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Global Criminal and Sovereign Free Economies and the Demise of the Western Democracies
Dark Renaissance

ISBN 9781138287990
Published November 8, 2016 by Routledge

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Book Description

Much has been written about the many economic benefits of globalization and the triumph and spread of democratic liberalism with the end of the Cold War, following the demise of the Soviet Union.

This work takes issue with such "wine and roses" perspectives about the future of the Western democracies and their faith-based views on the moral purity of a globalized marketplace. It also questions many of the assumptions found in the status quo reinforcing discipline of international political economy (IPE)—a discipline that focuses on the formal and legitimate economies and the façade they present that international relations and commerce is still dominated and dictated solely by the old Westphalian state centric system.

Having highlighted these concerns, this book looks at two major themes. The first theme focuses on the theoretical perception that a "Dark Renaissance" is taking place globally—one in which the Western liberal democracies and its citizens are ill prepared to respond because it exists at the trans-civilization level, bridging the modern to the post-modern world. The second theme focuses on the actual process of state deconstruction that is taking place. This process is leading to what may become the very undoing of the democracies.

Drawing together experts from a variety of backgrounds, this work explores the increasing shift away from formal based capitalism and evaluates through case studies how different states are responding to the challenges they face. This work will be of great interest to students and scholars of international political economy.

Table of Contents

Preface: The Twin Insurgency—Facing Plutocrats and Criminals

Nils Gilman

4. Introduction: Kleptocracies, Warlords and Mafias in Uniform

Mark Galeotti

5. Overview: Dark Renaissance— Crime, Corruption, and Global Class Warfare

Robert J. Bunker and Pamela Ligouri Bunker


6. The Contemporary Clash in Civilization

T. Lindsay Moore

7. The Illicit and Sovereign Free International Political Economies

Yelena A. Tuzova

8. Criminal Enterprises, Private Military Companies, Smart Robots and their Implications for National Sovereignty

T.X. Hammes


9. The Reconfiguring of Institutions by Illicit Networks in Colombia, Guatemala, and Mexico

Luis Jorge Garay Salamanca and Eduardo Salcedo-Albaran

10. Public Looting for Private Gain: Predatory Capitalism, MNCs & Global Elites, and Plutocratic Insurgency

Robert J. Bunker


11. The Demise of the American Middle Class and Rise of the Police State

Tanya Buhler Corbin and Nicole Hendrix

12. Crisis in Europe: The Deconstruction of the Westphalian State

Pamela Ligouri Bunker

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Robert J. Bunker is a Distinguished Visiting Professor and Minerva Chair at the Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College, USA.

Pamela Ligouri Bunker is a past senior officer of the Counter-OPFOR Corporation and has professional experience in research and program coordination in University, Non-Government Organization (NGO), and City Government settings.