1st Edition

Global Strategy in the Service Industries Dynamics, Analysis, Growth

By Mario Glowik Copyright 2017
    210 Pages 61 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    210 Pages 61 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Global service-based firms are often 'born global,' and these organizations have developed integrated global strategies based on industry relationships, in order to thrive in new environments.

    Focusing on these global strategies, this textbook explores the workings of modern service businesses, presenting theoretical management concepts alongside illustrative examples. Original case studies from a range of global sectors, including Starbucks and Facebook, as well as broader studies, such as healthcare in Japan, provide practical insights into the art of thriving as a global business.

    Written by a leading expert in the field, this multidisciplinary text is a vital read for all scholars and students wishing to view strategic relationships from the focal point of service industries.

    1. Global Business Dynamics

    2. Environmental Analysis

    3. Strategy Building

    4. Case Studies

    4.1 Alibaba Group: A successful Chinese and international digital business giant?

    4.2 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) taking the case of Facebook

    4.3 Environmental analysis for Russia in light of economic sanctions

    4.4 Healthcare Industry in Japan

    4.5 Alphabet: Gaining market dominance through external knowledge resources

    4.6 Philips: Diversification strategy in practice

    4.7 Starbucks: You may think it is franchising only but it is not

    4.8 Fresenius: Concentration strategies in health care business

    4.9 Boehringer Ingelheim: License driven market entry


    Mario Glowik is Professor of International Strategic Management at the Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany. His research centers on issues related to internationalization and innovation processes, with a particular focus on global industry networks and its relevant actors.

    'Despite the increasing importance of the service sector for advanced economies as well as emerging markets, the focus of business education and research has been primarily on manufacturing. This book offers a comprehensive, insightful look at the international strategies of firms in service industries including up-to-date cases and examples. It is a valuable resource for academics and practitioners alike.' - Martina Musteen, Professor, San Diego State University, U.S.A.

    'With his new book, Mario presents a fascinating and substantial overview of the continuously changing landscape of global strategy. In particular, the carefully elaborated case studies provide us with a picture that is very much up-to-date and, thus, both reflects on the current challenges for strategists in the global economy and considerably contributes to our knowledge and understanding of the field. Students, academic scholars and practitioners from various disciplines will enjoy reading this book - as I did!' - Thomas Steger, Professor, University of Regensburg, Germany

    'The past decades since the late 1970s have shown a dramatic shift from the industrial, production-driven economy towards the service-driven economy. And in the years to come, this shift will accelerate even more through ongoing digitalization. Given that, the area of managing a service provider is so far not reflected with corresponding strength in scientific and study literature. Mario Glowik’s new book helps to fill that gap and provides a comprehensive work on the strategic dimensions of leading a service company. It successfully applies strategic concepts specifically to the needs and particularities of that kind of industry. And, even more importantly, it has high practical relevance through its many case studies that bring "life" to theoretic concepts and make them very comprehensible. I therefore highly recommend Mario’s book to both students and practitioners.' - Frank Oerthel, Professor of Marketing, University of Applied Sciences Kempten, Germany

    'Mario Glowik has succeeded in writing a very interesting book about global strategies in service industries. The book smoothly integrates theoretical aspects with interesting managerial issues related to the global analysis of host country environments and strategic planning, including discussion of topics such as social media and the healthcare industry. The book includes several very interesting cases. The cases differ from those in other books, including aspects not covered in earlier cases and, most importantly, covering very recent developments, such as a situation in 2016. The book can very warmly be recommended as reading for the international and global marketing and service-related courses.' - Jorma Larimo, Professor, University of Vaasa, Finland