1st Edition

Global and European Polity?: Organisations, Policies, Contexts Organisations, Policies, Contexts

Edited By Henri Goverde Copyright 2000
    338 Pages
    by Routledge

    This title was first published in 2000:  The contents of this text are structured by three sub-themes. Firstly, the internationalization of Europe. This field studies threats and chances of re-institutionalization of nation-state societies and the role of the public sector therein, acknowledging the dynamics of the ever-changing international political and economic relations. The second sub-theme is the creative firm in a European context. The object of this field is the conditions for innovative organization and management of firms in Europe, taking into account the necessary adjustments to emerging European political and economic transformations. The final sub-theme is innovative environmental and spacial policy in a European context. This section has its object in the far-reaching transformations that European societies and particularly the Dutch societies are witnessing. These transformations concern the functional relations and spatial and environmental conditions as well as the emerging changes in the way planning and policy institutions deal with their new targets.

    1. Global Challenges 2. A Race to Accumulate Resources 3. Globalizing the Intelligent Organization