1st Edition

Global Insurrectional Politics

Edited By Nevzat Soguk Copyright 2017
    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    The recent Arab uprisings across North Africa and the Middle East have attracted scholarly attention as popular movements with novel transnational and religious dimensions. What became known as the Arab Spring can be read as part of a broader politics of normative defiance of predominant political and economic orders. From religious conflicts and indigenous sovereign claims to mobilizations of refugees and migrants in camps and urban settings, it may be possible to speak of contemporary insurrectional politics as social movements that emanate from normative positions which pose significant challenges to systemic orders. The purpose of this book is: to identify the material shifts giving rise to insurrectional politics; to reflect on key arenas of insurrection; to map/chart the impact of insurrectional movements on institutions and relations of political governance at national and global levels; and to explore analytics that will advance theorization of insurrectional politics. This volume generates new knowledge on systemic institutional transformations spanning the national and global, by bringing together scholars whose work combines theoretical inquiry with empirical analysis of contemporary insurrectional politics. This book was originally published as a special issue of the journal Globalizations.

    1. Insurrectional Politics: Theories and Practices of Contemporary Insurrections
    Nevzat Soguk

    2. On Insurrectionality: Theses on Contemporary Revolts and Resilience
    T. W. Luke

    3. Demonizing the Sensible and the ‘Revolution of Our Generation’ in Rosia Montana
    Irina Velicu

    4. Number Fetish: Middle-class India’s Obsession with the GDP
    Sankaran Krishna

    5. The End of Football and Fiesta? Social Insurrection and National Identity in Twenty-First-Century Brazil
    E. Kath and J. Knijnik

    6. Insurrectional Arts: Restoring a Politics and Ethics of Attention
    Michael J. Shapiro

    7. Insurrectional Politics in Colonial Southeast Asia: Colonial Modernity, Islamic ‘Counterplots’, and Translocal (Anti-colonial) Connectivity
    Alina Sajed

    8. ‘Germany Has Become Mohammedan’: Insurgency, Long-Distance Travel, and the Singapore Mutiny, 1915
    Itty Abraham

    9. Between Camps/Between Cities: Movement, Capture and Insurrectional Migrant Lives
    Sam Okoth Opondo and Lorenzo Rinelli

    10. Facebook Bras and #digitalharems: Fantasies of Mimesis and the Transgressions of Aliaa Elmahdy and Amina Sboui
    Nicole Sunday Grove

    11. With/Out a State, Kurds Rising: The Un/Stated Foreign Policy and the Rise of the Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq
    Nevzat Soguk


    Nevzat Soguk is Professor of Political Science at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA. He is co-editor, with Scott Nelson, of Modern Theory, Modern Power, World Politics: Critical Investigations (2016).