1st Edition

German Business Situations

By Paul Hartley, Gertrud Robins Copyright 1995
    128 Pages
    by Routledge

    124 Pages
    by Routledge

    German Business Situations is a handy reference and learning text for all who use or need spoken German for business.
    Over 40 situations are simply presented, including
    * basic phone calls
    * leaving messages
    * making presentations
    * comparing, enquiring, booking
    selling techniques
    With full English translations and usage note, German Business Situations will help you to communicate confidently and effectively in a broad range of everyday business situations

    Part 1 On the telephone; Chapter 1 Making an enquiry; Chapter 2 Ordering; Chapter 3 Making an appointment; Chapter 4 Invitation to attend a meeting; Chapter 5 Apologizing for non-attendance; Chapter 6 Making a complaint; Chapter 7 Reminder for payment; Chapter 8 Enquiry about hotel accommodation; Chapter 9 Changing an appointment; Chapter 10 Informing of a late arrival; Chapter 11 Ordering a taxi; Chapter 12 Checking flight information; Chapter 13 Booking a flight; Chapter 14 Thanking for hospitality; Chapter 15 Invitations; Chapter 16 Travel enquiries; Chapter 17 Arranging delivery of goods; Part 2 Face to face; Chapter 19 Arranging further contacts with a company; Chapter 20 Presenting a proposal; Chapter 21 Exploring business collaboration; Chapter 22 At the travel agent's; Chapter 23 Checking in at the airport; Chapter 24 Checking in at a hotel; Chapter 25 Checking out of a hotel; Chapter 26 Ordering a meal in a restaurant; Chapter 27 Verifying a bill; Chapter 28 Drawing up a schedule of visits for reps; Chapter 29 Conducted visit of a department; Chapter 30 Informal job interview; Chapter 31 Formal job interview; Chapter 32 Planning a budget; Chapter 33 Organizing a product launch; Chapter 34 Contacting official agencies; Chapter 35 Presenting company policy; Chapter 36 Visiting the bank manager; Chapter 37 Selling a service to a client; Chapter 38 Selling a product to a client; Chapter 39 Giving an informal vote of thanks; Chapter 40 Discussing contracts; Chapter 41 Meeting a visitor at the airport


    Paul Hartley, Gertrud Robins