1st Edition

Geosynthetic Clay Liners Proceedings of the International Symposium, Nuremberg, Germany, 16-17 April 2002

Edited By Erwin Gartung, Robert M. Koerner, Helmut Zanzinger Copyright 1995

    This text, based on an international symposium held in 1994, covers geosynthetic clay liners (GCL), a type of geosynthetic material which blends natural soil and geosynthetics in the form of a composite barrier-system. Environmental applications have been a major use of GCL.

    Preface -- R. M. Koerner, E. Gartung & H. Z,anzinger -- Foreword /R. Floss -- 1 Regulatory perspectives -- On the equivalency of landfill liner systems - The state of discussions in Germany /K. Stief -- US EPA experiences with geosynthetic clay liners /D. A. Carson -- 2 Fundamentals -- Characteristics and sealing effect of bentonites /F. Madsen & R. Niiesch -- Properties and test methods to assess bentonite used in geosynthetic clay liners /T. Egloffstein -- A suggested methodology for assessing the technical equivalency of GCLs to CCLs /R. M. Koerner & D. E. Daniel -- 3 Testing and design -- Basic examination on the efficiency of GCLs /D. Heyer -- V1 Geosynthetic clay liners -- Guidelines on the use of liners in highway construction /H. Rathmayer -- Landfill cap designs using geosynthetic clay liners /1. M. Fuller -- On the long-term shear behaviour of geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) in capping sealing systems /G. Heerten, F. Saathoff, C. Scheu & K. P. von Maubeuge -- On the slope stability of landfill capping seals using GCLs /D. Alexiew, H. Berkhout & R. Kirschner -- 4 Applications -- Groundwater protection using a GCL at the Franz-Josef-Strauss airport Munich, Germany /G. Heerten -- Design and installation of a state-of-the-art landfill liner system /R. Trauger & K. Tewes -- Test field for the capping system of the michelshohe landfill /V. Kreit -- Capping landfill surfaces and contaminated areas with geomembrane supported clay liners /J. T. Pape & R. B. Erickson -- GCL installation in a water protection area for the A96 motorway near Leutkirch, Germany /R. Schmidt -- Measurement and control system for the upper basin of the Reisach-Rabenleite pumped storage power station /M. Rau & J. Dressler -- 5 Closure -- Quality assurance in the manufacture and installation of GCLs /H. Z,anzinger -- GCL summary and conclusions /E. Gartung -- Authors' addresses -- Advertisements.


    Robert M. Koerner, Ph.D., P.E. H. L. Bowman Professor of Civil Engineering and Director GRl Geosynthetic Research Institute Drexel University West Wing - Rush Building 10 Philadelphia, PA 19104USA. Dr.-Ing. Erwin GartungLGA-GrundbauinstitutTillystraBe 2D - 90431 Nuremberg Germany. Dipl.-Ing. Helmut ZanzingerLGA-Grundbau institut TillystraBe 2D - 90431 Nuremberg Germany.