1st Edition

Global Warming The Science of Climate Change

By Frances Drake Copyright 2000

    This topical textbook provides a bridge between technical and popular texts on global warming within the broader context of climate change. Written at an introductory level, it explains the interacting components of this system : what the greenhouse effect is; and how scientists seek to predict climate change. It makes accessible the technical and heavy science literature to the 'non-science' student.Global warming is one of the major environmental problems facing the world today. But it is an issue surrounded by great contention because it is based largely on scientific prediction and has yet to be proven. Opinion is divided regarding whether global warming will occur and, if it does, what the effects will be. In order to appreciate the uncertainties surrounding this issue, it is necessary to understand the workings of the climate system and the methods by which scientists seek to predict climate change.'Global Warming' aims to make accessible the heavily technical literature to the non-science student, providing a bridge between the highly scientific and the popular non-academic texts. Placing global warming within the broader context of climate change, this textbook details the interacting components of the climatic system, reviewing the importance of changing carbon dioxide levels for the evolution of the Earth's atmosphere and climate. Utilising observed and modelled data, it presents the latest evidence for and against global warming whilst highlighting the difficulties involved with analysing both types of data and introducing areas of controversy within research. The book also addresses the important problem of making policy decisions for the future, based on the uncertain science of global warming.

    Introduction; Chapter 1 Basic physical concepts; Chapter 2 The climate system; Chapter 3 Past greenhouses and icehouses; Chapter 4 Historical climate change; Chapter 5 The observational evidence for global warming; Chapter 6 The model evidence for global warming; Chapter 7 Indirect impacts and options for change; Chapter 8 The need for consensus;


    Drake, Frances

    Easily readable and represents an ideal textbook and source of reference for all aspects of global warming. Warmly reccomended.
    johannes Gutenberg : Universitas mainz

    This book provides competent coverage of an important area and will be particularly useful for those interested in the political and economic angles but needing to acquire knowledge of the scientific background to global warming.
    Royal Meteorological Society

    A useful introduction, with an excellent bibliography, to the subject for someone with a high level of interest and some scientific background.
    Enviromental Politics

    I found the book to present a wealth of information in a well edited and readable way such that one can use it e.g. for preparing lectures.
    Meteorologische Zeitschrift, Andreas Hense, Bonn