Geotechnics Fundamentals and Applications in Construction : New Materials, Structures, Technologies and Calculations book cover
1st Edition

Geotechnics Fundamentals and Applications in Construction
New Materials, Structures, Technologies and Calculations

ISBN 9780367179830
Published May 2, 2019 by CRC Press
482 Pages

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Book Description

Geotechnical Fundamentals and Applications in Construction. New Materials, Structures, Technologies and Calculations contains the papers presented at the International Conference on Geotechnical Fundamentals and Applications in Construction. New Materials, Structures, Technologies and Calculations (GFAC 2019, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 6-8 February 2019). The contributions present the latest research findings, developments, and applications in the areas of geotechnics, soil mechanics, foundations, geological engineering and share experiences in the design of complex geotechnical objects, and are grouped in 8 sections:

• Analytical decisions and numerical modeling for foundations;
• Design and construction in geologically hazardous conditions;
• Methods for surveying the features of dispersed, rocky soils and structurally unstable soils;
• Exploration, territory improvement and reconstruction in conditions of compact urban planning and enterprises, etc.;
• Construction, reconstruction and exploitation of infrastructure facilities in different soil conditions;
• R&D support and quality control of new materials, design and technology solutions in constructing bases, foundations, underground and surface constructions;
• Condition survey and accident evolution analysis in construction;
• Up-to-date monitoring techniques in building construction and exploitation.

Geotechnical Fundamentals and Applications in Construction. New Materials, Structures, Technologies and Calculations collects the state-of-the-art in geotechnology and construction, and will be of interest to academia and professionals in geotechnics, soil mechanics, foundation engineering and geological engineering.

Table of Contents

Test simulation of controlled compensation grouting
A.V. Alexandrov, E.N. Bellendir, P.A. Vaver & A.N. Simutin

Model tasks for management of process of sibsidence of earth’s surface
S. Altynbekov

Surcharge preloading as a method for engineering reservoir foundations in silty soils
A.A. Ananyev

Correlation between wave analysis data and data of plate load tests in various soils
V.V. Antipov & V.G. Ofrikhter

Reconstruction and methods to protect stone buildings of the early 19th century
T. Awwad, R. Chekaeva, M. Chekaev, A. Seisekeeva & L. Awwad

Soil constitutive model effect on the distribution of pile axial load-parametric study
T. Awwad & S.A. Al Kodsi

An extended model of impedance functions of monopile-supported offshore wind turbines incorporating soil-structure interaction effect
A. Barari & L.B. Ibsen

Design peculiarities of foundation structures in permafrost and seismically active areas
T.A. Belash

Geotechnical aspect of load-bearing analysis of explosively driven pile foundation soil
L.M. Borozenets

Experimental estimate of instantaneous adfreeze strength of glass-fibre reinforced plastic in frozen soil
A.V. Boyarintsev & S.V. Lanko

Predicting air quality in underground structures
T.A. Datciuk, D.M. Denisikhina & E.A. Anshukova

Setting soil strength parameters for slope stability calculations
I.K. Fomenko, K.V. Kurguzov, O.V. Zerkal & O.N. Sirotkina

Development of analytical methods to determine swelling and shrinkage of clay soils
F.G. Gabibov

Disadvantages of standards for construction on collapsible soils
B.F. Galay, V.V. Serbin & O.B. Galay

Efficient use of sand cushions
V.S. Glukhov & M.V. Glukhova

Numerical studies on horizontally loaded bored piles
A.L. Gotman, A.Z. Gaisin & A.O. Glazachev

Assessment of operation of fiber-reinforced soil located behind retaining wall
A.S. Grishina & A.B. Ponomaryov

Geo-Base Isolation with geogrid reinforcement for buildings
A. Boominathan, S. Banerjee & J.S. Dhanya

Stabilization of permafrost soils at base of road fill
M.E. Igoshin, M.V. Paramonov, V.V. Vorontsov & P.A. Kravchenko

Authenticity of soils and foundation of Bayon temple in Angkor Thom and restoration of retaining structures in Angkor
Y. Iwasaki, M. Ishizuka, S. Soeur, R. McCarthy, T. Nakagawa & L. Vanna

Characteristics of ultrafine permeation grouting for foundation soil of Northern River Terminal in Moscow
F.N. Kalach, V.I. Nozdrya, A.I. Osokin & V.B. Ivanishchev

Basic relationships between statics and dynamics in reinforced shell roofs of underground and aboveground structures and methods of their calculation
V.V. Karpov & A.A. Semenov

Advanced composite-based structural design solutions
T.P. Kasharina

Composite-based shell and soil reinforcement designs for bank protection structures
D.V. Kasharin

Construction of foundations using chrysotile cement pipes
Yu.N. Kazakov & A.E. Alekseev

Influence of concrete strength evaluation method accuracy on reliability levels of geotechnical structures
A.M. Kharitonov, Y.M. Tikhonov & Y.A. Belentsov

Analytical study of effect of compensatory layer installed in contact zone of foundation slab
N.Y. Kiselev & Ya.A. Pronozin

Construction embankment of automobile road on pile foundation in weak soil
S.A. Kudryavtsev, T.U. Valtseva, S.A. Bugunov, Z.I. Kotenko, N.I. Sokolova & M.N. Erofeev

Impact of artificial footing in pile-adjacent zone on operation of laterally-loaded single pile foundation
S.V. Lanko, L.N. Kondratieva, A.V. Evstratov & A.V. Derendyaev

Concerning the dynamic load impact on development of landslide processes
A.I. Latypov & E.A. Korolev

Hardening of clay soil under compression
P.A. Lyashenko & V.V. Denisenko

Experimental studies of soil base deformations under the model of flexible bottom of steel vertical tanks
R.A. Mangushev, V.V. Konyushkov, R.A. Usmanov & V.M. Kirillov

Stability of slopes under exposure to soil wetting
I.V. Manyakhin & R.A. Mangushev

Antimudflow protection with rigid thorough structures
S.I. Matsiy & L.A. Sukhlyaeva

Features of calculating gravity retaining wall without assumption of base soil liquefaction
O.P. Minaev

Features of calculating stability of retaining wall with significant horizontal load on base soil
O.P. Minaev

Changes in physical and mechanical characteristics of soil under triaxial loading
I.T. Mirsayapov & I.V. Koroleva

Influence of a deep construction pit on a technical condition of surrounding buildings
I.T. Mirsayapov & N.N. Aysin

Floor construction in basements during reconstruction of buildings in peaty territories
A.V. Nikitin, A.L. Nevzorov & Yu.V. Saenko

Prediction of settlement of buildings surrounding deep excavations in Viet Nam
N.S. Nikiforova & N. Van-Hoa

On criterion for considering dynamic soil-structure interaction effects
L.V. Nuzhdin, V.S. Mikhailov & I.D. Yankovskaya

Specifics of engineering support for installation of bored piles in cluttered urban settings
A.I. Osokin, V.A. Ermolaev & A.I. Kuzhelev

Specifics of engineering design of piled raft foundations in soft soils
A.I. Osokin, V.O. Efimov & L.N. Kondratieva

Comprehensive bearing capacity analysis of permafrost railroad leading to Tank-Car filling rack
V.V. Pendin, I.K. Fomenko, D.N. Gorobtsov & M.E. Nikulina

Geotechnical and geoecological fundamentals of sustainable life cycle of unique long-operated underground structures of water disposal systems in difficult soil conditions (the experience of St. Petersburg)
N. Perminov & A. Perminov

Soil base reinforcement with rigid elements represented by built-in-place piles in rolled-out wells (practical experience)
V.P. Perov & S.V. Perov

Simulation of strain-stress behavior of tunnel collectors in conditions of combined anthropogenic effects
N. Perminov & A. Perminov

Simulation of unsteady interaction of large RC shell with heterogeneous soil milieu for gradually increasing caisson structure
N. Perminov

Geotechnical problems of transport construction and their solutions
T.M. Petrova & E.Yu. Chistyakov

Operating peculiarities of reinforced concrete structures in intense cold and freeze-thaw temperature
M.G. Plyusnin, V.I. Morozov & V.M. Popov

Analytical method for calculating the bearing capacity of injection piles in clayey soil
A.I. Polishchuk, A.A. Petukhov & R.V. Shalginov

Influence of stiffness of separating wall between foundations of closely-spaced buildings on their settlements
A.I. Polishchuk & A.S. Mezhakov

Parameters determining differences between geometric and mechanical properties of spiral elements in rope, affecting development of emergency situations
S.V. Polyakov & A.E. Pushkarev

Rationale for method of settlement calculation for multiple blade helical piles in clayey ground
A.I. Polishchuk, F.A. Maximov & N.S. Nikitina

Use of marl as ground base for embankments
A.B. Ponomaryov, E.N. Sychkina & V.I. Kleveko

Calculation and geotechnical monitoring of buildings on strip-membrane foundations
O.S. Poroshin, Ya.A. Pronozin, L.R. Epifantseva & Yu.V. Naumkina

Changes in soil properties at unloading of base of deep foundation pit
Ya.A. Pronozin & E.P. Bragar

“Normal” bored injection pile with increased bearing capacity
Ya.A. Pronozin, I.S. Salnyi & D.V. Volosyuk

Real-time vibration monitoring
I.I. Sakharov, M.A. Shashkin & S.I. Nizovtsev

Computational method for soil frost heaving characteristics determination
I.I. Sakharov

Determination of settlement in drill-injection pile with controlled broadening
M.A. Samokhvalov, A.V. Geydt & A.A. Paronko

Settlements in foundations of existing buildings during construction of trench diaphragm wall
D.A. Sapin & I.P. Diakonov

Selecting moisture protection methods for subsurface parts of buildings
A.D. Serov & M.I. Afonina

Analysis of causes of deformations in historic buildings on weak clay soils
A.G. Shashkin, K.G. Shashkin & R.E. Dashko

Analyzing efficiency of two-layer foundations for a power transmission line portal based on a numerical experiment
M.N. Shutova, S.I. Evtushenko & D.A. Kalafatov

Stress-strain state of elastic base under circular foundation
V.I. Smirnov, S.A. Vidyushenkov & N.S. Bushuev

Methods and technology of ensuring stability of landslide slope using soil anchors
N.S. Sokolov, A.E. Pushkarev & S.A. Evtiukov

Selecting type of bored piles with increased values of bearing capacity
N.S. Sokolov, A.E. Pushkarev & A.N. Mikhaylov

Experimental studies of soil compaction effect on pile operation
M.A. Stepanov & G.I. Rybak

Assessing the state of buildings’ foundations and residual lide of their bearing capacity
L.Yu. Stupishin, S.G. Emelyanov, M.L. Moshkevich & F.V. Altukhov

Estimating efficiency of composite reinforcment applications in foundations of low-rise buildings
A.I. Subbotin, M.N. Shutova & A.I. Shagina

Experimental studies of settlement and bearing capacity of piles in argillite-like clays and sandstone
E.N. Sychkina

Forecast bearing capacity of soil cushions with variable reinforcement spacing
D.A. Tatiannikov & A.B. Ponomarev

Vibration driving of an incompressible pile into a two-layered foundation
Z.G. Ter-Martirosyan, E.S. Sobolev & G.O. Anzhelo

Restoration engineering of historic structures: Case study of building 12 on New Holland Island in Saint-Petersburg
V. Ulitsky & S. Bogov

Effective stiffness for modeling reinforced concrete structures in soil-structure interaction calculation
V.A. Vasenin & N.A. Evseev

New technology for soil extraction when sinking open caissons
V.V. Verstov, A.N. Gaido, A.F. Yudina & L.M. Kolchedantsev

Results of experimental analyses of concrete with metal wastes
M. Vaiciene, J. Malaiskiene & O. Kizinievic

Influence of normal and shear stiffness of fractures on deformation characteristics of rock mass
A.N. Vlasov, M.G. Zertsalov & D.A. Vlasov

Modelling the stress-deformed state of soil installed with displacement piles
E.S. Voznesenskaya

Geotechnical and geoenvironmental analysis of “Chinese Theatre in Alexander Park, Pushkin” as part of reconstruction and improvement project
M.B. Zavodchikova & N.G. Corvette

Design-based justification of controlled compensation grouting during ZPPS-2 foundation slab mock-up lifting
M.G. Zertsalov, A.N. Simutin & A.V. Aleksandrov

Prediction of axial bearing capacity of piles by SPT and PMT-based approach
A.Zh. Zhussupbekov, A.R. Omarov & V.N. Kaliakin

3D modelling of cast-in-place anchored beamless trench wall with edge elements of different topology
V.V. Znamenskiy, E.B. Morozov, D.Y. Chunuk & D.A. Pekin

Efficiency of determining bearing capacity of soil fills using the LFG (LWD) dynamic plate
M. Rajczyk & J. Rajczyk

Concerning the use of soil deformation modulus in geotechnical design
E.S. Utenov, A.T. Mukhamedzhanova & S.K. Abildin

Effectiveness of geotechnical curtain of loose pile rows as design for cast-in-place trench walls
V.V. Znamenskiy & E.B. Morozov

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Rashid Mangushev works at the Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Askar Zhussupbekov works at the Eurasian National University, Astana, Kazakhstan

Yoshinori Iwasaki works at the Geo Research Institute, Osaka, Japan

Igor Sakharov works at the Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, St. Petersburg, Russia.