1st Edition

Global Governance, Economy and Law Waiting for Justice

By Errol Mendes, Ozay Mehmet Copyright 2003
    272 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This book provides a critical examination of the most important institutions of global governance in the world today. Drawing on history, political science, law and economics, the authors examine institutions such as the United Nations, the World Trade Organization (WTO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and also the global private sector. In a series of comprehensive analyses the inability of these institutions and entities to promote and protect human rights and international peace is revealed.
    While examining the failures of the past, the authors enthusiastically propose far reaching reforms, suggesting how these global institutions and their member states can reform themselves to prevent the exploitation of the most vulnerable in the global economy and bridge the gap between the high vision that saw the birth of these institutions and their present day failures. Global Governance, Economy and Law calls for nothing less than a global Marshall Plan, a new global political vision and a new system of international taxation to finance the integration of justice into the world economy.

    Chapter 1. The 'Tragic Flaw' of Humanity Reflected in the United Nations and the Struggle for Human Rights Chapter 2. World Trade: For Whose Benefit? Chapter 3. Power and Responsibility: The Ethical and International Legal Duties of the Global Private Sector Chapter 4. From a-race-to-the-bottom to Social Justice in the Global Labour Market Chapter 5. The Failure of the International Financiel System and Paying for Upward Harmonization Chapter 6. Towards Global Pluralism


    Errol Mendes is a Professor of Law at the University of Ottawa, Canada. His work focuses on globalization, corporate identity, international law, human rights and constitutional law.
    Ozay Mehmet is a Professor of International Affairs at Carleton University, Canada and a Visiting Professor of Economics at the Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus. His work focuses on labour economics, social justice and the impact of globalization on the most vulnerable workers in the global economy.