1st Edition

Global Resurgence of the Right Conceptual and Regional Perspectives

Edited By Gisela Pereyra Doval, Gastón Souroujon Copyright 2022
    318 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    318 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    This book provides a broad-ranging analysis of the global resurgence of right-wing forces in the twenty-first century.

    These parties, organisations and social movements represent a break from right-wing forces in interwar political history in Europe and the United States, and the right-wing dictatorships in Latin America. The book reflects on the most appropriate conceptual categories to account for this phenomenon and whether terms such as populism, fascism, authoritarianism or conservatism can explain the new manifestations of the right. The book also explores this through a range of national case studies written by country specialists, focusing on Austria, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and the United States of America.

    Providing a much-needed global perspective, this book will be of considerable interest to students and scholars of populism, fascism, right-wing extremism and conservatism.

    Introduction. When the Rights Go Marching In: An Introduction

    Gisela Pereyra Doval and Gastón Souroujon

    1. Forty Years of Radical Right-Wing Populism: An Assessment

    Hans-Georg Betz

    2. Neoliberal Totalitarianism

    Marilena Chauí

    3. Populism: Uses, Abuses and Travels of an Uncomfortable Concept

    Gastón Souroujon and Cecilia Lesgart

    4. The Intellectual Reconstruction of Post War Fascism and the Populist Right

    Alberto Spektorowski

    5. Latin American Neo-Patriot Far-Right: Between the Crisis of Globalisation and Regional Political Processes

    José Antonio Sanahuja and Camilo López Burian

    6. The Marginalisation of Neo-Fascist Ideologies in Europe: The Traditional Extreme Right in the Postmodern Era

    Jean-Yves Camus

    7. The Effect of the Resurgent Radical Populist Right on the Main Centre-Left and Centre-Right Parties and their Adaptation Strategies: The Case of Austria

    Reinhard Heinisch

    8. The Right in Italy: Awaiting the Day of Reckoning

    Gianfranco Pasquino

    9. The Spanish Post-Fascist Right: The Unique Case of Vox

    Javier Franzé and Guillermo Fernández-Vázquez

    10. The Argentinean Right and the New Order of Cambiemos (2015–2019)

    Juan Bautista Lucca and Esteban Iglesias

    11. Bolsonaro in Brazil: To the Right of the Right

    Gisela Pereyra Doval

    12. The Right Turn as a Process, Not an Assault: The Ecuadorian Case, 2007–2019

    Pablo Ospina Peralta

    13. The Stillborn Revolution: The Failure of Right-Wing Populism in the United States

    George Hawley

    Epilogue. Right and Left in a Post-Covid-19 World

    Barry Cannon


    Gisela Pereyra Doval is a Researcher at Argentina’s National Scientific Research Council (CONICET) and an Assistant Professor at the National University of Rosario (UNR), Argentina, in Problematic International Relations.

    Gastón Souroujon is a Researcher at Argentina’s National Scientific Research Council (CONICET) and an Assistant Professor at the National University of Rosario (UNR), Argentina, and the National University of Litoral (UNL), Argentina, in Classical and Contemporary Political Theory.

    "The book avails of a series of prominent specialists in the field, and advances an original three-fold set of explanations to deal with the phenomenon of populism."
    Piero Ignazi, University of Bologna, Italy, and Sciences Po Paris, France

    "This book provides a very much needed comparative analysis of the rise of the right, by emphasizing both global dynamics and regional specificities. As such, it offers a very promising new perspective, away from the specular mistakes of unilateral generalisations and mere localism. A must read for all those interested in unpacking the puzzle of the global resurgence of right-wing politics." 
    Chiara Bottici, The New School for Social Research, USA

    "This is a novel contribution to the expanding literature on populism. The editors have put together a collection that is both historical and trans-national. The historical essays combined with the analyses of contemporary cases, particularly Latin America, show that populism is a global challenge that is not likely to disappear soon."
    Mabel Berezin, Cornell University, USA

    "While there is a growing academic and public interest in the rise of different forms of (radical) right-wing politics, there are almost no studies that address this topic from a cross-regional perspective. This book closes this research gap by analyzing cases of right-wing politics from Europe and the Americas. Therefore, this is a must read for all those who are interested in understanding the global resurgence of right-wing politics and its specificities at the regional level."
    Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile