2nd Edition

Get Through MRCPsych: Preparation for the CASC, Second edition

Edited By Sree Prathap, Mohana Murthy Copyright 2008

    Get Through MRCPsych: preparation for the CASC is a second edition of Get Through MRCPsych Part 1: Preparation for the OSCES - 978-1-85315-590-X. This book will not only prepare you for the examination, but will also help you face clinical situations confidently and effectively. The author, Sree Prathap Mohana Murthy, has passed the MRCPsych examin

    Risk assessment, History Taking and Symptom Elicitation, Counselling/Explanation about a Particular Disease or Condition, Counselling/Explanation about a Particular Drug or Treatment, Examinations, Interpretation of Blood Results and Management, Miscellaneous Topics


    Sree Prathap; Mohana Murthy