Global Information Warfare : The New Digital Battlefield, Second Edition book cover
2nd Edition

Global Information Warfare
The New Digital Battlefield, Second Edition

ISBN 9781498703253
Published September 25, 2015 by Auerbach Publications
403 Pages 33 B/W Illustrations


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Book Description

Since the turn of the century much has happened in politics, governments, spying, technology, global business, mobile communications, and global competition on national and corporate levels. These sweeping changes have nearly annihilated privacy anywhere in the world and have also affected how global information warfare is waged and what must be done to counter its attacks.

In light of increased attacks since 2002, Global Information Warfare: The New Digital Battlefield, Second Edition provides a critical update on the nature and approaches to global information warfare. It focuses on threats, vulnerabilities, attacks, and defenses from the perspectives of various players such as governments, corporations, terrorists, and private citizens.

Upgrades to the Second Edition Include:

  • Revised discussions of changes and impacts of global information warfare since 2002
  • Updated analyses of the capabilities of several nation-states as well as nonstate actors
  • A comprehensive list of incidents that have occurred in the past year to show the scope of the problem of GIW
  • Discussions of post-9/11 governmental changes and shifting priorities with clearer hindsight than was possible in the first edition

The book underscores how hostile countries, business competitors, terrorists, and others are waging information warfare against adversaries, even from across the globe. It describes attacks on information systems through theft, Internet espionage, deception, and sabotage, and illustrates countermeasures used to defeat these threats.

The second edition of Global Information Warfare contains a wealth of information and detailed analyses of capabilities of contemporary information technology and the capabilities of the individuals and groups who employ it in their respective digital wars. It is a crucial source for gaining the best understanding of the current state of information warfare and the most effective ways to counter it.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Global Information Warfare
Introduction to Warfare
Four Generations of Warfare
Introduction to Global Information Warfare
Information Warfare Will Hit You in Your Pocketbook
Business Is War
IW Broadly Encompasses Many Levels and Functions
What IW Is…and Is Not
Going beyond Three Blind Men Describing an Elephant: IW Terms of Reference
Information Warfare Is a Powerful Approach for Attaining and Maintaining a Competitive Advantage
Coherent Knowledge-Based Operations (CKO)
Network-Centric Business (NCB)
Knowledge Management (KM)

From Information Warfare to Information Operations and Cyber Warfare
Description of Information Warfare
Current DoD Definition of Information Operations
Developing World View
Russian View of Information Operations
Chinese View of Information Warfare
Cyber Warfare
Cyber Warfare Approaches of Some Other Nations
North Korea

War Stories from the Digital Battlefield

Pre 9/11
Information Warfare
Cyber Warfare
The Chinese View
The Russian View
Impact of the Attacks on September 11, 2001

Effect of 9/11 and US Homeland Security (DHS)
The 9/11 Attack
Effect of 9/11 on US Government and Homeland Security
Reaction to the World Trade Center and Pentagon Attacks
Our Mission: Overview
The Core Missions
Air Force Information Warfare Center

Nation-State Defensive and Offensive Information Warfare Capabilities: North America
United States

Nation-State Defensive and Offensive Information Warfare Capabilities: Middle East Nation-States

Nation-State Defensive and Offensive Information Warfare Capabilities: Asia Pacific Region
North Korea

Nation-State Defensive and Offensive Information Warfare Capabilities: Europe
United Kingdom

Nation-State Defensive and Offensive Information Warfare Capabilities: The Russian Federation
Russian Federation
Operations and Exercises

International Organizations’ Defensive and Offensive Information Warfare Capabilities
European Union

Nonstate Actors
Individuals and Groups
Information Warfare Tactics by Miscreants in General
The Harsher Side of Activism
Organized Criminal Groups
Information Warfare Tactics by Activists

The History of Technology
What Is Technology?
From Cave Warrior to Information Warrior
From the Twentieth Century to Today: Technology and the Advent of High Technology
Other Significant Twentieth-Century Technological Developments and Events
What Is High Technology?
High-Tech: A Product, A Process, or Both?
The Trade Association: AEA
The Consulting Group: RFA
Information Provider: One Source
The Research Group: BLS
The Microprocessor
Moore’s Law
Other Significant Twentieth-Century High-Technology Developments and Events
The Internet
The High-Technology-Driven Phenomenon
Faster and More Massive High-Technology-Driven Communications
Other High-Technology Tools in IW
Welcome to Twenty-First-Century Technology

Corporate and National Resilience
Big Data
Cloud Computing
How Do Organizations Reduce the Risks?
Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
Data Encryption
Sensitive Data
Business Continuity
Layered Security
Data Destruction
Data Breaches in the Cloud: Who Is Responsible?
What Do You Do in the Event of a Breach?
Internet of Things (Also Known as the Internet of Everything)
Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)
Smart Grids
Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)
How Do You Make Your Organization More Resilient?
Defense in Depth
Improved Detection
Employee Security Awareness
Organized Crime
Impact on Nation-States
Impact on Corporations

Definitions to Consider
Establishing and Managing a GIW Awareness Program
Measuring the Cost and Effectiveness of an Awareness Program
Case Study

The Tallinn Manual

A Look at the Future: The Crystal Ball
Surviving into the Future
New-Old Approach to Security: Defensive IW
The Changing Environment
The Need for Enlightened and Dedicated Leadership
Offensive-Defensive GIW Attacks
The Future of the Internet


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Andy Jones has more than 40 years of military, government, business, and academic experience in the areas of intelligence, security, and digital forensics, both in the United Kingdom and overseas. He has been a practitioner for the whole period and a researcher in these areas for more than 20 years. He is currently an academic, international consultant, lecturer, and writer and is involved in research with a number of universities in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Gerald L. Kovacich has over 45 years of experience in industrial, business, and government security, investigations, intelligence/counterintelligence, source handling, information systems security, and information warfare, both in the US government as a special agent and in international corporations and subsequently as an international consultant and lecturer. He retired from his position as the information warfare technologist at Northrop Grumman Corporation to pursue a career as an international consultant, lecturer, and writer.


"…highlights both the reality and the awesomeness of global information warfare."—William G. E. Millar, Global CISO Infrastructure Services Capgemini, from the Foreword

"Global Information Warfare is a significant reality for governments, their citizens and corporations. This edition provides marvelously readable information about the new digital battlefield and serves as an invaluable reference. It sets out for all generations exactly why global information warfare matters now and why it is increasingly critical in the future."—William G.E. Millar, Global CISO Infrastructure Services Capgemini

'an excellent refresher for those already in this field and should be an eye-opener for those not sensitive to the importance of electronic systems and information for our country's, as well as our own, survival. Summing Up: Highly recommended. All library collections.'--M. W. Carr, US Army Watercraft & Riverine Operations, CHOICE

Praise from the first edition:

"Information warfare has many perspectives and this book serves as an excellent overview as well as stimulation for further thinking."—Manuel W. Wik, Chief Engineer, Strategic Specialist, Defense Materiel Administration (FMV), Stockholm, Sweden

"This book provides readers with basic and new knowledge regarding information warfare, and enlightens readers to realize that information warfare has become more and more important to every country, society, military, and individual."—Ching-Chang Wu, Air Force Colonel, Chief Instructor, Air Command and Staff School, National Defense University, China

"Awareness is the first and key step in finding proper solutions for any problem. …This book gives you exactly that, in a quick, complete yet comprehensive way: awareness!"—Predrag Pale, University of Zagreb, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of Croatia 1993-2000, "Father" of Croatian Internet

"Spurred on by the global war on terrorism it's inevitable that global information warfare will be waged, and therefore it's critical that we all be well informed. Read this book and learn!"—William Boni, Chief Information Security Officer, Motorola, USA