1st Edition

Global Pandemic, Technology and Business Comparative Explorations of COVID-19 and the Law

    238 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    238 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book presents an exploration of a wide range of issues in law, regulation and legal rights in the sectors of information protection, the creative economy and business activities following COVID-19.

    The debilitative effect of the global pandemic on information protection and creative and business activities is powerful, widespread and deeply influential, bringing a range of uncertainties to these sectors. The effects of the crisis challenge the fundamentals of the legal systems of most countries in their attempt to govern them. Written by international academics from a diversified background of law disciplines and legal systems, this book offers a global vision in exploring the wide range of legal issues caused by the COVID-19 crisis in these fields. The book is organised into three clear thematic parts: Part I looks at information protection and intellectual property rights and strategies; Part II examines contracts, cooperation and mediation in the post-COVID-19 market arena; and Part III discusses issues pertaining to corporate governance and employment rights.

    The book explores the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic crisis from a global perspective. It will provide invaluable information and guidance in this area to those in the fields of law, politics and economics whose interests are related to information, business and the creative industry, as well as providing indispensable reading to business practitioners and public servants.


      1. The Pandemic Crisis and its Global Legal Impact on Information Protection, Creative Economy, and Business Activities
        Luo Li, Carlos Espaliú Berdud, Steve Foster and Ben Stanford
      2. Part I Information Protection and Intellectual Property Rights and Strategies

      3. Mapping the Legal Landscape of Information Law in Times of Crisis
        Olga Kokoulina, Anja Møller Pedersen and Jens Schovsbo
      4. Fashion After COVID-19: Virtually the Same but Different
        Johanna Gibson
      5. Broken Copyright in the Pandemic Crisis – Rethinking Public Interest in China
        Luo Li
      6. Part II Contracts and Mediation in the Post-COVID-19 Market Arena

      7. The Global Impact (Both Challenges and Opportunities) of COVID-19 on Rights and Justice
        Juha Karhu
      8. Mediation as a Key Conflict Resolution System to Address the Increase in Litigation as a Result of COVID-19
        Geraldine Bethencourt Rodríguez
      9. Part III Corporate Governance and Employment Rights

      10. Increased Employees’ Engagement Power at the Time of Crisis
        Neshat Safari
      11. Dangerous Circumstances, Discipline and Dismissal: Some Employment Law Impacts of COVID-19
        Alexander Simmonds
      12. Labour Force, Suspended Rights and Entrepreneurs’ Disruption of Activities
        Andrés Jerónimo Arenas Falótico and Jessica Bayón Pérez
      13. Part IV Conclusion

      14. Reflections on COVID-19
        Luo Li, Carlos Espaliú Berdud, Steve Foster and Ben Stanford


    Luo Li is an Assistant Professor in Law at Coventry Law School, Coventry University.

    Carlos Espaliú Berdud is Main Researcher of the Research Group on Security, Risks Management and Conflicts at the University of Nebrija, Madrid (Spain) and Full Professor.

    Steve Foster has taught law at Coventry for over 40 years and was Head of Coventry Law School until 2017.

    Ben Stanford is a Senior Lecturer in Law at Liverpool John Moores University.