1st Edition

Global Logistics And Distribution Planning Strategies for Management

By Donald Waters Copyright 1999

    The fully revised new edition of this well known and respected book is characterized by the more international perspective it has taken on through contributions from internationally known authors and a final section on international logistics which examines in turn strategies for West and East Europe, the Far East and North America.
    Logistics has a key strategic role to play in the long-term plans of major companies, and is recognized as a vital part of every organization. To a large extent this crucial new role is due to an expanded view of logistics, which now includes all the activities related to the supply chain from initial suppliers through to final customers.
    This book provides a wealth of useful ideas and practical information on all the current and future trends in logistics and distribution. Written by a host of contributors drawn from industry, constancy and education, this book provides new insights into the most significant aspects of logistics, including:

  • developments in logistics
  • supply chain strategies
  • lean logistics
  • efficient customer response
  • logistics in different countries
  • partnering and strategic alliances
  • re-engineering the logistics function
    From logistics professionals, consultants, professors and students to managers from different backgrounds who want an appreciation of current trends in the subject, this book is essential reading.
    About the author: Donald Waters, a past member if the Institute of Logistics and currently a member of the Canadian Association of Logistics Management, has lectured weekly on logistics, operational research and management science, and has brought his academic career to fruition as Professor of Operations Management at the University Calgary, Canada. He is also the author of Operations Management in the Kogan Page Fast Track MBA Series.

  • List of Contributors


    Donald Waters

    Part 1 Formulating a Logistics Strategy

    Towards a Strategic View of Supply Chain Management

    Donald Waters

    Changing Scope and Direction: Managing the Supply Chain

    Philip B Schary

    New Directions in Logistics

    Martin Christopher

    Future Trends in Supply Chain Management

    Peter Hines

    Formulating Logistics Strategy

    Nathalie Fabbe-Costes and Jacques Colin

    Beyond Supply Chain Integration: Opportunities for Competitive Advantage

    Marvin L. Manheim and B Benjamin V Medina

    Thinking Strategically about Supply Chain Management

    Glyn Watson, Andrew Cox and Joe Sanderson

    Part 2 Implementing the Strategy

    Judging the Performance of Supply Chain Management

    Donald Waters

    Retail Supply Chain Integration

    Alastair Charatan

    Retailer-Supplier Partnership

    John Karonis

    Time Compression in the Supply Chain

    A P Beesley


    David Santhouse

    Supply Chain Process Re-engineering and Enterprise Applications

    Michael Trevor

    The Outsourcing of Logistical Activities

    Alan C McKinnon

    The New Approach to Distribution

    Charles Davis

    Retail Logistics

    John Fernie

    Training in Logistics

    David Granville

    Can Efficient Logistics Reduce Transport Energy Demand?

    Marcus Jones and Simon Collings

    Logistics in City Centers: A Planning and Policy Dilemma

    A E Whiteing

    Part 3 International Logistics

    Developing Global Logistics

    Donald Waters

    The Internationalization of Logistics in the UK

    Colin G Bamford

    Global Strategy

    David Hatherall

    Developments in Western European Logistics Strategies

    Michael Browne and Julian Allen

    Logistics Strategies for Central and Eastern Europe

    G M Augustyniak

    Logistics Strategies for North America

    Garland Chow and Trevor D Heaver

    Route-to-Market for Western Consumer Goods in Asia

    Bill Galvin



    Waters, Donald