1st Edition

Giving Voice to Values An Innovation and Impact Agenda

Edited By Jerry Goodstein, Mary Gentile Copyright 2021
    274 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    274 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Giving Voice to Values, under the leadership of Mary Gentile, has fundamentally changed the way business ethics and values-driven leadership is taught and discussed in academic and corporate settings worldwide.

    This book shifts attention to the future of Giving Voice to Values (GVV) and provides thought pieces from practitioners and leading experts in business ethics and the professions on the possibilities for sustaining its growth and success. These include the creation of new teaching materials, reaching different audiences, and expanding the ways in which GVV is making a difference in classrooms and the workplace and acting as a catalyst for organizational and societal change. The book closes with a reflective chapter by Mary Gentile, looking back at where GVV has been and looking ahead to where GVV might go.

    Introduction: Giving Voice to Values: An Innovation and Impact Agenda

    Jerry Goodstein & Mary C. Gentile

    Part 1 Strengthening the Impact of GVV Within Higher Education

    1. Giving Voice to Values as a Way to Teach Virtue Ethics

    Ira Bedzow

    2. Viewing Giving Voice to Values through a Pragmatic Lens

    Brian T. Moriarty and R. Edward Freeman

    3. Giving Voice to Values and the Listener’s Perspective

    Jerry Goodstein

    4. Integrating Giving Voice to Values across Business Fields and Functions

    Dann Arce

    5. Giving Voice to Values in Educating Ethical Leaders: Lessons Learned and Ideas for the Future

    Christopher P. Adkins and Jessica McManus Warnell

    6. Giving Voice to Values in Health Professions Education

    Ira Bedzow and Heidi Waldron

    7. Giving Voice to Values in Support of a Mission to Education Africa’s Next Generation of Ethical Leaders

    Rebecca Awuah

    Part 2 Strengthening the Impact of GVV Beyond Higher Education

    8. GVV in the Legal Industry

    Carolyn Plump

    9. Implementing Giving Voice to Values into the Workplace: Insights from the Experience of Four Organizations

    Jerry Goodstein

    10. Giving Voice to Values: Implementing Values-Driven Leadership Development in the Chinese Context

    Liang Yu

    11. The Promise of Giving Voice to Values for Coaching Leaders

    Rachel Schaming

    12. Introducing GVV to New Audiences

    Jane Cote and Claire Kamm Latham

    13. GVV and the Digital World: Responding to Today’s and Tomorrow’s Challenges and Opportunities

    Debra Newcomer

    Conclusion: Looking Back and Looking Ahead: Giving Voice To Values

    Mary Gentile


    Jerry Goodstein is Professor Emeritus of Management at the Carson College of Business, Washington State University Vancouver. He has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in the areas of business ethics, managing innovation and change, and leadership in organizations. Dr. Goodstein has published widely in high quality business ethics and management journals and has contributed a number of cases for the GVV curriculum. He served for many years as Associate Editor at Business Ethics Quarterly and has served on the editorial boards of Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, and Journal of Management.

    Mary C. Gentile is Creator/Director of Giving Voice to Values, Professor of Practice at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, Senior Advisor at The Aspen Institute Business & Society Program, and consultant on management education and leadership development. Among numerous other awards, Mary was named as one of the 2015 "100 Most Influential in Business Ethics" by Ethisphere and one of the "Top Thought Leaders in Trust: 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award Winners" by Trust Across America-Trust Around the World, January 2015. She was also named one of the "Top Minds 2017" in ethics leadership by Compliance Week.

    "The power of an idea can often be measured by its ability to scale across settings and geographies. With this new volume Goodstein and Gentile have demonstrated a reach that goes far beyond the business school curriculum. Giving Voice to Values has truly become a methodology for the development of ethical leaders…anywhere they might be! A truly valuable compendium of reports and insights."

    Leonard A. Schlesinger, Baker Foundation Professor, Harvard Business School, President Emeritus-Babson College

    "In business ethics teaching we often remain stuck in analyzing what is wrong out there. You want to equip students and professionals with a hands-on action framework? Use the Giving Voice to Values framework. This book will further spur Giving Voice to Values’ success as the leading action framework for business ethics."

    Markus Scholz, Chair and Endowed Professor of Corporate Governance & Business Ethics, Head of the Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainable Strategy (IBES), University of Applied Science Vienna

    "The Giving Voice to Values approach to ethical leadership has already empowered countless individuals worldwide. This has been a great benefit to all who seek to develop responsible leaders and this volume provides timely lessons learned and important insights in pursuit of that goal."

    Scott Beardsley, Dean, University of Virginia Darden School of Business

    "Companies need to get beyond the debate about why people don’t speak up in challenging situations and instead focus on helping their people become more skilled at speaking up effectively. GVV is an innovative, evidence-based approach to building those skills, and in the challenging times we are facing, we need them more than ever. This book helps us to understand why integrating GVV into your curriculum for employees at every level, from recent college graduates to the members of your C-suite, will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the ethical culture of your company for years to come."

    Victoria Sweeney, Principal – Ethics & Compliance Group, KPMG LLP

    "The broad appeal of Giving Voice To Values’ innovative approach to values-driven leadership development is rooted in its practicality – an orientation toward acting on one’s values, effectively and with conviction.Goodstein and Gentile’s new book chronicles how this methodology has expanded well beyond its original roots in business education – to cross regions and cultures, professions and sectors – and it offers an exciting glimpse into its potential future applications and impacts." 

    Judy Samuelson, Executive Director, Aspen Institute Business & Society Program and author, The Six New Rules of Business: Creating Real Value in a Changing World

    "This publication provides convincing evidence of how GVV developed into an effective and sustainable approach to values-driven action for individuals faced with everyday ethical dilemmas, teachers wanting to develop the moral competence of their students, and leaders building ethical organizational cultures. While being fully at home in the conventional arena of face-to-face engagements for over a decade, its digital homecoming is no longer a distant reality – it is happening already."

    Arnold Smit, Associate Professor of Business in Society, University of Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa

    "Values can be tricky in the realm of innovation where we often ask to hold back judgement. Leave it to Jerry, Mary and all the amazing contributors to thread a very small eye of the needle. Obviously this book has never been more relevant and teaches us how not to kill innovation while respecting people’s values."

    Fred Dust, Author of Making Conversation: Seven Essential Elements of Meaningful Communication

    "FASPE believes in the importance of professional ethics: ethical behavior and ethical leadership of professionals. Mary Gentile brings life and energy to the requirement of ethical behavior through her unrelenting and creative attention to practical and effective strategies. Mary converts ethics from philosophy to action."

    David Goldman, Chairman, FASPE (Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics), www.faspe-ethics.org