Global Perspectives on Children in Museums

Series Editor:

Museums have long been known as educational institutions, but throughout history museum audiences have traditionally been defined in a very narrow way. Researchers, educators, and other innovative thinkers with a passion for children and learning have worked tirelessly over the last couple of decades to change the perception of learning in the early years, and in many ways, have played a vital role in establishing a new path for museums as places for young visitors. Museums now recognize that they offer unique experiences to nurture a child’s growth and inspire learning with young children now welcomed into a broad range of institutions, yet there is still a minimal amount of research and documentation of theory and practice related to this growing field. Global Perspectives on Children in Museums addresses this oversight by helping to build a strong understanding of children’s development and their capacity as museum visitors.

Including contributions from practitioners, researchers, and academics, the series will present literature that represents diverse cultures and experiences. As a result, Global Perspectives on Children in Museums will help to build on knowledge of the early years and develop greater understanding of young children’s school age counterparts. The series will also inspire and empower educators and museum professionals in their work with children and encourage them to advance knowledge through sharing of research, theory, and practice with a focus on early learners and children prior to adolescence.