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Global Perspectives on Public History

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This series explores the work of public historians and the contested histories they engage with around the world. Authored by both scholars and practitioners, volumes focus on cases where complex histories and diverse audiences meet and examine public representations of history. The series aims to link professional discussions of different historical methodologies with broader dialogues around commemoration, preservation, heritage, and interpretation in diverse geographical, cultural, social, and economic contexts. The co-existence of both global and regionally specific volumes in the series highlight the wide range of innovative new projects and approaches on offer. These books will provide students, researchers, and practitioners with new case studies and helpful analytical tools to confront the (mis)representations of history they encounter in their work and as members of twenty first century communities.

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Museums, Exhibitions, and Memories of Violence in Colombia Trying to Remember

Museums, Exhibitions, and Memories of Violence in Colombia: Trying to Remember

1st Edition


By Jimena Perry
June 16, 2023

This book explores how recent Colombian historical memories are informed by cultural diversity and how some of the country’s citizens remember the brutalities committed by the Army, guerrillas, and paramilitaries during the internal war (1980-2016). Its chapters delve into four case studies. The ...

Public History in Poland

Public History in Poland

1st Edition

Edited By Joanna Wojdon
May 31, 2023

This volume presents various aspects of public history practices in Poland, alongside their historical development and theoretical reflections on public history. Despite a long tradition and variety of forms of public history, the very term "public history", or literally speaking "history in the ...

Public History for a Post-Truth Era Fighting Denial through Memory Movements

Public History for a Post-Truth Era: Fighting Denial through Memory Movements

1st Edition

By Liz Sevcenko
July 25, 2022

Public History for a Post-Truth Era explores how to combat historical denial when faith in facts is at an all-time low. Moving beyond memorial museums or documentaries, the book shares on-the-ground stories of participatory public memory movements that brought people together to grapple with the ...

Public in Public History

Public in Public History

1st Edition

Edited By Joanna Wojdon, Dorota Wiśniewska
July 30, 2021

Public in Public History presents international research on the role of the public in public history: the ways people perceive, respond to and influence history-related institutions, events, services and products that deal with the past. The book addresses theoretical reflections on the public, or...

Contested Commemoration in U.S. History Diverging Public Interpretations

Contested Commemoration in U.S. History: Diverging Public Interpretations

1st Edition

Edited By Klara Stephanie Szlezák, Melissa M. Bender
October 08, 2019

Against the backdrop of two recent socio-political developments—the shift from the Obama to the Trump administration and the surge in nationalist and populist sentiment that ushered in the current administration—Contested Commemoration in U.S. History presents eleven essays focused on ...

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