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Global Institutions

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Founded in 2003 by Professors Thomas G. Weiss and Rorden Wilkinson, and publishing its first volume in 2005, the Global Institutions book series is the benchmark series for works on the history, structure, and activities of international institutions and key issues and processes that permeate therein.

Covering topics of importance in contemporary and historical global governance, titles in the series cover the developments, membership, structure, decision-making procedures, key functions, problems, prospects, and possibilities confronting global institutions today and in the future.

Continuing the dedication of the founding series editors to high-quality, theoretical and empirical engagement with the full range of issues confronting global institutions, privileging knowledge from all perspectives, and publishing works in an accessible form for academic, policymaking, and lay audiences, we welcome new submissions to the series. To discuss proposals for research monographs, edited collections, short form books, and texts from a wide variety of intellectual orientations, theoretical persuasions, and methodological approaches please contact Rob Sorsby, Senior Editor for Politics and IR– [email protected].

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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Politics of Conditional Lending

The International Monetary Fund (IMF): Politics of Conditional Lending

1st Edition

By James Raymond Vreeland
December 19, 2006

This is a clear and concise introduction to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and an overview of its debates and controversies. Where did the IMF come from? What does it do? Why do so many governments participate in its programs and what are their effects? How can we best reform this key ...

Internal Displacement Conceptualization and its Consequences

Internal Displacement: Conceptualization and its Consequences

1st Edition

By Thomas G. Weiss, David A. Korn
November 01, 2006

This new volume traces the normative, legal, institutional, and political responses to the challenges of assisting and protecting internally displaced persons (IDPs). The crisis of IDPs was first confronted in the 1980s, and the problems of those suffering from this type of forced migration has ...

UN Security Council Practice and Promise

UN Security Council: Practice and Promise

1st Edition

By Edward C. Luck
October 24, 2006

Written by best-selling author Edward C. Luck, this new text is broad and engaging enough for undergraduates, sophisticated enough for graduates and lively enough for a wider audience interested in the key institutions of international public policy. Looking at the antecedents of the UN ...

The UN General Assembly

The UN General Assembly

1st Edition

By M.J. Peterson
December 12, 2005

The United Nations General Assembly is arguably the most important discussion forum in global politics. This is a concise and accessible introduction to its history, organization and politics. Examining the development of the Assembly as a forum for improving international ...

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