Geotechnical Hazards  book cover
1st Edition

Geotechnical Hazards

ISBN 9789054109570
Published January 1, 1998 by CRC Press
950 Pages

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Book Description

The contributions to this volume examine: geotechnical hazard acknowledging the deversity of local ground conditions and environmental factors which play a decisive role in designing engineering structures in Danubian countries.

Table of Contents

Foreword -- Invited lectures -- Foundation strengthening and soil improvement for scour-dangered river bridges /H.Brandl -- The practice of unsaturated soil mechanics /D.G.Fredlund -- Soil-pile interaction in liquefied deposits undergoing lateral spreading /K.Ishihara & M Cubrinovski -- Design parameters of granular soils from in situ tests /M.Jamiolkowski, D.C.F.Lo Presti & F.Froio -- Slope movements - Geotechnical characterization, risk assessment and mitigation /S.Leroueil & 1Locat -- Recent advances in geotechnical earthquake engineering /S.Prakash -- The failure of the Port of Nice: An example of static liquefaction of sand /F.Schlosser -- Environmental geotechnics - ITC5-reports and future goals /W.F.Vanlmpe -- A consistent macroscopic mathematical model for soil consolidation problems /S.Arnod, MBattaglio, N.Bellomo, D.Costanzo, S.Foti, R.Lancellotta & L.Preziosi -- Earth structures -- Post-failure analysis of earth retaining wall /L.Areias, W.Haegeman, W.F.Vanlmpe & P.Van Calster -- Settlement computation - A simplified method /D.KBaidya -- Zur Mobilisierung des passiven Erddrucks in trockenem Sand /U.Bartl &D.Franke -- Analysis of causes of catastrophic failures of reinforced earth embankments /O.Y.Eschenko & K.Sh.Shadunts -- Compactibility of soils by means of a pulsator /M.J.Glinicka -- Modeme Verfahren zur Ertiichtigung van Erdbauwerken bestehender Eisenbahnstrecken /C.Gobel -- Geotechnical microzonation in the Arctic related to climate warming /B.Ladanyi -- Analysis and performance of an embankment on organic subsoil /Z.Lechowicz, J.Bakowski & S.Rabarijoely -- Time settlement monitoring of earthfill piers /S.Manea & R.Ciortan -- Long-term filtration performance of nonwoven geotextiles /G.Mannsbart & B.R.Christopher -- Indeterminacy and risks in the earth-mechanical prognoses /D.N.Milewski -- Flood risk of protected floodplain basins /L.Nagy -- An investigation of hazard in reinforced embankments /A.Porbaha & MKobayashi -- Die Harmonisierung des Regelwerkes fiir Geotechnik in Europa: Entwicklung und Bedeutung fiir die Praxis /W.Sadgorski -- Geotechnische Untersuchung eines Schadensfalles an einer Uferboschung /H.Schulz & H.-J.Kohler -- Piping processes and stability of hydrotechnical constructions /K.Sh.Shadunts & V.V.Podtelkov -- Confining degree of reinforced soil structures /R.A Sofronie & V.F eodorov -- Rapid quality control method of compaction of non-cohesive soil embankment /M.J.Sulewska -- The factors determining the deformations of organic subsoil under embankment /A.Szymanski & W.Sas -- Geotechnical hazards and educational aspects /L.Vanicek -- Oozy with peat foundation soils and influences on behaviour of the Flam Dam /D.Veliciu, R.Stanescu & E.Marchidanu -- Failures and failure modes of dams and embankments caused by geotechnical problems /A.Vogel -- Earthquake geotechnical engineering -- Uniform risk in site-specific seismic hazard analysis /A.MAnsal & R.iyisan -- Effective stress analysis of seismic vertical array sites at Kobe /M.Cubrinovski, K.lshihara & M.Hatano -- Design of tunnel lining constructed in grouted soil for seismic effects /N.N.F otieva, N.S.Bulychev & Y.1 Klimov -- Liquefaction hazard evaluation by Swedish weight sounding test /J.Kuwana, K.Ogawa, T.Kimura & HAoki -- An iterative method for 2D time harmonic elastodynamics in infinite domains /M.Premrov, A Umek & LSpacapan -- Site effects of an M = 7.3-7 .5 earthquake, and its tessellated synthesis /L.Sirovich, F.Pettenati & MBobbio -- Construction of data base system of earth dam and its application to earthquake disaster prevention /S.Tani & M.Nakashima -- A study on the ground flow due to liquefaction behind quaywalls /S.Yasuda, H.Nomura & T.Tanaka -- On comparative seismic displacements of rigid retaining walls /Y.Wu & S.Prakash -- Flow failure - Some data on onset conditions /S.Zlatovic & K.Ishihara -- Environmental geotechnics -- Stabilisation of the Pliva riverbed in the town of Jajce /Z.Barbalic, Z.Langof, M.Goluza, Z.Steger, D.Martinovic & M.Lasic -- Migration and extraction of heavy metal from contaminated natural clay by electrokinetics /H.Chung &B.Kang -- Land marine reclamation and environmental problems /R.Ciortan -- Repair of the Pliva river waterfall at Jajce /D.Corko, P.Stojic, ZSteger & D.Lovrencic -- Verhalten einer Schmalwand aus zementhaltiger Suspension in kontaminiertem Boden /O.Henogl, S.Semprich &R.Volkner -- Reuse of petroleum contaminated soil as a road material /H.Koyuncu, ATuncan, M Tuncan & Y.Giiney -- Impervious barriers for landfills in karst /D.Kovacic, D.Znidarcic, B.Kovacevic-Zelic & MVrkljan -- Cyclic direct simple shear testing of landfill solid waste /N.Matasovic, T.A Williamson & R.CBachus -- Sanierung einer Altlast durch Umlagerung und Errichtung einer Deponie im Bergbaugebiet /K.Schippinger, S.Hohl & H.Hannak -- Engineering properties of compacted power industry wastes /R.Steckiewicz & K.Zabielska-Adamska -- The effect of petroleum hydrocarbons on geotechnical properties of kaolinite and Na-bentonite clays /A.Tuncan, M.Tuncan, Y.Giiney & H.Koyuncu -- Possibility for reassigning the mining stock-piles on the basis of the physical-mechanical characteristics /S.AZivkovic,J.Nuic & D.Krasic -- Foundations and soil improvement -- Shallow foundations - Experimental study under cyclic loading /S.Amar, F.Baguelin & Y.Canepa -- The use of the jet-grouting method for the stabilization of the underground /L.Ballarin & F.Forti -- Ein vermeintlicher Schadensfall bei Unterfangung mittels HDI-Siiulen /P.Bilz -- Fundamentverstiirkung und Fundamentsicherung mit SOILCRETE-jet grouting bei der Rekonstruktion Wenzelsplatz in Prag /R.Cuda & Z.Boudik -- Investigation of the behavior of propped diaphragm walls in deep excavations /A.Edinrliler & E.Giiler -- Reconstruction of demolished bridge across Sava river near Zupanja /Z.Ester, M.Vrkljan & G.Brlek -- Laboratory tests of the bearing capacity of spherical anchors in sand /L.Frgic, F.Veric & K.Tor -- Origins of mass deformations of building in Norilsk region /V.L Grebenets, A G.-o.Kerimov & V.T.Paramonov -- Tunnelling in poor ground - Choice of shield method based on reliability /M.T.lsaksson -- Onshore structures critical load and selection of design solution /K.lvandic & F.Veric -- Untersuchungen zur Sanierung der Donaubriicke Russe- Giurgiu /J.Jellev & G.Stefanoff -- Analysis of an example of a nailed wall in soft clayey soil /P.Kvasnicka, LMatesic & B.Vukadinovic -- A numerical method for calculation of propped retaining wall /M.Lazavic -- Reliability assessment of tunnel design /M.Marence -- Erosion in harbours caused by ship's propulsors /B.K.Mazurkiewicz -- Improvement of the bearing of the soils by using plastic-rubbish matters /T.Messas, R.Azzouz, CCoulet & MTaki -- Bodenverbesserung mit Kiesstopfsaiilen beim Autobahnbau in der Slowakei /G.Mosendz -- Abdichtungsinjektionen mit Feinstbindemitteln /H.Muller-Kirchenbauer, C.Schlotzer & J.Rogner -- Controlling the soil instability by excavating an underground gallery /G.Nicola, LUdrea &R.1Bally -- Flaws occurring in sewer construction - Solutions for consolidation /A Popa, F.Lacatzq, V.Rebeleanu & T.Tokes -- Seasonal movements of building on the expansive subsoil /O.J.Pula & M.Stachoft -- Grundwasserschutz und AbdichtungsmaBnahmen mit Soilcrete-jet grouting /K.Saufnauer -- Wirtschaftliche Fundierung durch Bodenverbesserung /E.Schwab, M.Zinsenhofer & R.Gotic -- Investigation of interaction of foundations with basement with the help of modelling installation /K.Sh.Shadunts, V.V.Ramensky & S.LMatsiy -- The excessive movements and sliding at the ore deposit at the Port of Koper /L.Sovinc -- Geosynthetics use in protection of exposed pipeline sections when crossing water barriers /Y.L.Spector & Y.D.Perezhogin -- Tiefenverdichtungs-Methoden zur Griindung von Industriehallen in Ungam /G.Strauch & Zs.Boroczky -- On the calculation methods of Green's functions for the layered half-space /A.Strukelj -- Results of static and dynamic loading tests on driven steel-pipe piles /G.Vogrincic & G.Strnisa -- Foundation pit enclosure in soft clay applying modified soil nailing method /B.Vukadinovic, L Soric & F.Veric -- Polish experiences on founding and underpinning of buildings by means of jet grouted piles /Z.Zmudzinski & E.Motak -- Geotechnical parameters -- Small strain stiffness of Venetian soils from field and laboratory tests /S.Cola, G.Ricceri & P.Simonini -- Small-strain testing in an NGI-type direct simple shear device /M.Doroudian &MVucetic -- Evaluation of quick multistage oedometric relaxation test /E.Imre -- Tonenklassification

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