1st Edition

Geotechnical Stability in Surface Mining

By Raj.K. Singhal Copyright 1986

    This book presents the proceedings of the international symposium on geotechnical stability in surface mining in Calgary. The symposium deals with the full gamut of mine equipment development, selection and utilization.

    Surface mine design 1. Pre and post' mine geotechnical conditions for surface mines, developed from the comprehensive exploration program 2. Preliminary design of a deep open pit mine (Bukit Asam): An exercise in the engineering method 3. Economical and geotechnical aspects of steeper slopes 4. Design of the development pit highwalls at the An Tai Bao mine 5. Design, construction and maintenance of surface mine haulage roads 6. An integrated stability assessment system for surface mine design 7. Aspects of geotechnical reliability in surface mining Design of pit wall slopes 8. Design of open pit coal mine slopes: An integrated approach 9. Design methods for open pit coal mine footwalls 10. Slope design problems and proposed solutions at Key Lake Mining's Deilmann Pit 11. Slope stability in Chilean iron mines 12. Effect of face curvature on slope stability - A FEM study 13. An analysis of the effect of auger mining on highwall stability (Abstract) 14. Pit slopes design in French surface coal mines Drilling and blasting 15. Blasting technique for productivity and wall protection in open pit coal mining 16. Correlating rotary drill performance to powder factors for improved blasting control 17. Production blasts in open pit mines and their effect on slope stability 18. Role of joint directions, burden and spacing in blasting on the geotechnical stability of surface mines (Abstract) Slope excavation 19. The potential for cast blasting in Canadian surface mines 20. Excavating methods related to joint system stability 21. Assessing the performance of cutting tools in rock materials 22. Mining-induced landslide in permafrost Artificial support 23. Spoil pile stabilization at the Paintearth Mine, Forestburg, Alberta 24. Considerations in the artificial support of pit walls 25. Calculation of minimum rock bolt force and minimum static acceleration in tetrahedral wedge stability 26. Passive reinforcement of pit slopes by bolting Geotechnical stability: Case histories 27. A la


    Raj. K. Singhal