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Global Environmental Governance: Global Environmental Governance

About the Series

Global Environmental Governance addresses the new generation of twenty-first century environmental problems and the challenges they pose for management and governance at the local, national, and global levels. Centered on the relationships among environmental change, economic forces, and political governance, the series explores the role of international institutions and instruments, national and sub-federal governments, private sector firms, scientists, and civil society, and provides a comprehensive body of progressive analyses on one of the world's most contentious international issues.

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Africa's Health Challenges Sovereignty, Mobility of People and Healthcare Governance

Africa's Health Challenges: Sovereignty, Mobility of People and Healthcare Governance

1st Edition

By Andrew F. Cooper, Hany Besada, John J. Kirton
November 24, 2016

This volume addresses the ideational and policy-oriented challenges of Africa’s health governance due to voluntary and involuntary cross-border migration of people and diseases in a growing 'mobile Africa'. The collected set of specialized contributions in this volume examines how national and ...

Corporate Responses to EU Emissions Trading Resistance, Innovation or Responsibility?

Corporate Responses to EU Emissions Trading: Resistance, Innovation or Responsibility?

1st Edition

By Jon Birger Skjærseth, Per Ove Eikeland
November 17, 2016

The European Union (EU) aims to put Europe on track toward a low-carbon economy. In this striking challenge, the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) has been singled out as the Union’s key climate policy instrument, ultimately aimed as a model for a global carbon market. The learning effect of the...

Innovation in Global Health Governance Critical Cases

Innovation in Global Health Governance: Critical Cases

1st Edition

By Andrew F. Cooper
March 28, 2009

Analyzing twenty-first century innovations in global health governance, this volume addresses questions of pandemics, essential medicines and disease eradication through detailed case studies of critical and rapidly spreading infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and SARS and 'lifestyle' illnesses ...

Environmental Skepticism Ecology, Power and Public Life

Environmental Skepticism: Ecology, Power and Public Life

1st Edition

By Peter J. Jacques
March 28, 2009

'Environmental skepticism' describes the viewpoint that major environmental problems are either unreal or unimportant. In other words, environmental skepticism holds that environmental problems, especially global ones, are inauthentic. Peter Jacques describes, both empirically and historically, ...

Global Energy Governance in a Multipolar World

Global Energy Governance in a Multipolar World

1st Edition

By Dries Lesage, Thijs Van de Graaf
March 28, 2010

Multipolar governance permits a number of important states to have significantly more economic and political clout than others, but among them there is hardly any hierarchy. The new energy challenge, with its intricate socio-economic, ecological and international-political considerations, is a ...

Governing Agrobiodiversity Plant Genetics and Developing Countries

Governing Agrobiodiversity: Plant Genetics and Developing Countries

1st Edition

By Regine Andersen
July 28, 2008

Plant genetic diversity is crucial to the breeding of food crops and is therefore a central precondition for food security. Diverse genetic resources provide the genetic traits required to deal with crop pests and diseases, as well as changing climate conditions. Plant genetic diversity is also ...

Governing Global Health Challenge, Response, Innovation

Governing Global Health: Challenge, Response, Innovation

1st Edition

By Andrew Cooper, John Kirton
May 08, 2007

Recently global health issues have leapt to the forefront of the international agenda and are now an everyday concern around the world. The war for global health is clearly being lost on many fronts and the massive body count is mounting fast. Re-emerging diseases such as polio and tuberculosis, ...

Moving Health Sovereignty in Africa Disease, Governance, Climate Change

Moving Health Sovereignty in Africa: Disease, Governance, Climate Change

1st Edition

By Andrew F. Cooper, Hany Besada, John J. Kirton
September 29, 2014

Today’s era of intense globalization has unleashed dynamic movements of people, pathogens, and pests that overwhelm the static territorial jurisdictions on which the governance provided by sovereign states and their formal intergovernmental institutions is based. This world of movement calls for ...

The Social Construction of Climate Change Power, Knowledge, Norms, Discourses

The Social Construction of Climate Change: Power, Knowledge, Norms, Discourses

1st Edition

Edited By Mary E. Pettenger
July 28, 2007

Individuals, international organizations and states are calling for the world to confront climate change. Efforts such as the Kyoto Protocol have produced intractable disputes and are deemed inadequate. This volume adopts two constructivist perspectives - norm-centred and discourse - to explore the...

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