Global View of Engineering Geology and the Environment  book cover
1st Edition

Global View of Engineering Geology and the Environment

Edited By

Wu Faquan


Shengwen Qi

ISBN 9781138000780
Published August 16, 2013 by CRC Press
920 Pages

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Book Description

Global View of Engineering Geology and the Environment contains selected papers from the International Symposium and 9th Asian Regional Conference of the International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment (IAEG, Beijing, China, 24-25 September 2013). The book focusses on six topics:

- Crustal stability and dynamical geo-hazards;

- Engineering geology in major construction projects;

- Urbanization and Geological environment;

- New ideology and technology in engineering geology;

- Structure and behavior of soil and rock mass, and

- Geo-hazards in karst and loess areas.

Global View of Engineering Geology and the Environment presents the latest research results from scientists, leading engineering and industry researchers, and will be much of interest to academics and professionals involved in engineering geology and the environment and related areas, i.e. soil mechanics, rock mechanics, and hydrogeology.

Table of Contents

Keynote lectures

Meta-Synthesis in the engineering geology
S. Wang

Technical criteria for the design of foundation slabs and perimetral wall in difficult terrain in South East Madrid, Spain
C. Delgado Alonso-Martirena & F. Escolano Sánchez

Assessing the stability of a natural slope
D.M. Cruden & C.D. Martin

Understanding Darcian flow leads to understanding aquifer mechanics
D.C. Helm

Physico-chemical mechanics of clay soils
V.I. Osipov

Theme 1: Crustal Stability and Dynamical Geo-hazards

Why our Earth’s crust not quiet?
Z.Q. Yue

The role of rockfall intensity on its risk assessment
H. Lan, L. Li & Y. Wu

Comparisons between Japan and China on stability analysis of landslide in the dam reservoir
G.L. Xu, Y. Sasaki, K. Ryokai, A. Nakane & T. Eguchi

Simulation research on the forming mechanics of Xiaoyudong fault in Wenchuan earthquake
S. Su, P. Li, S. Song & W. Su

Study on mountain slopes topographic effect induced by Wenchuan earthquake
Y. Luo, Y. Wang, Y. He & H. Wang

Geochemistry characteristics of gouge from the watershed fault zone along the northern edge of the West Qinling, NW China
X.X. Ma & S.Y. Liang

Mechanism of geohazards triggered by the 2012 Yiliang double earthquakes in Yunnan Province, China
J. Zhang & M. Wang

Correlations of earthquake-triggered landslides volume and seismogenic fault: A case study of the 12 May 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, China
C. Xu

Main characteristics of high-position debris flows in the Longmenshan region after the Wenchuan earthquake
Y. Zhang, Y. Cheng, Y. Yin & J. Wang

Landslide hazard inventories and uncertainty associated with ground truth
J.R. Keaton & W.C. Haneberg

Preliminary study on nearly strike slip rockslide development environment and the genetic types
M. Deng, Q. Xu, X. Zhu, B. Han & G. Zheng

Assessing the stability of a geologically complex slope where strong dykes locally act as reinforcement
S.G. Lee & S.R. Hencher

Valley features and prediction of debris flow in the middle of the northern Qinling Mountains
Y. Wang, W. Qi, F. Zhao & W. Wang

The evolution of the Zhanggu landslide
Y. Wang, B. Han, J.F. Wu, Y. Chen, Y. Zhou & F.S. Jiang

Study on the dynamic characteristics and stability analysis method of glaciofluvial deposits in dry and warm valley
W. Feng, L. Zeng & W. Li

The survey on surface subsidence around Xinglongzhuang coal mine based on remote sensing
H. Wang, X. Wang, J. Yang, Y. Zhou, J. Wang, Q. Jing & X. Ye

Dynamic stability of Baihua Bridge bedding rock slope in Yingxiu
X. Hu, H. Tang, W. Xu & Q. Wu

Types, formation environment and distribution characteristics of geological disasters in China induced by earthquakes
H.T. Qian, L.F. Zhang, L.W. Xiu & Y.J. Lv

Effect of elastic modulus and time interval on the seismic slope stability
J.B. Xu, F. Wu & Y. Zheng

Study on formation mechanisms of Lufanggou debris flow, Yunnan, China
J.L. Zhu, X. Wang & X.D. Cao

Numerical simulation of limit pressure against debris flow for the 8th August, 2010
Sanyanyu debris flow in China: A case study
G.L. Wang, S. Qi & H. Lan

Historical co-seismic landslide inventory with Google Earth: A case study of 1920
Haiyuan Earthquake, China
W.L. Li, R.Q. Huang, X.J. Pei & X.C. Zhang

The assessment of hazard of geological processes depending on the ground conditions at Berezniki (Permsky kray, Russia)
A.V. Shilova

Shallow landslide—proposal of its risk evaluation procedure using new SPT
Y. Sasaki

Centrifugal experiment on stratum instability and failure process due to gas hydrate dissociation
X. Lu, X. Zhang & G. Hu

Application of two-class SVM applied in landslide susceptibility mapping
X. Yao, Y. Zhang, N. Zhou, C. Guo, K. Yu & L.J. Li

Transient water release and imbibition properties of remolded sliding zone soil of Huangtupo landslide in Three Gorges Reservoir Area, China
J.E. Wang & W. Xiang

Earthquake-triggered landslide susceptibility mapping in the 2010 Yushu, China earthquake struck area using artificial neural network model
C. Xu

Slope stability analysis in modern hydrothermally active areas
O.V. Zerkal & I.P. Gvozdeva

Theme 2: Engineering Geology in Major Construction Projects

Managing geological problems during construction of hydro power tunnels in India with special reference to Himalayas
G. Dhawan

A code-based system for the evaluation and classification of slope condition and instability
B.-A. Jang

Evaluation of different sandstones for use as concrete aggregate
A. Tuğrul & M. Yılmaz

Basaltic rocks from Argentina used in concrete structures
S.A. Marfil, F. Locati, P.J. Maiza & L. Lescano

Optimization of predicting slope failure using a probabilistic method
J. Li & D. Ding

Deformation and failure pattern of cohesive slopes reinforced with different materials: Centrifuge modeling study
Y.X. Jie, L. Nyema, C. Tian, Y.Q. Wei & H. Cai

Case study on stability analysis of large rock slopes by stereophotogrammetry in highway construction project
B.O. You, J.W. Shim, H.G. Park, W.Y. Heo & P.H. Song

Effect of fault on tunnel stability with different distribution
Z.Q. Zhang, N. Li, P. Zhang & S. Han

Field tests on performance of geosynthetic-reinforced and pile-supported embankment in highway expansion project
Y.M. Wang, W.M. Song, C. Zou & K. Yang

Displacement monitoring during the excavation of a soil-like cut slope
X.P. Zhang, S. Wang, R.H. Xiao, X.H. He & S.C. Wu

Characterization, investigation and 3D stability analysis of Mahe colluvium, Sichuan province, China
C. Qi, X. Liu & J. Wu

Stability analysis of a reinforced soil retaining wall on soft ground
J.F. Chen, J.X. Liu & Z.M. Shi

Analysis and stabilization of the complicated back slope of a 120 MW surface powerhouse in Sikkim, India
R. Mahajan, B. Srinivas, Y. Deva & M.K. Sharma

Research on the engineering geology stability of mountain crossing railway construction sites: A case study of the Mt. Gaoligong section of Dali-Ruili railway
C. Guo, Y. Zhang, R.D. Zhang, T.Y. Xiong, Y.B. Du & L.W. Jiang

Selection of powerhouse—case study of Punatsangchhu hydroelectric project II, Bhutan
P. Mishra, S. Gupta, S.K. Ghildyal & Y.P. Sharda

Division on water-leakage due to mining in arid region, in China
J.Y. Chang, N.S. Wang, W.P. Li & T. Li

Deformation and failure characteristics of a large underground caverns influenced by the faults
J.W. Zhou, X.G. Yang, W. Hu, R.J. Duan & X.W. Hu

Determination of water flow rate into subsea deep rock cavern with horseshoe cross-section
Z. Xu, Z. Zhao & J. Sun

Study of feasibility of water and coal simultaneous extraction while deep coal mined on the deep high pressure karst aquifer
W. Qiao, W. Li, R. Sun & X. Cui

Stability analysis of the tunnel across active fault under seismic load
N. Zhou, Y. Zhang, C. Guo & X. Yao

Vertical shaft design optimization for underground space development
X.P. Zhang, M. Lu & Z. Zhao

Water seepage characteristics caused by rock mass deformation in a mine
F. Ma, K.P. Li, H. Zhao & J. Guo

A case study of overburden failure and deep quicksand prevention
Q.H. Dong, K. Chen, Z.J. Du & W.H. Sui

Characteristics and mechanisms of mining-induced fault reactivations in an open-pit mine
H. Zhao, F. Ma, J. Guo & A. Wei

Prediction of failure of south slope caused by underground mining in the Yanqianshan open-pit iron mine
X. Pei, R. Zhou, N. Xu, X. Liu & J. Liu

Suitability of aggregate for hydropower projects
S.K. Sati, R.N. Khazanchi & N. Shivakumar

The importance of lithologic changes in an aggregate quarry
M. Yılmaz & A. Tuğrul

The deformation and strength properties of Jinping marble with different confining pressures under cyclic loading—unloading tests
S. Guo, S. Qi, B. Zheng & X. Li

Experimental research on deformability and strength of marble in Jin Ping under different confining pressures
B. Zheng, S. Qi, S. Guo & X. Li

Study on uniaxial compressive and Brazilian tensile strengths of Mahallat and Firuzkuh travertines, Central Iran
A. Jamshidi, M.R. Nikudel, M. Khamehchiyan & A. Zalooli

Composition and mechanical properties of marly rocks in middle Triassic Badong formation strata
B. Jiang, B. Chai & J. Tong

Statistical models for assessing the durability of building stones due to salt crystallization
A. Jamshidi, M.R. Nikudel & M. Khamehchiyan

Theme 3: Urbanization and Coastal Development

ANN based creep constitutive model for marine sediment clay in coastal zone
X. Xiong, L. Zhou, Y. Chen, Y. Liu & H. Dai

Modeling 3D land movement due to groundwater pumping with a variable parameter
J. Li & D. Ding

Assessment of engineering geological conditions for metro lines under construction in Moscow
I.V. Kozlyakova, N.G. Anisimova, O.N. Eremina & I.A. Kozhevnikova

The increasing of groundwater level and prevention measures in the new urban district of Yan’an city
Y. Dong, J. Liu, G. Zhang & X. Zhang

Present situation of land subsidence and its mechanism in China
X.Y. Wang, L. Sun & C.L. Liu

The distribution characteristics of phosphorus pollution in shallow groundwater
F.G. Yang, J.G. Wang & Z. Zhou

Predicting the occurrence of mixed face conditions in tunnel route of Line 2 Tabriz metro, Tabriz, Iran
M.B. Golpasand, M.R. Nikudel & A. Uromeihy

Experimental studies on geotechnical engineering problems of Beijing Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park project
J. Hua, X. Fan & S. Ning

Cause analyses of failure modes and protection measures of dissolution argillaceous limestone slopes in the Three Gorges Area
Z. Chang, F. Wu, N. Liang & L. Zhang

The strength change of oil contaminated sand
H. Qin & I.Y. Grigoreva

Effect of leachate seepage on the compacted clay layer transmissivity
L. Cao, Y. Wang, X. Wang, X. Zhang, P. Huo & Z. Sun

Engineering geological and geoenvironmental problems of St. Petersburg centre
R.E. Dashko & A. Shidlovskaya

Engineering geological and geomicrobiological factors of subway tunnels’ stability in St. Petersburg
R.E. Dashko & P.V. Kotyukov

Risk assessment of the tsunami on the Russian coast of the Sea of Japan
G. Koff, I. Chesnokova, O. Borsukova & O. Popova

Theme 4: New Ideology and Technology in Engineering Geology

Basic ideas of Engineering Geo-Dynamics of Rock-mass
F. Wu

Basic prerequisites for the formation and development of the Leningrad School of Engineering Geology
L.P. Norova

Urgency and concept of training for construction specialists in the field of engineering geology
I.V. Doudler, E.A. Vorontsov & S.P. Liarski

Safety geology and geological education for mining engineers
W.H. Sui

Cryogenesis: Matter and technologies
S. Tataurov

Engineering geology priorities in the XXI century
I.V. Doudler, E.A. Vorontsov & S.P. Liarski

Landslides, seismicity and geodynamics in the territory of Kyrgyzstan
Z. Kalmetyeva & B. Moldobekov

Monitoring the stability of infrastructures in an emergency scenario: The “Costa Concordia” vessel wreck
A. Manconi, P. Allasia, D. Giordan, M. Baldo & G. Lollino

Shaking table testing on seismic behaviors of layered rock slopes
H.X. Liu & Q. Xu

Influence analysis of dimensionless inertia coefficient on single well slug test results
Y. Zhao, Z. Zhou, J. Wang & Z. Cui

A study on distributed measurement in ship lock structural construction monitoring using fiber optic sensing technologies
Z. Song, D. Zhang, B. Shi, W. Suo & H. Fang

Data verification in a prospecting database for geological mapping
O.K. Mironov

Determination of normal joint spacing from apparent joint spacing measurements
L.N.Y. Wong

Application of fully distributed strain sensing technology in a slope model test
H.H. Zhu, B. Shi, J.F. Yan, J. Zhang & J. Wang

Estimated ultimate load of pile foundation by the cusp catastrophe curve and two reduction factors of shear strength reduction technique
T. Dong & Y. Zheng

3D numerical inversion of landslide rock-soil mechanical parameters and displacement failure criterion
H.B. Miao & K.L. Yin

Ground displacement field measured by D-InSAR: An application to the Shuping landslide in Three Gorges Area
M. Li, Y. Xia, X.F. Guo, J.H. Fan, D.Q. Ge, L. Zhang, Y. Wang & Y. Xia

A procedure for evaluation of slope displacement induced by the ground water level change
J.L. Deng, L.Z. Chen, X.X. Zhang, J. Kuwano & J. Koseki

Investigation of velocity and acceleration fields on limestone specimen surface under uniaxial compression loads using video images
J.M. Xu, F. Liu & D.M. Li

Recognition of compositions in granite using support vector machine and digital image features
J.M. Xu, F. Liu & Y.J. Zhou

Estimating layer density and modeling the 3D network for stochastic discontinuities
J. Lv, N. Xu, R. Zhou & X. Pei

The Deformation Rate Ratio Criterion (DRRC): From empirical hypothesis to decision verification
Y. Shang, S. Li, K. Li, J. Song & Y. Sun

The DEM numerical study on the permeability of fractured rock mass under shear stress
X.Q. Li & W.P. Li

Geophysical methods of detection of oil contamination on the example of waste disposal site of Priobskoye field
A.A. Ivanov & M.P. Shirobokov

Surrounding rock characteristics and lining scheme study for Qingyuan pumped storage power station tailrace tunnel
W. Zhang, Y. Chen, H. Wang, L. Liu & D. Wang

Detection of soil slope deformation and construction of equivalent geotechnical model from terrestrial laser scanned data
H. Hu, T.M. Fernandez-Steeger, M. Dong & R. Azzam

A novel numerical module for an analog low-pass signal filter
X. Zhu, Q. Xu, M. Deng, G. Zheng, J. Li, J. Zhou, M. Wang & Z. Li

Theme 5: Structure & behavior of Soil & Rock Mass

Structural bonds in the clays from landslides
K. Anguelov

Engineering behaviour of anisotropic and heterogeneous layered rocks
H. Saroglou

Engineering geological characteristics of sand liquefaction in Wenchuan earthquake
L.H. Li, L.F. Fan, X.L. Deng, R.-L. Hu, J. Zhang & X. Wei

Regularities of structure formation in clay sediments
V.N. Sokolov, V.I. Osipov & N.A. Rumyantseva

Reology property at different structural levels of rock mass
C. Qi, Q. Qian & J. Chen

Biaxial compression numerical test of soil-rock mixture
H. Zhang, W. Xu, Y. Yu & H. Lv

Influencing factors on SEM images quantification of soil fabric
C.S. Tang, X.J. Pei, D.Y. Wang & B. Shi

Study of soil microstructure using computer analysis of SEM-images
V.N. Sokolov, D.I. Yurkovets, O.V. Razgulina & M.S. Chernov

Experimental study of microstructure of Changchun subway line 2 construction layer clay soil
B. Zhang, F. Feng, S. Cui & B. Wu

Characteristics of pore water pressure and deformation of an undisturbed sandy clay under high pressure triaxial unloading test
G.L. Zhang & H.L. Wu

Experimental study of the surface crack propagation for rock-disk specimens
P.A. Tsoy, A.V. Panov, I.V. Kolykhalov & Z.V. Semyonov

Comparision research of sandy slope and silt slope under rainfall
Y.-S. Sun, R.-L. Hu, C.-Q. Jia & G.-H. Wang

Statistic study on permeability of crushed gravel soils from eighteen hydropower projects
X. Zhao & J. Qi

Theme 6: Geo-hazards in Karst and Loess Areas

Characteristic analysis of Chinese loess collapsible under overburden pressure
W. Zhang, Z. Liu, J. Zheng & S. Zhang

The application of TRIGRS method in the evaluation of loess slope stability
J. Wang, M. Xia & T. Gu

The method for determination of loess shear strength by tests combining with inverse analysis
Y. Xi, T.L. Li, P. Li & Y.N. Zheng

Engineering properties and microstructure characteristics of Silicified loess
Y. Lan

The collapsibility of loess induced by the engineering construction in new urban district of Yan’an city
J. Liu, Y. Dong, G. Zhang, P. Sun & X.F. Gu

Dynamic response of loess slope with uniform and isotropic layers to vertically incident strong shear waves with different vibrating directions
J.Z. Sun, S.Y. Dong, G. Li, M.S. Hao & F. Xiong

Dynamic response of loess slope with uniform and isotropic layers to shear waves with different incident directions
F. Xiong, R.Q. Huang, J.Z. Sun, S.Y. Dong, M.S. Hao & G. Li

Rainfall erosion experiment for gentle loess slope and fluid-soil coupling simulation with PFC3D
Q. Wu & C.M. Wang

Deformation characteristics and mechanism of a loess landslide in north foothill of Qinling Mountains, China
Z. Mao, T. Liu, Y. Wang, W. Qi, F. Zhao, J. Jin & G. Qu

Loess pseudokarst
A.A. Lavrusevich & A.E. Skapintsev

Modern approach to an assessment of karst hazard
S.V. Scherbakov

Lineament analysis in engineering karst
D.R. Zolotarev

Geological structural criteria of karst assessment in urbanized territories
V.N. Kataev & I.G. Ermolovich

Karst risk assessment focused on mechanism of sinkhole formation
V.P. Khomenko, A.D. Potapov, V.V. Tolmachev & S.A. Makhnatov

Dispersed weathering products of carbonate rock: Features and formation conditions from the construction’s point of view (by the example of Kazan, Russia)
A.I. Latypov, N.I. Zharkova & F.A. Mouraviev

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