing social and political attitudes, as well as the EU's relations with the Islamic world and other world powers. The book embraces an array of disciplinary, ideological and theoretical perspectives, offering detailed case studies of different border regions and the concerns of the local inhabitants, while engaging in broader discussions of developments across Europe, state policies and the EU's relations with neighbouring states.

    Geopolitics of European Union Enlargement will be of key interest to students and researchers in the fields of European politics, geography, international studies, sociology and anthropology.

    1 Singular Europe: An empire once again?

    James Anderson

    2 From Empire to the European Union via the National State: The Three Ages of the Irish Border

    Liam O’Dowd

    3 Europeanisation, identity and policy in the Northern Ireland borderlands

    Thomas M. Wilson

    4 Creating Border Space: An EU approach to ethnonational threat and insecurity

    Cathal Mccall

    5 Coping with 'Fortress Europe': Views from four seaports on the Spanish-Moroccan border

    Henk Driessen

    6 Europe and Islam: Partnership or peripheral dependence (borders and politics in North Africa and the Middle East)

    George Joffe

    7 Inside/Outside the European Union: Enlargement, migration policy and the search for Europe’s identity

    Brigitta Busch and Michal Krzyzanowski

    8 Fixing capitalism and Europe's peripheries: West European imperialism

    James Anderson and Ian Shuttleworth

    9 Carving out a ‘ring of friends’: The impact of the ENP on the figure of Europe

    Pertti Joenniemi

    10 New borders in a new Europe: Eliminating and making borders in Central Europe

    Milan Bufon and Anton Gosar

    11 Citizenship beyond the state: on the formation of civil society in the Three Border Region

    Robert Minnich

    12 Evolution and perspectives on intercultural coexistence at the Slovene-Italian border

    Mateja Sedmark, Vezsna Sedmark and Marina Furlan

    13 Ideologies of ‘Fortress Europe’ in two Slovenian/Croatian borderlands: Case studies from Žumberak and Bela Krajina

    Duška Kneževic Hocevar

    14 Fortress frontiers: Global power, global and local justice

    Warwick Armstrong


    Warwick Armstrong, James Anderson