1st Edition

Getting Old A Positive and Practical Approach

By Rowan Bayne, Carol Parkes Copyright 2021
    146 Pages
    by Routledge

    146 Pages
    by Routledge

    Getting Old offers concise advice and practical suggestions for all readers interested in or worried about ageing, either in themselves or in someone they care about. With a focus on a positive view of ageing, it discusses central physical and mental aspects of getting old, as well as the social and psychological aspects such as choosing where to live and becoming more oneself.

    Rowan Bayne and Carol Parkes take a pragmatic approach to reviewing what is happening in many aspects of your life as you age. Essential topics covered include mobility; diet and digestion; understanding and improving sleep; memory problems and dementia; being an active participant in consultations about your own healthcare; attitudes to getting old; romantic relationships and loneliness; deciding where to live, moving house and choosing other types of living arrangements; and death and grief. They invite readers to focus on their own life and experience, to understand who they are and what they really want now. An important part of self-understanding is the application of personality theory to changes associated with getting old, and readers are encouraged to reflect on what might work for people with their personality characteristics, and how to improve their stress management, communication and decision making.

    With suggestions for further reading and useful organisations that offer support, Getting Old offers valuable, affirming guidance for all those and their relatives going through this life stage, as well as health, social care and counselling students and professionals.

    Introduction Section I: Physical and Mental Aspects of Getting Old 1. Mobility 2. Diet and Digestion 3. Sleep 4. Memory Problems and Dementia 5. Looking After Your Health: Patients as Active Participants in Decisions about Their Healthcare Section II: Social and Psychological Aspects of Getting Old 6. Attitudes towards Getting Old 7. Being Oneself 8. Relationships 9. Deciding where to Live 10. End of Life – Death, Grief and Making Plans 11. Additional Resources


    Rowan Bayne is Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Counselling at the University of East London. His main expertise is in applied personality theory, counselling and counsellor training. He has published 18 books and has run courses on selection interviewing, personality differences and counselling for several major organisations such as the BBC, British Rail, the City of London and Warwick University.

    Carol Parkes is a freelance consultant, trainer and coach. She is a medical doctor who specialised in public health medicine and epidemiology. In the past, she has been part of national and international research projects on cancer screening and has many publications in peer-reviewed journals as well as book chapters. She later worked in consultant and leadership roles in the NHS for 10 years before embarking on her current freelance career.