1st Edition

Geotechnical Hazards

Edited By Z. Lisac, B. Maric, A. Szavits-Nossan Copyright 1998

    The contributions to this volume examine: geotechnical hazard acknowledging the deversity of local ground conditions and environmental factors which play a decisive role in designing engineering structures in Danubian countries.

    Foreword -- Invited lectures -- Foundation strengthening and soil improvement for scour-dangered river bridges /H.Brandl -- The practice of unsaturated soil mechanics /D.G.Fredlund -- Soil-pile interaction in liquefied deposits undergoing lateral spreading /K.Ishihara & M Cubrinovski -- Design parameters of granular soils from in situ tests /M.Jamiolkowski, D.C.F.Lo Presti & F.Froio -- Slope movements - Geotechnical characterization, risk assessment and mitigation /S.Leroueil & 1Locat -- Recent advances in geotechnical earthquake engineering /S.Prakash -- The failure of the Port of Nice: An example of static liquefaction of sand /F.Schlosser -- Environmental geotechnics - ITC5-reports and future goals /W.F.Vanlmpe -- A consistent macroscopic mathematical model for soil consolidation problems /S.Arnod, MBattaglio, N.Bellomo, D.Costanzo, S.Foti, R.Lancellotta & L.Preziosi -- Earth structures -- Post-failure analysis of earth retaining wall /L.Areias, W.Haegeman, W.F.Vanlmpe & P.Van Calster -- Settlement computation - A simplified method /D.KBaidya -- Zur Mobilisierung des passiven Erddrucks in trockenem Sand /U.Bartl &D.Franke -- Analysis of causes of catastrophic failures of reinforced earth embankments /O.Y.Eschenko & K.Sh.Shadunts -- Compactibility of soils by means of a pulsator /M.J.Glinicka -- Modeme Verfahren zur Ertiichtigung van Erdbauwerken bestehender Eisenbahnstrecken /C.Gobel -- Geotechnical microzonation in the Arctic related to climate warming /B.Ladanyi -- Analysis and performance of an embankment on organic subsoil /Z.Lechowicz, J.Bakowski & S.Rabarijoely -- Time settlement monitoring of earthfill piers /S.Manea & R.Ciortan -- Long-term filtration performance of nonwoven geotextiles /G.Mannsbart & B.R.Christopher -- Indeterminacy and risks in the earth-mechanical prognoses /D.N.Milewski -- Flood risk of protected floodplain basins /L.Nagy -- An investigation of hazard in reinforced embankments /A.Porbaha & MKobayashi -- Die Harmonisierung des Regelwer


    Z. Lisac (Edited by) , B. Maric (Edited by) , A. Szavits-Nossan (Edited by)