250 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    250 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The second edition of Global Talent Management (GTM) offers a state of the art overview of the key areas of talent management in theory and practice. Drawing on contributions from the leading global contributors to talent management research, the book is structured around three key sections. Section one provides a contextual overview of talent management. The second section explores in depth some of the core areas of GTM practice which includes the meaning of talent in the global context, internal talent identification, developing leadership talent, employee turnover, employer branding and the role of the corporate HR function in GTM. The final section considers three key contemporary issues in GTM, namely, data analytics in GTM, managing virtual talent and managing globally diverse talent.

    The chapters in the volume provide advanced undergraduate or postgraduate students with an interest in global talent management with a cutting-edge overview of the key topics in the field. It is also an invaluable resource for the reflective practitioner looking for an overview of key research in this important area of practice.


    SECTION ONE: The Context of Global Talent Management

    Chapter 1. Global Talent Management: An introduction

    David G. Collings, Hugh Scullion & Paula M. Caligiuri

    Chapter 2. Macro Talent Management (MTM): What it is and why is it important to Global Talent Management

    Karin King & Vlad Vaiman



    SECTION TWO: Global Talent Management in Practice

    Chapter 3. The Meaning of Talent in the World of Work

    Eva Gallardo-Gallardo

    Chapter 4. Managing Global Talent Flows

    Almasa Sarabi, Monika Hamori & Fabian Froese

    Chapter 5. The Identification and Evaluation of Internal Talent in MNEs

    Anthony McDonnell, David G. Collings & Ronan Carbery

    Chapter 6. Global Talent Management: New Challenges for the Corporate HR Function in

    Elaine Farndale, Paul Sparrow, Hugh Scullion and Maja Vidovic

    Chapter 7. Developing Global Leadership Talent

    Paula Caligiuri & Lisa Dragoni

    Chapter 8. Global Talent Turnover

    Ilka Verena Ohlmer Nicky Dries and Anders Dysvik

    Chapter 9 Employer Branding and Corporate Reputation Management in

    Global Companies: Theory and Practice

    Graeme Martin and Katie Sinclair

    Chapter 10. Global Mobility and Global Talent

    Michael Isichei and David G Collings

    SECTION THREE: Contemporary Challenges in Global Talent Management

    Chapter 11. Global Talent Analytics

    Dana Minbaeva and Sara Vardi

    Chapter 12. Managing Diverse Talent in the Global Context

    Berk Kucukaltan and Mustafa Ozbilgin

    Chapter 13. Managing Virtual Talent

    Angelika Zimmermann


    David Collings is Full Professor of Human Resource Management and Associate Dean for Research at Dublin City University Business School. He is joint Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of World Business.

    Hugh Scullion is Professor of International Human Resource Management at Hull University Business. He has published in journals such as the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of World Business and Human Resource Management Journal. He consults with leading MNCs in Europe and Asia.

    Paula Caligiuri is a DMSB Distinguished Professor of International Business at Northeastern University. She researches, consults and teaches in cultural agility development, global leadership, and expatriate management.

    "This edition offers fresh, research-based insights into the knotty global talent management challenges confronting organizations today. Written and edited by top scholars in the field, it’s a volume that readers will want to keep nearby to refer to again and again."

    Professor Ingrid Fulmer, Rutgers University