1st Edition

German/English Business Correspondence Geschaftskorrespondenz Deutsch/Englisch

By Paul Hartley, Gertrud Robins Copyright 1997
    174 Pages
    by Routledge

    174 Pages
    by Routledge

    German/English Business Correspondence is a handy reference and learning text for all who use written German. 80 written communications are simply presented covering memos, letters, faxes and resumes. The situations covered include:
    * arranging meetings
    * acknowledging orders
    * enquiring about products
    * applying for jobs
    With full English translations, this text is suitable for both students and professionals and can be used for either reference or class use.

    Chapter -01 German commercial correspondence—some general notes; Chapter 1 Enquiry about a product; Chapter 2 Enquiry about prices; Chapter 3 Enquiry about a company; Chapter 4 Enquiry about a person; Chapter 5 Enquiry asking for a specific quote; Chapter 6 Soliciting an agency; Chapter 7 Requesting information about agents; Chapter 8 Giving information about agents; Chapter 9 Request for a business reference; Chapter 10 Favourable reply to request for a business reference; Chapter 11 Unfavourable reply to request for a business reference; Chapter 12 Evasive reply to request for a business reference; Chapter 13 Placing an order; Chapter 14 Cancellation of order; Chapter 15 Confirming a telephone order; Chapter 16 Making an order for specific items of office equipment; Chapter 17 Acknowledgement of an order; Chapter 18 Payment of invoices—letter accompanying payment; Chapter 19 Payment of invoices—request for deferral; Chapter 20 Payment of invoices—refusal to pay; Chapter 21 Apologies for non-payment; Chapter 22 Request for payment; Chapter 23 Overdue account—First letter; Chapter 24 Overdue account—Final letter; Chapter 25 Job advertisement—Letter to newspaper; Chapter 26 Newspaper advertisement; Chapter 27 Asking for further details and application form; Chapter 28 Job application; Chapter 29 Curriculum vitae; Chapter 30 Unsolicited letter of application; Chapter 31 Interview invitation; Chapter 32 Favourable reply to job application; Chapter 33 Unfavourable reply to job application; Chapter 34 Requesting a reference for an applicant; Chapter 35 Providing a positive reference for an employee; Chapter 36 Acceptance letter; Chapter 37 Contract of employment; Chapter 38 Enquiring about regulations for purchase of property abroad (memo); Chapter 39 Advising of delay in delivery (telex); Chapter 40 Seeking clarification of financial position (fax); Chapter 41 Reporting to client on availability of particular property (fax); Chapter 42 Complaining about customs delay (fax); Chapter 43 Stating delivery conditions; Chapter 44 Confirming time/place of delivery; Chapter 45 Checking on mode of transportation; Chapter 46 Claiming for transportation damage; Chapter 47 Enquiring about customs clearance; Chapter 48 Undertaking customs formalities; Chapter 49 Informing of storage facilities; Chapter 50 Assuring of confidentiality of information; Chapter 51 Informing a client on conditions of loans/ mortgages available; Chapter 52 Circulating local businesses with property services available; Chapter 53 Advertising maintenance services available for office equipment; Chapter 54 Arranging a meeting for further discussions; Chapter 55 Reservations—Enquiry about hotel accommodation (fax); Chapter 56 Reservations—Confirmation of reservation (fax); Chapter 57 Reservations—Change of arrival date; Chapter 58 Reservations—Request for confirmation of reservation; Chapter 59 Insurance—Request for quotation for fleet car insurance; Chapter 60 Insurance—Reminder of overdue premium; Chapter 61 Insurance—Submission of documents to support a claim; Chapter 62 Insurance—Taking out third party vehicle insurance; Chapter 63 Insurance—Refusal to meet claim; Chapter 64 Considering legal action; Chapter 65 Requesting information on setting up a plant abroad; Chapter 66 Complaint about delay in administering an account; Chapter 67 Complaint about mail delivery; Chapter 68 Complaint about wrong consignment of goods; Chapter 69 Complaint about damage to goods; Chapter 70 Informing customers that a company has been taken over; Chapter 71 Informing customers of change of name and address; Chapter 72 Informing customers of increased prices; Chapter 73 Requesting information about opening a business account; Chapter 74 Requesting information about opening a personal bank account; Chapter 75 Letter re overdrawn account; Chapter 76 Bank's letter to customer; Chapter 77 General query about banking; Chapter 78 Enquiry about post office banking facilities; Chapter 79 Enquiry about opening a post office account; Chapter 80 Opening poste restante


    Paul Hartley, Gertrud Robins