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Global Perspectives on Immigration and Multiculturalisation

About the Series

This book series focuses on social, political and cultural changes and challenges caused by large-scale cross border migration and multiculturalisation. It aims to provide a knowledge base as well as ethical and legal proposals - in accordance with local conditions of different societies in the world - to build new communities in which all lives become more livable. The books are thus themed around both particular and common issues, and predicaments of migration and multiculturalisation across the globe including: disturbance in the welfare state; political, social, and financial instability; and threats to citizens’ sense of solidarity. At the same time they pursue an inclusive culture and society, which embrace diverse ways of life with workable policies for migrants and their families to ensure their basic human rights. The series deals connectis contributors from across the globe and between disciplines in order to propose answers to these pressing issues from a variety of perspectives.

More specifically, the series focuses on:

  • How massive cross border migration alters domestic political scenes;
  • how global ethics can be formed so as to widen the scope and capacity of the welfare state;
  • how not only the states’ but various borders such as ones between norms and values are newly drawn;
  • how governance is shifting its range, agents and targets;
  • how demographic changes affect local and global communities;
  • how global care chains and marriage trends are transforming the public sphere through intimate relations;
  • how representations and discourses of migrants are produced, consumed and with what effects;
  • how education for both host and migrant communities is organised and managed;
  • how cultural policies are accommodating these changes in communities;
  • how post-colonial histories of different parts of the world affect each other.

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Migration Governance in Asia A Multi-level Analysis

Migration Governance in Asia: A Multi-level Analysis

1st Edition

Edited By Kazunari Sakai, Noemi Lanna
September 25, 2023

The contributors to this book investigate migration governance in Asia through a multilevel analysis, addressing its local, national and regional dimensions as well as placing it in the wider context of global migration governance. Core case studies include migration to and within Japan, the ...

Can Human Rights and National Sovereignty Coexist?

Can Human Rights and National Sovereignty Coexist?

1st Edition

Edited By Tetsu Sakurai, Mauro Zamboni
March 31, 2023

Looking at two of the key paradigms of the post-Cold War era–national sovereignty, and human rights – this book examines the possibilities for their reconciliation from a global perspective. The real or imagined fear of a flood of immigrants has caused and fuelled the surge of an amalgam of ...

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