1st Edition

Global Strategy Competing in the Connected Economy

By Vinod Jain Copyright 2017
    310 Pages 53 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    310 Pages 53 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Global Strategy: Competing in the Connected Economy details how firms enter, compete and grow in foreign markets. Jain moves away from the traditional focus on developed countries and their multinational enterprises, instead focusing on both developed and emerging economies, as well as their interaction in an increasingly connected world.

    As the current global business environment is increasingly shaped—and connected—by faster technological developments, geopolitical forces, emerging economies, and new multinationals from those economies, this highly charged dynamic provides rich opportunity to revisit mainstream paradigms in globalization, innovation, and global strategy. The book rises to the challenge, exploring new competitive phenomena, new business models, and new strategies. Rich illustrations, real-world examples, and case data, provide students and executives with the insights necessary to connect, compete, and grow in a globalized business environment.

    This bold book succinctly covers strategy models and implementation for a range of global players, providing students of strategy and international business with a rich understanding of the contemporary business environment.

    For access to additional materials, including Powerpoint slides, a list of suggested cases, and sample syllabus, please contact Vinod Jain ([email protected]).

    Part I: The Context of Global Business 1. Introduction: The Connected Economy 2. Globalization: Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow 3. Globalization of Industries and Firms Part II: Strategy for International Markets 4. How to Enter Foreign Markets 5. How to Compete in Foreign Markets 6. How to Grow in Foreign Markets Part III: Global Strategy Implementation 7. Organization Design for Global Operations 8. Global Learning, Capability Building, and the MNE 9. Global Innovation and the MNE 10. Leveraging Opportunities in the Connected Economy Notes Index


    Vinod K. Jain received his Ph.D. in Strategy and International Business from the University of Maryland, Smith School of Business in 1994, and taught there from 2005 to 2012.

    ‘In this state-of-the-art book, Vinod Jain provides managers and business students with a road-map for navigating today’s hyper-connected, hyper-innovative, and hyper-competitive global economy. Drawing on the latest research, he presents practical frameworks managers can use to enter, compete, and grow in foreign markets as well as manage their global operations. Jain’s use of many fascinating examples from around the world makes his points come alive. I strongly recommend the book to executives looking to get them up to speed quickly on the essentials of global strategy in the contemporary world.’

    Ravi Ramamurti, Northeastern University, USA

    ‘Along with the book’s reliance on diverse experiences throughout, it is strong on dynamics and implementation. It should motivate managers to reflect on the potential applicability of each distinct example to their own organizations. The book’s conciseness and division into 10 chapters makes it highly appropriate for executive courses.’

    John D. Daniels, University of Miami, USA

     ‘I highly recommend reading this book, which is an excellent overview of global strategy, to managers and students of global strategy alike. This book provides an insightful, fresh, and up to date look at key issues affecting global strategy which benefits from the author’s diverse international background. The interesting mini case studies which the book includes are one of its key strengths making it easy to understand and fun to read.’

    Carl Fey, Aalto University School of Business, Finland

     ‘Vinod Jain’s book couldn’t be more timely in its exploration of the modern, connected or platform economy and its call for a refresh of traditional strategic thinking. As network effects penetrate more and more sectors of society, market entry, product and capability building strategies have to adjust, and new approaches and frameworks are needed. Most importantly, the book takes a global view and points us to important phenomena, such as frugal, multipolar and reverse innovation across developed and developing economies. As such, Vinod’s book is at once a primer and a welcome thought-provocation for those wanting to explore the future of strategy more deeply.’ \

    Olaf J. Groth, Hult International Business School, USA

    ‘An excellent, comprehensive, and balanced combination of the theoretical and practical aspects of global strategy, which will appeal to both the academic savants and operational practitioners, clarifying abstruse issues for the former and practical guidelines for the latter.’ - Lemuel Lasher, Managing Director, Boehme Eckhart LLC, USA ‘Global Strategy does a masterful job of simplifying the complexity of today’s globalized environment. Jain captures the essence of the digital transformation lucidly. This will be a refresher to practitioners as well as students of global business. While learning from the rich facts Jain expertly weaves, readers are prompted to think as well.’

    Janamitra Devan, Former Vice-President at the World Bank (WB) and International Financial Corporation (IFC) and former Global Director of Operations of McKinsey’s Strategy Practice, USA