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Global Media Giants

About the Series

Since the second half of the 20th century, the significance of media corporate power has been increasing in different and complex ways around the world; the power of these companies in political, symbolic and economic terms has been a global issue and concern. In the 21st century, understanding media corporations is essential to understanding the political, economic and socio-cultural dimensions of our contemporary societies.

The Global Media Giants series continues the work that began in the series editors’ book Global Media Giants, providing detailed examinations of the largest and most powerful media corporations in the world.

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Alibaba Infrastructuring Global China

Alibaba: Infrastructuring Global China

1st Edition


By Hong Shen
July 12, 2021

This book examines the political-economic dynamics in the development of a leading global Internet giant: Alibaba. As both a prominent example of, as well as providing the basic infrastructure for, China’s outward expansion, Alibaba demonstrates the complex interplay between different state ...

Grupo Clarín From Argentine Newspaper to Convergent Media Conglomerate

Grupo Clarín: From Argentine Newspaper to Convergent Media Conglomerate

1st Edition


By Guillermo Mastrini, Martin Becerra, Ana Bizberge
June 21, 2021

From its emergence as a modest newspaper to becoming the largest communication group in Argentina, and one of the main communications groups in Latin America, this book examines the media conglomerate Grupo Clarín. Guillermo Mastrini, Martín Becerra and Ana Bizberge analyze the group’s corporate ...

Vivendi A Key Player in Global Entertainment and Media

Vivendi: A Key Player in Global Entertainment and Media

1st Edition

By Philippe Bouquillion
June 07, 2021

This book identifies and analyses the main socio-economic trends that characterize Vivendi, the French mass media conglomerate, and explores how they have oriented its development and evolution. Philippe Bouquillion explores the industrial, financial, globalization and public policy issues in the ...

Amazon Understanding a Global Communication Giant

Amazon: Understanding a Global Communication Giant

1st Edition

By Benedetta Brevini, Lukasz Swiatek
November 27, 2020

Taking a political economy of media approach, this book examines Amazon as a significant actor in the global media landscape. Amazon is mainly conceived in the popular consciousness and media commentary as a corporate body, selling products and services to individual consumers and organisations, ...

Grupo Prisa Media Power in Contemporary Spain

Grupo Prisa: Media Power in Contemporary Spain

1st Edition

By Luis A. Albornoz, Ana I. Segovia, Núria Almiron
June 15, 2020

In one of the first English-language studies of Grupo Prisa, this book delivers a comprehensive and concise approach to the political, economic and social-cultural profile of one of the leading cross-media conglomerates in Europe, tracing its development from a single newspaper publisher in 1972. ...

Tencent The Political Economy of China’s Surging Internet Giant

Tencent: The Political Economy of China’s Surging Internet Giant

1st Edition

By Min Tang
July 15, 2019

In this book, author Min Tang examines the political economy of the China-based leading global Internet giant, Tencent. Tracing the historical context and shaping forces, the book illuminates Tencent’s emergence as a joint creation of the Chinese state and transnational financial capital. Tencent...

Alphabet The Becoming of Google

Alphabet: The Becoming of Google

1st Edition

By Micky Lee
May 20, 2019

Google is synonymous with searching, but in this innovative new research volume, Micky Lee explores how the Alphabet Corporation, now the parent company of Google, is more than just a search engine. Using a political economic approach, Lee draws on the concept of networks to investigate the growth ...

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