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Giving Voice to Values

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The Giving Voice to Values series is a collection of books on Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility that brings a practical, solutions-oriented, skill-building approach to the salient questions of values-driven leadership. Giving Voice to Values (GVV: ) – the curriculum, the pedagogy and the research upon which it is based –was designed to transform the foundational assumptions upon which the teaching of business ethics is based, and importantly, to equip future business leaders to not only know what is right — but how to make it happen.

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Giving Voice to Values in the Legal Profession Effective Advocacy with Integrity

Giving Voice to Values in the Legal Profession: Effective Advocacy with Integrity

1st Edition

By Carolyn Plump
February 20, 2018

Ethical issues do not occur in isolation. Instead, real-life situations arise in the workplace alongside other pressing issues such as job security, career advancement, peer pressure, manager evaluations, and company profits. For this reason, students and employees in law need concise and common ...

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