1st Edition

Global Perspectives of Occupational Social Work

By Paul Maiden Copyright 2001
    198 Pages
    by Routledge

    198 Pages
    by Routledge

    Explore the history and practice of social work around the world!

    This fascinating book presents a broad international survey of the development and current practices of occupational social work. Covering seven countries around the world, Global Perspectives of Occupational Social Work offers a unique cross-cultural perspective on issues of interest to social workers everywhere. From India to Ireland, issues of training, sexual harassment, and workplace health and safety are remarkably similar and intriguingly varied.

    Global Perspectives of Occupational Social Work describes the evolution of social work in factories and, later, in offices. When industrialization brought women into factories, owners hired nurses or governesses to guard, chaperone, and advise the young women in their employ. Since then occupational social work has sought to keep a balance between the interests of management and workers.

    In addition to discussing history and professional development, Global Perspectives of Occupational Social Work reveals the way professionals like you handle the same situations you face every day, including:

    • the shift toward privatization
    • corporate restructuring and downsizing
    • developing alcohol and substance abuse interventions
    • creating employee assistance programs
    • racism and sexism in the workplace
    • HIV/AIDS and other health problems
    • workplace violence

      Covering Australia, India, Germany, Ireland, South Africa, Israel, and the US, Global Perspectives of Occupational Social Work is a major contribution to the professional literature. Not only will this book increase international awareness, it may supply you with unique perspectives and fresh strategies for solving the problems your colleagues in Jerusalem and Pretoria also face.

    • Preface: Towards an International Understanding of Occupational Social Work
    • Acknowledgments
    • The Shadow Boxer: Occupational Social Work in Australia
    • Occupational Social Work in Germany: A Continuously Developing Field of Practice
    • Occupational Social Work in India
    • Occupational Social Work in Ireland
    • Occupational Social Work in Israel
    • Occupational Social Work in South Africa
    • The Evolution and Practice of Occupational Social Work in the United States
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Paul Maiden