1st Edition

Global Political Economy and the Wealth of Nations Performance, Institutions, Problems and Policies

By Phillip O'Hara Copyright 2004
    414 Pages
    by Routledge

    416 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This comprehensive collection documents the major processes, performance, institutions, problems and policies associated with global political economy. For the first time in a single volume, the authors present a detailed analysis of the changing distribution and production of wealth throughout the world, different measures of performance, the global technological revolution, long waves in the world economy and a special study of Asia and Eastern Europe in the world system.

    Introduction Phillip Anthony O'Hara  Part A: Global Performance and the Wealth of Nations  1. A Global Economy, Polycentric World or System of Nation States? Wil Hout  2. Wealth and Welfare of Nations, Continents and Corporations Phillip ANthony O'Hara  3. Uneven Development, Convergence and North-South Interaction Amitava Krishna Dutt  4. Recent Perfomance of the Developing East Asian Economies Harry Bloch and Sam Tang  5. Transformation to a Market Economy in Eastern Europe, the Former Soviet Union and Asia John Marangos  Part B: Global Institutions and Organizations  6. Transnational Corporations: Dynamic Structures, Strategies and Processes John Davis  7. Transnational Financial Institutions, Global Financial Flows and the International Monetary Fund Reynold Nesiba and Maureen Burton  8. World Trade Organization, Free Trade Areas and the Distribution of Wealth Hassan Bougrine 9. The Global Gender Division of Labour Hella Hoppe and Wilfred Dolfsma 10. Conspicuous Consumption, Fashion and Style in the Global Marketplace Doug Brown Part C: Critical Global and Regional Problems  11. Financial Crises, Crashes and Speculative Bubbles: The Regulation Imperative in a Critique of Recent Episodes Brenda Spotton Visano  12. Environmental Problems of the World: Global Warming and Biodiversity Andrew John Brennan  13. World Poverty, Hunger and Disease Edward O'Boyle  14. Ethnic and Religious Tension in the World: A Political-Economic Perspective Asoka Bandarage  15. The War on Terrorism, Political-Economic Contradictions and Policy Issues Phillip Anthony O'Hara  Part D: Governance Issues For The Future  16. Viability of Government Policies in a Globalized Economy Phillip Anthony O'Hara  17. Viable Policies, Programs and Institutions for the Future Hassan Bougrine  18. Development Policies for the Twenty-First Century B.N. Ghosh


    Phillip Anthony O'Hara is Director of the Global Political Economy Research Unit and Associate Professor at Curtin University, Australia. He has written and edited several other books including the Encyclopedia of Political Economy, also published by Routledge.