Geotechnical Safety and Risk IV  book cover
1st Edition

Geotechnical Safety and Risk IV

ISBN 9781138001633
Published December 10, 2013 by CRC Press
598 Pages

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Book Description

Geotechnical Safety and Risk IV contains the contributions presented at the 4th International Symposium on Geotechnical Safety and Risk (4th ISGSR, Hong Kong, 4-6 December 2013), which was organised under the auspices of the Geotechnical Safety Network (GEOSNet), TC304 on Engineering Practice of Risk Assessment and Management and TC205 on Safety and Serviceability in Geotechnical Design of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE). Geotechnical Safety and Risk IV covers six themes:

(1) Geotechnical uncertainty and variability

(2) Geohazards such as landslides, earthquakes and climate changes

(3) Reliability and risk analysis

(4) Reliability-based design and limit-state design in geotechnical engineering

(5) Risk assessment and management in geotechnical engineering and infrastructural projects, and

(6) Practical applications.

Geotechnical Safety and Risk IV is an excellent source of reference on the latest developments and practices of geotechnical risk and safety, and will proof to be invaluable for civil engineers (particularly geotechnical engineers), geologists, and natural hazards reduction agencies.

ISGSR IV is a continuation of a series of symposiums and workshops on geotechnical risk and reliability, starting with LSD2000 (Melbourne, Australia), IWS2002 (Tokyo and Kamakura, Japan), LSD2003 (Cambridge, USA), Georisk2004 (Bangalore, India), Taipei2006 (Taipei, Taiwan), 1st ISGSR (Shanghai, China, 2007), 2nd ISGSR (Gifu, Japan, 2009) and 3rd ISGSR (Munich, Germany, 2011).

Table of Contents

1 Wilson Tang lecture

An homage to Wilson Tang: Reliability and risk in geotechnical practice—how Wilson led the way
S. Lacasse, K. Høeg, Z.Q. Liu & F. Nadim

2 Keynote lectures

Advances in geotechnical risk and reliability for offshore applications
R.B. Gilbert, S. Lacasse & F. Nadim

Homogenization of geomaterials using the random finite element method
D.V. Griffiths, J. Paiboon, J. Huang & G.A. Fenton

Selecting optimal probability models for geotechnical reliability analysis
H.W. Huang, W.W. Su & J. Zhang

Robust design of geotechnical systems—a new design perspective
C.H. Juang, L. Wang & S. Atamturktur

Integrated geo risk management: Crossing boundaries
M.Th. van Staveren

Is landslide risk quantifiable and manageable?
H.N. Wong

3 Geotechnical uncertainty and variability

Quantifying epistemic uncertainty and aleatory variability of Newmark displacements under scenario earthquakes
W. Du & G. Wang

Reliability analysis of 640 m long soil retaining wall for an embedded highway construction
Y. Honjo, Y. Otake, T. Kusano & T. Hara

CPT-based Bayesian identification of underground soil stratigraphy
K. Huang, Z. Cao & Y. Wang

Characterization of three-dimensional random crack network in soil using CT test
J.H. Li, L.M. Zhang & Y. Zhao

Linear regression and statistical analysis of shear strength parameters
X. Li, L.H. Chen & N. Zhang

Uncertainty quantification by polynomial chaos expansion for geotechnical reliability-based analysis
S.H. Marques, A.T. Gomes & A.A. Henriques

4 Influence of spatial variability on geotechnical design decisions

Mobilized shear strength of soils with constrained slip curves
Y. Hu & J. Ching

Reliability of heterogeneous slopes with cross-correlated shear strength parameters
T.M.H. Le

Finite element analysis of compression behavior of ground improvement with spatial variability
T. Namikawa

Stochastic finite element analysis for ground improvement by vertical drains of spatially variable soils
M.W. Bari, M.A. Shams & M.A. Shahin

Regularity of the variance reduction function in Tianjin Port
S.-W. Yan, L.-P. Guo & Y.-H. Cao

Seepage through anisotropic non-stationary random fields 1
H. Zhu & L.M. Zhang

5 Geohazards

Integrating seismic hazard analyses with geotechnical site characterization for liquefaction potential assessment in Kaohsiung area
D. Huang & J.P. Wang

Landslide considerations for low cost remedial works for the Karakorum Highway, Pakistan
A.D. Mackay

Landslide mitigation considerations for low cost highway remedial works, East Timor
A.D. Mackay

The landslide of Kirf: A chain of governance failures
S. Van Baars, M. Sosson, S. Jung & R. Becker

A risk-based active fault classification
J.P. Wang

Introducing non-stationary earthquake process concept: Including an analytical model and a case study in Central Taiwan
Y. Xu & J.P. Wang

Modelling techniques of submarine landslide in centrifuge
C. Zhao, W.Z. Zhang, J.H. Zhang, K.Z. Wang & Z.S. Xiong

6 Reliability and risk analysis

The schedule optimization for subway station construction based on critical chain
G.X. Chen, J.L. Song, Z.R. Xiao, J. Wang & L.F. Yue

A cell-based model for predicting runout distances of detached materials in rainfall-induced slope failures
H.X. Chen & L.M. Zhang

Dike failure mechanisms from the perspective of risk assessment
J. Danka & L.M. Zhang

Reliability assessment of earth pressure on rigid non-yielding retaining walls
S.M. Dasaka, T.N. Dave & V.K. Gade

Seismic damage occurrence probability in an existing estuary dam
T. Hara, M. Iwata, Y. Otake, Y. Honjo, T. Kato, A. Nishida & H. Yukimoto

Probabilistic analysis of dry soil mix columns
J. Huang, R. Kelly & S.W. Sloan

Soft soil subgrade’s reliability and risk assessment under incomplete probability conditions
C. Liu & M. Zhao

Localised metamodelling techniques for geotechnical reliability-based analysis
S.H. Marques, A.T. Gomes & A.A. Henriques

Flood simulation considering probability of heavy rains and uncertainty of soil properties of earth-fill dams
S. Nishimura, T. Shuku, H. Nagao & K. Fujisawa

Reliability analysis of 20-km river dike against liquefaction failure
Y. Otake, Y. Honjo & Y. Hiramatsu

Effect of slenderness ratio on the reliability-based serviceability limit state design of augered cast-in-place piles
S.C. Reddy & A.W. Stuedlein

Uplifit model for the Red River dikes of Vietnam
P.Q. Tu, B.V. Truong & P.H.A.J.M. van Gelder

Effect of rainfall on the reliability of an infinite slope
J. Yuan, I. Papaioannou, C.M. Mok & D. Straub

Influence of particle transport on slope stability under rainfall infiltration
L. Zhang & L.L. Zhang

7 Reliability- and risk-based monitoring and site investigation

Effect of inadequate site investigation on the cost and time of a construction project
A.H. Albatal, H.H. Mohammad & M.E.A. Elrazik

Probabilistic characterization of Young’s modulus using Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulation
Z. Cao & Y. Wang

Site investigation approaches for the proposed Ukhuu Khudag to Gashuun Sukhait Railway, South Gobi desert, Mongolia
A.D. Mackay & N.R. Wightman

Bayesian model updating of a tunnel in soft soil with settlement measurements
I. Papaioannou, W. Betz & D. Straub

A role of monitoring to reduce the uncertainty in the performance of pile foundations
S. Ryuo, Y. Asaka & K. Soga

Using head monitoring for reliability updating of levees
T. Schweckendiek

8 Performance evolution and risk assessment of high slopes in hydropower
engineering in China

Numerical simulation of blasting induced damage of high rock slope
Y.G. Hu, W.B. Lu, M. Chen & P. Yan

Slope reliability analysis using a non-intrusive stochastic finite element method
S.H. Jiang & D.Q. Li

A novel bond contact model for rock and its calibration
T. Jiang, M.J. Jiang, H. Chen, F. Liu & Z.M. Shi

Study on cracking risk of Jinping high and steep slope
P. Lin & X.L. Liu

Mechanism and numerical simulation on geological mechanical model test
X.Q. Luo, J.F. Bi & H. Shen

Time-dependent behaviour modeling of geomaterials using a discrete thermodynamic approach
W. Wang, J.F. Shao, Q.Z. Zhu & W.Y. Xu

Study of time-dependent behavior of rocks with polycrystalline approach
T. Zeng & J.F. Shao

9 Reliability-based design and limit state design in geotechnical engineering

Serviceability limit state design of lime-cement columns—a reliability-based design approach
N. Bergman, R. Ignat & S. Larsson

Cost-effective framework for simplified geotechnical reliability-based design
J.Y. Ching & K.K. Phoon

Reliability index of pile foundations designed to SANS 1016-5
M. Dithinde & J.V. Retief

Codified reliability-based design of shallow foundations in Shanghai
J.P. Li, S.N. Liu, S.N. Hou & J. Zhang

Development and reliability of a pile driving formula for the MnDOT
S.G. Paikowsky, C.M. Marchionda, S. Amatya, M.C. Canniff & A.S. Budge

On the validation of reliability and partial safety factors for axially loaded piles in dense sand
K.A. Schmoor & M. Achmus

Reliability-based evaluation of vertical bearing capacity of piles using FORM and MCS
A. Teixeira, A.G. Correia & A.A. Henriques

Reliability-based design for the serviceability state design of an excavation with cross walls in clays
S.H. Wu, J. Ching & C.Y. Ou

10 Risk assessment and management in geotechnical engineering and infrastructural projects

Indicator Kriging for locating risk zones: An application to buildings at risk in the Barcelonnette Basin
S.A. Arnaouti, S. Fotopoulou, K. Pitilakis, Th. Chatzigogos, A. Puissant & J.-P. Malet

Development of a probabilistic model for the prediction of building damage due to tunneling induced settlements
C. Camós, C. Molins, O. Špačková & D. Straub

A three-level framework for multi-risk assessment
Z.Q. Liu & F. Nadim

Rockfall risk management based on survey data of real slopes
S. Moriguchi, Y. Otake, M. Iwata, Y. Honjo, A. Takagi, F. Kurauchi, T. Hara, K. Sawada, A. Yashima & N. Asano

Implementing geo risk management in a client organization
M.Th. van Staveren, P.P.T. Litjens & J.J. Heerema

Implementing geo risk management in the construction industry
M.Th. van Staveren, P.P.T. Litjens & P.M.C.B.M. Cools

The buildup and assessment of environmental indices for storm induced disaster prone areas
M.-H. Wu, J.P. Wang, H.-R. Liao & Y.-R. Chen

11 Geotechnical applications and case studies

Ultrasound as a new approach for the prediction of collapsible soils
K. Abbeche & M.S.L. Mohamed Salah

Effect of riverbed scouring on bridge piles during earthquake
Z.H. Khan, M.R.I. Khan, M.F. Raiyan & K.M. Amanat

Risk minimization by an adapted dewatering scheme at the construction of the new ship lock in Minden
H. Montenegro, B. Odenwald & R. Kauther

Geotechnical instrumentation monitoring for the construction of the West Kowloon Terminus of the Express Rail Link
A.K.O. So, P.W.L. Ko & V.K.W. Man

The impact of geometry bedding toward slope stability in coal mining
Supandi & H. Hidayat

Risk identification and mitigation for construction of a subway transfer station in Beijing
H. Wang, Z. Wu & D. Wang

Ground anchor considerations for crane footings adjacent deep rock excavations
N.R. Wightman & A.D. Mackay

Upper bound finite element method for seismic stability limit analysis of rockfill dams
X.G. Yang & S.C. Chi

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