1st Edition

Global Health Experiential Education From Theory to Practice

Edited By Akshaya Neil Arya, Jessica Evert Copyright 2018
    360 Pages
    by Routledge

    360 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book presents best practices for ethical and safe international health elective experiences for trainees and the educational competencies and evaluation techniques that make them valuable. It includes commentaries, discussions and descriptions of new global health education guidelines, reviews of the literature, as well as research.

    Uniquely, it will include ground-breaking research on perspectives of partners in the Global South whose voices are often unheard, student perspectives and critical discussions of the historical foundations and power dynamics inherent in international medical work.

    Global Health Experiential Education is a timely book that will be of interest to academic directors of global health programmes and anyone involved in training and international exchanges across North America.

    Chapter 1. Introduction

    Jessica Evert Neil Arya

    Section I Pedagogies

    Chapter 2. Global Health Pedagogy: The Art and Science of Teaching Global Health

    [Ashti Doobay-Persaud Chih Chuang Jessica Evert]

    Chapter 3. Objectives and Competencies of International Electives for medical trainees

    [Michael J. Peluso Bill Cherniak]

    Chapter 4. Challenging Paradigms of Global Health Education: Examining critiques of Competency-based Education

    [Quentin Eichbaum Virginia Rowthorn Jill Allison Catherine Myser]

    Chapter 5. Engendering Interprofessionalism in Global Health Education

    [Virginia Rowthorn, Peter Brown, Leslie Glickman, Amy Lockwood, Jody Olsen, Brittany Seymour]

    Chapter 6. Best Practices in Global Health Graduate and Post Graduate Medical Education

    [James Hudspeth, Neil Jayasekera Kevin Bergman Matthew Fentress]

    Chapter 7. A Profile of Global Health Curricula at Canadian Medical Schools

    [Neil Arya Bill Cherniak Kristin Neudorf Mary Halpine Ian Pereira]

    Chapter 8. A Profile of International Electives Programming at Canadian Medical Schools

    [Neil Arya and Kristin Neudorf]

    Chapter 9. Pre-departure training: Approaches and Best Practices

    [Tracy L. Rabin Matthew DeCamp Alison Doucet Mei Elansary Gabrielle A. Jacquet Michael Peluso Jeremy Sugarman Tricia Todd]

    Chapter 10. Understanding Service-Learning Basics and Best Practices

    [Richard Kiely Jeanne Moseley Rebecca Stoltzfus]

    Chapter 11. Fair Trade Learning

    [Janice McMillan Cody Morris Paris Becky L. Spitz Cynthia Toms-Smedley]


    Section II. Ethics

    Chapter 12. Clear as Mud: Power Dynamics in Global Health Volunteerism

    [Alyssa Smaldino Judith N, Lasker Catherine Myser]

    Chapter 13. Existing and Emerging Ethical Standards in Global Health Education

    [Matthew DeCamp John A. Crump Jeremy Sugarman Tricia Todd Xaviour Walker Ahmed Ali]

    Chapter 14. Ethical Challenges in Student Experiences of Global Health Research

    [Kate Standish Kaveh Khoshnood]

    Chapter 15. Why Matters: Motivations in Global Health Training

    [Mary White, Kelly Anderson]

    Chapter 16. From Hubris to Humility: Towards an Appreciation of the Philosophy of Life in the Host Country

    [Dan Hayhoe Jill Allison]

    Chapter 17. How Social Accountability in Medical Education Can Contribute to Global Health

    [Ryan Meili, Shawna O’Hearn, Jan De Maeseneer, Roger Strasser]

    Chapter 18. A new form of Neocolonialism?:International Health Partnerships, Missions, Experiences, Research and Electives

    [Neil Arya]


    Section III. Host Perspectives

    Chapter 19. Host Experience: A Brief Survey of the Literature

    [Neil Arya Elysée Nouvet]

    Chapter 20. Voices from the Host: Findings from interviews at institutions hosting Canadian medical trainees in fourteen countries from the Global South

    [Neil Arya, Carolyn Beukeboom]

    Chapter 21. Structures and Functions of International Volunteer Programs

    [María del Carmen Valdivieso]

    Chapter 22. Critically engaging host communities’ praise for foreign healthcare volunteers: lessons from Nicaragua

    [Elizabeth Chan Elysée Nouvet]

    Chapter 23. Reflections on a Decade of Hosting International Medical Trainees in Uganda

    [Sam Luboga]


    Section IV. Contemporary Conversations


    Chapter 24. Global Health Job Opportunities in International Settings

    [Adam Hoverman, Quentin Eichbaum Caity Jackson, William Cherniak, Yassen Tcholakov, Tom Hall, Ginny DeFrank, Ellie Nezami]

    Chapter 25. Standardizing Medical Education’s Approach to Global Health: Are we moving forward?

    [Neil Arya Jill Allison]

    Chapter 26. Graduate global health practicums: Understanding the implications and opportunities

    [Shweta Dhawan, Emily Kocsis, Michelle Amri, Simone Mohrs]

    Chapter 27. Short Term Experiences in Global Health in the Digital World: Blogs, Social Media, and More

    [Heather Lukolyo Elizabeth M. Keating Sabrina Butteris]

    Chapter 28. Women's Representation and Leadership in Global Health

    [Caity Jackson Désirée Lichtenstein Katy Davis Kelly Thompson Kris Ronsin Roopa Dhatt]

    Chapter 29. Global LGBT Health: Current Challenges, Opportunities, and Tools for Global Health Practitioners and Educators

    [Sahil Angelo]

    Chapter 30. Striving For Reciprocity in Electives

    [Katy Daniels]


    Section V. Case Studies

    Chapter 31. Making the Links – helping medical students prepare for global health careers

    [Ryan Meili]

    Chapter 32. Post Graduate Medical Education in Global Health – The Yale Experience

    [Tracy Rabin]

    Chapter 33. By the South for the South: The Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba

    [Mena Ramos]

    Chapter 34. Experience of developing a model for responsible electives; the Medicine in Malawi Programme (MIMP)

    [John Dowell Neil Merrylees]

    Chapter 35. Unite for Sight

    [Jennifer Staple-Clark]

    Chapter 36. Foundation for Sustainable Development: Going Beyond Do No Harm to Create Mutual Benefit

    [Lisa Kuhn]

    Chapter 37. CUGH University Consortia and the Development of Educational Standards in Global Health

    [Anvar Velji Keith Martin Thomas Hall]





    Akshaya Neil Arya is a family doctor and was founding director of the Global Health Office at Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western University in Canada. He has also taught global health to masters in public health students at the University of Waterloo and to medical students at McMaster University where he is an assistant clinical professor.  

    Jessica Evert has been at the forefront of global health education in North America for over a decade. A family physician by training, her undergraduate focus on anthropology and ethnography of health systems and delivery built a deep appreciation for the cultural influences on health and healthcare. She clinically practises inpatient medicine, hospice and palliative care with a focus on underserved, multicultural populations.