1st Edition

Globalisation and the Quest for Social and Environmental Justice The Relevance of International Law in an Evolving World Order

Edited By Shawkat Alam, Natalie Klein, Juliette Overland Copyright 2011
    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    There are few topics as controversial as globalisation. It is meant to bring economic growth and solve a range of social, cultural and humanitarian problems. However, there are significant debates in relation to the extent that the reality of globalisation reflects this idealized vision. In particular, globalisation has produced a highly interdependent world, rendering state boundaries meaningless and challenging the ideology and limits of certain areas of international law. This book will provide the opportunity to address some of the multifaceted issues provoked by the issue of globalisation.

    The book is an exploration of the intricate nexus that emerges as a result of globalisation, inextricably linking together issues of international law, human rights, environmental law and international trade law. Bringing together a number of experts in the field, the book focuses on the areas of social justice and environmental justice, and explores the links that exists between the two and the effect of globalisation on these areas. A variety of topics are addressed throughout the chapters of this book – including biodiversity, the law of the sea, biotechnology, child labour, the rights of women, corporate social responsibility, terrorism and counter-terrorism, water resources, intellectual property rights and the role of non-government organisations. As globalisation has many facets and actors, the contributions to the book engage with interdisciplinary research to deal with the various challenges identified, and critically explore both the potential of globalisation as a vehicle of sustainable and equitable development.

    1. Achieving Social and Environmental Justice through the Many Dimensions of Globalisation: An Elusive or Achievable Quest? Shawkat Alam, Natalie Klein and Juliette Overland  2. ‘Globalized Localisms’: Three Phases of Environmental Governance for Biodiversity Protection, Lee Godden  3. Global Standards and Specific Needs: Protection of the Marine Environment Through Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas, Natalie Klein  4. Blue Oil: Water Resources, Social Justice and the International Law on Foreign Investment, Kate Miles  5. Economic Globalization: Rethinking Its Promises for Economic and Social Development from a Developing Country Perspective, Shawkat Alam  6. Standards in the WTO – Attitudes to Biotechnology, Joseph A. McMahon  7. Embedding the Neoliberal Transformation of Government Services through Trade in Services Agreements, Jane Kelsey  8. A Multi-Faceted Journey: Globalisation, Transnational Corporations and Corporate Social Responsibility, Juliette Overland  9. Globalisation and Intellectual Property Rights: The Struggle of Developing Countries to Influence TRIPS, Carlos M. Correa  10. Globalisation and Children’s Rights: The Case of Child Labour, Sumaiya Khair  11. Gender and Globalisation: Engendering Social and Environmental Justice through Globalising Women’s Human Rights, Erika George  12. ‘ "Why do they Hate us?" ... They Hate our freedoms’: The Globalisation of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism, Ben Saul  13. Harbingering a New Paradigm of Global Governance: The Role of NGOs in Shaping International Law and Relations in the 21st Century, M. Rafiqul Islam  14. The Challenges of Globalisation and International Law: The Way Forward, Ved P Nanda






    Shawkat Alam is a Senior Lecturer at Macquarie University, Australia.

    Natalie Klein is an Associate Professor at Macquarie University, Australia.

    Juliette Overland is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney, Australia.