1st Edition

Give Sorrow Words Working With a Dying Child, Second Edition

By Dorothy Judd Copyright 1996
    262 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Give Sorrow Words gives an overview of children’s attitudes toward death and considers the moral and ethical issues raised by treatments for life-threatening illnesses in children. In this new edition, available for the first time in the United States, Dorothy Judd draws on her increasing experiences with dying children and their parents to refine and clarify her work as presented in the earlier edition. This book helps readers to make sense out of the irreconcilable tension of embracing death as a part of life and accepting the death of a child. Through her work with Robert, a young boy dying of acute myeloblastic leukemia, Judd helps readers to see anew the need to reconcile the two tensions and to make the necessary decisions for medical care.

    Contents Foreword
    • Part One: Framework
    • The Death of a Child
    • Children’s Attitudes to Death
    • The Dying Child’s Awareness of Death
    • Should We Talk to Children About Death?
    • The Stages of Emotional Reactions to Life Threatening Illness
    • Support Available
    • Part Two: Robert, Aged 7-and-a-Half
    • Diary of My Work With Robert Over 3 Months
    • Postscript
    • Brief Retrospective Analysis
    • Part Three: Survival or Death
    • Prolonging Dying?
    • Those Who Survive
    • After the Death of a Child
    • Epilogue
    • Appendixes
    • Glossary
    • Useful Addresses
    • References
    • Index


    Judd, Dorothy