Global Soil Security: Towards More Science-Society Interfaces : Proceedings of the Global Soil Security 2016 Conference, December 5-6, 2016, Paris, France book cover
1st Edition

Global Soil Security: Towards More Science-Society Interfaces
Proceedings of the Global Soil Security 2016 Conference, December 5-6, 2016, Paris, France

ISBN 9781138093058
Published September 18, 2018 by CRC Press
152 Pages

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Book Description

Global Soil Security: Towards More Science-Society Interfaces contains contributions presented at the 2nd Global Soil Security conference, held 5-6 December 2016 in Paris. These chapters focus on how to achieve soil security.  This involves scientific, economic, industrial and political engagement to inform soil-users, policy makers and citizens with the objective of implementing appropriate actions. The contributions to this book address the five dimensions of soil security, namely: capability, condition, capital, connectivity and codification.

Table of Contents

Introduction to global soil security

How the soil security concept can pave the way to realizing some soil related UN-SDG’s
J. Bouma

The concept of soil security
A.B. McBratney, M. Moyce, D. Field & A. Bryce

Approach to valuing soil ecosystem services with linking indicators
D.K. Bagnall, C.L.S. Morgan, R.T. Woodward & Wm.A. McIntosh


Soil security and policy

Global soil security for future generations
L. Montanarella & P. Panagos

Contribution of knowledge advances in soil science to meet the needs of French state and society
V. Antoni, H. Soubelet, G. Rayé, T. Eglin, A. Bispo, I. Feix, M.-F. Slak, J. Thorette, J.-L. Fort & J. Sauter


Soil security and mapping

GlobalSoilMap and the dimensions of Global Soil Security
D. Arrouays, A.C. Richer-de-Forges, A.B. McBratney, B. Minasny, M. Grundy, N. McKenzie, Z. Libohova, P. Roudier & J. Hempel†

DSM for soil functions: A preliminary example using spatialized BBNs in Scotland
L. Poggio & A. Gimona

Soil systems—a soil survey approach to soil security
Z. Libohova, P. Schoeneberger, D. Wysocki, S. Wills, C. Seybold & D. Lindbo

Soil information system: The pathway to soil and food security in Haiti
C. Kome, P. Reich, J. Lene, Z. Libohova, S. Monteith, P. Finnell, S. McVey, L. Scheffe, S. Southard, S. Bailey, T. Rolfes, N. Jones & M. Matos


Soil security and practitioners

Overview of tillage practices and correlations with other practices in France: An analysis of the agreste survey (2011)
N. Cavan, J. Labreuche, A. Wissocq, F. Angevin & I. Cousin

Balancing decisions for urban brownfield regeneration: People, planet, profit and processes
L. Maring, F.L. Hooimeijer & J. Norrman

Extension of irrigation in semi-arid regions: What challenges for soil security? Perspectives from a regional-scale project in Navarre (Spain)
R. Antón, I. Virto, J. González, I. Hernández, A. Enrique, P. Bescansa, N. Arias, L. Orcaray & R. Campillo


Connectivity and raising soil awareness

Soil security to connectivity: The what, so what and now what
D. Field

The non-anthropocentric value of soil and its role in soil security and Agenda 2030
P.E. Back, A. Enell & Y. Ohlsson

Soil awareness in Italian high schools: A survey to understand soil knowledge and perception among students
M.C. Moscatelli, S. Marinari & S. Franco

Opportunities for enhancing soil health
C.W. Honeycutt, S.R. Shafer, S.R. Jones & B.F. Rath

The soil certificate—a Flemish tool helping raise awareness about soil
J. Ceenaeme, G. Van Gestel, N. Bal & W. Van Den Driessche


Soil security and research needs

Which R&D needs for a sustainable soil management and land use?
M.C. Dictor, V. Guérin & S. Bartke



The 2nd global soil security conference—conclusions and prospects
A.C. Richer-de-Forges, D. Arrouays, F. Carré, J. Bouma & A.B. McBratney

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Anne C. Richer-de-Forges
INRA, France

Florence Carré
INERIS, France

Alex B. McBratney
University of Sydney, Australia

Johan Bouma
Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Dominique Arrouays
INRA, France