1st Edition

Global Biodiversity 4 Volume Set

Edited By T. Pullaiah
    1836 Pages 452 Color & 158 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    1836 Pages 452 Color & 158 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    This new four-volume set, Global Biodiversity, provides a wealth of insightful information on the biodiversity of selected nations around the world. The volumes provide informative summaries of the available data on both wild and cultivated plants, wild and domesticated animals, and microbes of the different nations selected.

    Volume 1: Selected Countries in Asia

    1. Global Biodiversity Threats and Development Trends

    Kjetil Bevanger

    2. Biodiversity in Afghanistan

    S. W. Breckle, I. C. Hedge, and M. D. Rafiqpoor

    3. Biodiversity of Bangladesh

    Sharif A. Mukul, Shekhar R. Biswas, and A. Z. M. Manzoor Rashid

    4. Biodiversity in India

    T. Pullaiah and Ramakrishna

    5. Biodiversity of Indonesia

    Irawati and Didik Widyatmoko

    6. Biodiversity of Iran

    M. M. Dehshiri

    7. Biodiversity in Iraq

    Nature Iraq

    8. Biodiversity of Japan

    Takafumi Ohsawa, Fumiko Nakao, and Tohru Nakashizuka

    9. Biodiversity in Lebanon

    Salma N. Talhouk, M. Itani, and M. Al-Zein

    10. Biodiversity in Malaysia

    A. Latiff

    11. Biodiversity in Mongolia

    Gombobaatar Sundev et al.

    12. Biodiversity in Myanmar

    Naing Zaw Htun

    13. Biodiversity of Nepal: An Overview

    Krishna K. Shrestha and Siddhartha B. Bajracharya

    14. Biodiversity of Vietnam

    P. K. Loc and M. D. Yen Leonid Averyanov

    Volume 2: Selected Countries in Europe

    1. Biodiversity of Bosnia-Herzegovina

    S. Barudanovic

    2. Biodiversity in France

    Philippe Grandcolas

    3. Biodiversity of Georgia

    Guram Aleksidze et al.

    4. Biodiversity of Greece

    Anastasios Legakis, Theophanis Constantinidis, and Panos V. Petrakis

    5. Biodiversity in Hungary

    Zoltán Varga

    6. Biodiversity in Italy

    Gianniantonio Domina and Marzio Zapparoli

    7. Biodiversity in Norway

    K. Bevanger

    8. Biodiversity in Serbia

    Biljana Panjković and Slobodan Puzović

    9. Biodiversity of Slovakia

    Libor Uirych et al.

    10. Biodiversity of Sweden

    Ulf Gärdenfors

    11. Biodiversity in Turkey

    Ali A. Dönmez and Sedat V. Yerli

    12. Biodiversity in the United Kingdom

    Ranee Om Prakash and Fred Rumsey

    Volume 3: Selected Countries in Africa

    1. Phytodiversity of Burkina Faso

    Nacoulma Blandine Marie Ivette et al.

    2. Biodiversity in Egypt

    Wafaa M. Amer

    3. Biodiversity of Gabon: An Overview

    Jean B. Mikissa, Flore Koumba Pambou, and Emmanuel Bayani Ngoyi

    4. Biodiversity in Ghana

    Michael Kwabena Osei et al.

    5. Biodiversity of Libya

    Mahklouf H. Mohammed and Etayeb S. Khalid

    6. Biological Diversity in Morocco

    Mohamaed Menioui

    7. Biodiversity of Senegal: Terrestrial Ecosystems Flora and Great Fauna

    Gueye Mathieu, Ba Taïbou, and Diop Sall Aminata

    8. Biodiversity in Sierra Leone

    Prince E. Norman et al.

    9. Biodiversity of South Africa

    Danni Guo and Judith L. Arnolds

    10. Biodiversity of Sudan

    Ahmed A. H. Siddig et al.

    11. An Overview of Biodiversity of Tanzania and Conservation Efforts

    Ally K. Nkwabi et al.

    12. Biodiversity in Togo

    Kouami Kokou et al.

    13. Biodiversity of Zambia

    Stanford Mudenda Siachoono

    Volume 4: Selected Countries in the Americas and Australia

    1. Biodiversity in Bolivia

    Mónica Moraes R. and Jaime Sarmiento

    2. Biodiversity of Brazil

    Adriana Luiza Ribeiro De Oliveira, Eliel De Jesus Amaral, and Daniel Silva Santiago

    3. Biodiversity of Canada: An Overview

    David A. Galbraith

    4. Still Searching the Rich Coast: Biodiversity of Costa Rica, Numbers, Processes, Patterns, and Challenges

    Gerardo Avalos

    5. Biodiversity in Cuba

    Dennis Denis, Daryl D. Cruz-Flores, and Ernesto Testé

    6. Plant Biodiversity of Ecuador: A Neotropical Megadiverse Country

    P. E. Lozano Carpio

    7. Biodiversity in Honduras: The Environment, Flora, Bats, Medium- and Large-Sized Mammals, Birds, Freshwater Fishes, and the Amphibians and Reptiles

    James R. McCranie et al.

    8. Biodiversity of Mexico: State of Knowledge and Conservation

    Patricia Koleff et al.

    9. Biodiversity in Paraguay

    Pamela Marchi et al.

    10. Biodiversity in North America (North of Mexico)

    Kanchi N. Gandhi

    11. Biodiversity in Venezuela

    Grande Allende and José Ramón

    12. Biodiversity of Australia: An Overview

    C. R. Dickman



    T. Pullaiah,PhD, is a former Professor at the Department of Botany at Sri Krishnadevaraya University in Andhra Pradesh, India,