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Global Institutions

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Founded in 2003 by Professors Thomas G. Weiss and Rorden Wilkinson, and publishing its first volume in 2005, the Global Institutions book series is the benchmark series for works on the history, structure, and activities of international institutions and key issues and processes that permeate therein.

Covering topics of importance in contemporary and historical global governance, titles in the series cover the developments, membership, structure, decision-making procedures, key functions, problems, prospects, and possibilities confronting global institutions today and in the future.

Continuing the dedication of the founding series editors to high-quality, theoretical and empirical engagement with the full range of issues confronting global institutions, privileging knowledge from all perspectives, and publishing works in an accessible form for academic, policymaking, and lay audiences, we welcome new submissions to the series. To discuss proposals for research monographs, edited collections, short form books, and texts from a wide variety of intellectual orientations, theoretical persuasions, and methodological approaches please contact Rob Sorsby, Senior Editor for Politics and IR– [email protected].

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The United Nations Trusteeship System Legacies, Continuities, and Change

The United Nations Trusteeship System: Legacies, Continuities, and Change

1st Edition


Edited By Jan Lüdert, Maria Ketzmerick, Julius Heise
November 11, 2022

This book considers the past and present legacies, continuities and change of the United Nations Trusteeship System by assessing consequences and legacies of decolonization in contemporary society, international organizations, and international politics. International contributors address the UN ...

A Development Economist in the United Nations Reasons for Hope

A Development Economist in the United Nations: Reasons for Hope

1st Edition


By Richard Jolly
November 07, 2022

This book explores the joys and occasional frustrations of a development economist working for the United Nations. From 1982 to 2000 Richard Jolly worked in senior positions in UNICEF and UNDP on assignments that were innovative, for the UN, the countries concerned and for development. The book ...

Diaspora Organizations in International Affairs

Diaspora Organizations in International Affairs

1st Edition

Edited By Dennis Dijkzeul, Margit Fauser
August 01, 2022

Analyzing the role and impact of Diaspora Organizations (DOs) in International Relations (IR), this interdisciplinary volume provides empirical accounts of their work across Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East. Over the last three decades, DOs have increased in number, spread to new ...

Network Governance of the UN Human Rights Council Diplomatic, Institutional, and Organizational Actors

Network Governance of the UN Human Rights Council: Diplomatic, Institutional, and Organizational Actors

1st Edition

By Anatoly Boyashov
July 01, 2022

This book explores how the structures of international organizations have become increasingly complex and considers why states choose to become part of networks of international organizations alongside non-state actors. While granting participation rights to non-state actors, states have been ...

River Basin Organizations in Water Diplomacy

River Basin Organizations in Water Diplomacy

1st Edition

Edited By Anoulak Kittikhoun, Susanne Schmeier
May 30, 2022

Will tensions and disputes among states sharing international water courses and lakes turn into active conflicts? Addressing this question, the book shows that these concerns are more prominent due to the locations and underlying political dynamics of some of these large rivers and the strategic ...

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

2nd Edition

By Richard Woodward
March 31, 2022

Celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2021, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is routinely heralded as one of the leading organs of global governance, yet it remains one of the least written about and least well understood of our major global institutions. This fully ...

United Nations Industrial Development Organization Industrial Solutions for a Sustainable Future

United Nations Industrial Development Organization: Industrial Solutions for a Sustainable Future

1st Edition

By Stephen Browne
January 31, 2022

The mandate of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is close to many of the core issues now confronting developing and transition economy countries, and this book offers the first concise and accessible guide to this important organization. As the only UN organization to ...

Global Climate and Energy Governance Towards an Integrated Architecture

Global Climate and Energy Governance: Towards an Integrated Architecture

1st Edition

By Harald L. Heubaum
December 31, 2021

Tracing the changing activities of international bureaucracies active in global climate and energy governance, this book provides an in-depth analysis of processes of institutional innovation and governance integration between the two fields. It shows that rather than the consequence of a designed ...

Contemporary Preventive Diplomacy

Contemporary Preventive Diplomacy

1st Edition

By Bertrand G. Ramcharan
December 13, 2021

This book offers an explanation and evaluation of preventative diplomacy in an age of increasing precariousness. It emphasises the importance of pursuing diplomacy and human security in connection with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which promote development grounded in peace, justice, and...

Small Countries, Big Diplomacy Laos in the UN, ASEAN and MRC

Small Countries, Big Diplomacy: Laos in the UN, ASEAN and MRC

1st Edition

By Alounkeo Kittikhoun, Anoulak Kittikhoun
October 18, 2021

This book shows how small countries use "big" diplomacy to advance national interests and global agendas – from issues of peace and security (the South China Sea and nuclearization in Korea) and human rights (decolonization) to development (landlocked and least developed countries) and environment ...

Trade Interests and UN Funding Commercial Earmarking of Multi-bi Aid

Trade Interests and UN Funding: Commercial Earmarking of Multi-bi Aid

1st Edition

By Paweł Gmyrek
July 16, 2021

This book examines a particular type of donor behavior – known as country earmarking of contributions – which occurs within the voluntary financing system of the United Nations. The research demonstrates that already during the period of the Millennium Development Goals a large share of the ...

UN Global Compacts Governing Migrants and Refugees

UN Global Compacts: Governing Migrants and Refugees

1st Edition

By Nicholas R. Micinski
April 29, 2021

UN Global Compacts is a concise introduction to the key concepts, issues, and actors in global migration governance and presents a comprehensive analysis of the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants, the Global Compact on Refugees, and the Global Compact for Migration. The book places the...

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