1st Edition

Gilles Deleuze and the Theater of Philosophy

Edited By Constantin V. Boundas, Dorothea Olkowski Copyright 1994
    351 Pages
    by Routledge

    352 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This collection, first published in 1994, contains thirteen critical essays by established scholars from the fields of philosophy, literary criticism, feminist theory, politics, and sociology, and a new essay by Deleuze himself. That the contributors are from a variety of fields indicates the extent to which Deleuze’s work can and will impact theory far beyond the discipline of philosophy.

    1. Editors’ Introduction Constantin V. Boundas and Dorothea Olkowski  2. He Stuttered Gilles Deleuze  Part 1. Difference and Repetition  3. Difference and Unity in Gilles Deleuze Todd May  4. Gilles Deleuze, The Fold: Leibniz and the Baroque Alain Badiou  Part 2. Subjectivity  5. The Crack of Time and the Ideal Game Peter Canning  6. Deleuze: Serialization and Subject-Formation Constantin V. Boundas  Part 3. Desire and the Overturning of Platonism  7. Nietzsche’s Dice Throw: Tragedy, Nihilism, and the Body Without Organs Dorothea Olkowski  8. Anti-Platonism and Art Paul Patton  Part 4. The Question of Becoming-Woman  9. Towards a New Nomadism: Feminist Deleuzian Tracks; Or, Metaphysics and Metabolism Rosi Braidotti  10. A Thousand Tiny Sexes: Feminism and Rhizomatics Elizabeth Grosz  Part 5. Minor Languages and Nomad Arts  11. On the Concept of Minor Literature: From Kafka to Kateb Yacine Réda Bensmaia  12. Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation Dana Polan  13. The Cinema, Reader of Gilles Deleuze Marie-Claire Ropars-Wuilleumier  Part 6. Lines of Flight  14. Cartography of the Year 1000: Variations on A Thousand Plateaus Jean-Clet Martin  15. The Society of Dismembered Body Parts Alphonso Lingis


    Constantin V. Boundas, Dorothea Olkowski