2nd Edition

Global Climate Change Turning Knowledge Into Action

By David Kitchen Copyright 2024
    454 Pages 523 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    454 Pages 523 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Earth’s climate is changing. This book investigates the scientific, environmental, social, political, and economic aspects of climate change. It enables students to reach an informed opinion and encourages active engagement in finding solutions.

    It begins with a strong introduction to the scientific factors that drive natural and anthropogenic climate change and expands over three chapters to explore the impact of greenhouse gases on the distribution of solar energy across land, sea, ice, and air. The author examines geologically ancient climates in order to highlight possible future scenarios, and case studies from around the world highlight the impact of climate change on the physical and human environment. The final chapters investigate how society can respond to the challenges of climate change and overcome the political, social, and economic factors that are barriers to progress, focusing on the role of energy policy, fiscal policy, and risk assessment as a means to stimulate discussion about science, society, and the role of the media. Science is the foundation of any solution, but to turn this knowledge into action requires the application of a broad set of skills that are rooted in the liberal arts experience such as critical thinking, analytical thinking, problem solving, and communication.

    This textbook will be an essential resource for students taking courses in environmental geography, climate change, natural hazards, climatology, and meteorology.

    Part 1 – The Evidence: Is This Normal?

    Chapter 1 – "So, What’s Up with the Weather?"

    Chapter 2 – The Evidence: Observing Climate Change

    Part 2 – Follow the Energy: Atmosphere, Oceans, and Climate

    Chapter 3 – Energy and Earth’s Climate

    Chapter 4 – Understanding Weather and Climate

    Part 3 – Deep Time: A Long History of Natural Climate Change

    Chapter 5 – Revealing Ancient Climate

    Chapter 6 – Climate History

    Part 4 – Impacts of Climate Change: From Polar Bears to Politics

    Chapter 7 – The Global Impact of Climate Change

    Chapter 8 – People and Politics

    Part 5 – Global Solutions: Managing the Crisis

    Chapter 9 – The Energy Crisis

    Chapter 10 – Turning Knowledge into Action


    David Kitchen is Associate Dean and Associate Professor at the University of Richmond in Virginia, USA.

    "Human-caused climate change is increasing risks to our global health, security, and economic stability. Kitchen’s text is an invaluable resource for instructors who wish to prepare their students to engage in the important policy discussions taking place regarding climate change adaptation and mitigation. The text is thorough, yet easy to read, as it is filled with superb illustrations, thought boxes, and stunning color schemes. I have been teaching for over 30 years and this is the best textbook I have ever used for any course."

    Scott A. Mandia, Suffolk County Community College, NY, USA.