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Mapping Global Justice Perspectives, Cases and Practice

Mapping Global Justice: Perspectives, Cases and Practice

1st Edition

By Arnaud Kurze, Christopher K. Lamont
October 14, 2022

Persistent international conflicts, increasing inequality in many regions or the world, and acute environmental and climate-related threats to humanity call for a better understanding of the processes, actors and tools available to face the challenges of achieving global justice. This book offers ...

Comparative Policing

Comparative Policing

1st Edition

By Jacques de Maillard
September 08, 2022

This book is a systematic and comparative analysis of police systems in the Western world, looking at their structure and how they tackle contemporary social problems, such as economic austerity, multi-level governance, transnational change, relations with minorities and transformation of ...

Crimes of the Powerful White-Collar Crime and Beyond

Crimes of the Powerful: White-Collar Crime and Beyond

2nd Edition

By Dawn Rothe, David Kauzlarich
May 27, 2022

As politicians and the media perpetuate the stereotype of the "common criminal," crimes committed by the powerful remain for the most part invisible or are reframed as a "bad decision" or a "rare mistake." This is a topic that remains marginalized within the field of criminology and criminal ...

Economic Crime From Conception to Response

Economic Crime: From Conception to Response

1st Edition

By Mark Button, Branislav Hock, David Shepherd
April 25, 2022

This book is the first attempt to establish 'economic crime' as a new sub-discipline within criminology. Fraud, corruption, bribery, money laundering, price-fixing cartels and intellectual property crimes pursued typically for financial and professional gain, have devastating consequences for the ...

Critical Forensic Studies

Critical Forensic Studies

1st Edition

By Roberta Julian, Loene Howes, Rob White
December 21, 2021

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the emerging interdisciplinary field of critical forensic studies. It reviews existing research and scholarship on forensic science from a critical social science perspective, while forging a blueprint for further work in this area. Forensic science ...

Sexual Offending A Criminological Perspective

Sexual Offending: A Criminological Perspective

1st Edition

Edited By Patrick Lussier, Eric Beauregard
April 17, 2018

There is growing recognition that sexual offending is a multi-determined phenomenon requiring a multi-disciplinary perspective. The significant contribution of psychology and psychiatry, but also sociology, gender studies and anthropology to the study of sex offending and perpetrators of sex ...

Global Injustice and Crime Control

Global Injustice and Crime Control

1st Edition

By Wendy Laverick
February 19, 2016

Global Injustice and Crime Control places cross-border, cross-national and international crime and crime control within its wider context. It examines theory from a range of disciplines and introduces students to the frequently neglected area of the world order and world politics, in an effort to ...

Critical Issues on Violence Against Women International Perspectives and Promising Strategies

Critical Issues on Violence Against Women: International Perspectives and Promising Strategies

1st Edition

Edited By Holly Johnson, Bonnie S. Fisher, Veronique Jaquier
December 03, 2014

Violence against women is a global problem and despite a wealth of knowledge and inspiring action around the globe, it continues unabated. Bringing together the very best in international scholarship with a rich variety of pedagogical features, this innovative new textbook on violence against women...

Global Human Trafficking Critical Issues and Contexts

Global Human Trafficking: Critical Issues and Contexts

1st Edition

Edited By Molly Dragiewicz
December 22, 2014

Human trafficking has moved from relative obscurity to a major area of research, policy and teaching over the past ten years. Research has sprung from criminology, public policy, women’s and gender studies, sociology, anthropology, and law, but has been somewhat hindered by the failure of scholars ...

Women, Crime and Criminal Justice A Global Enquiry

Women, Crime and Criminal Justice: A Global Enquiry

1st Edition

By Rosemary Barberet
April 10, 2014

Women, Crime and Criminal Justice is the winner of the Division of International Criminology’s Distinguished Book Award 2014 and the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences International Section's 2015 Outstanding Book Award and the first fully internationalised book to focus on women as ...

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