1st Edition

Globalised Football Nations and Migration, the City and the Dream

Edited By Nina Clara Tiesler, Joao Nuno Coelho Copyright 2008
    36 Pages
    by Routledge

    266 Pages
    by Routledge

    When studying the social phenomena in and around football, five major aspects of globalisation processes become evident: international migration, the global flow of capital, the syncretistic nature of tradition and modernity in contemporary culture, new experiences of time and space and the revolution in information technologies.

    In an exploration of these themes the collection provides insight into academic studies of football in Portugal, Germany, England, Spain, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, China, Japan, South Korea, Russia and the USA. At examining football-related phenomena under the headings of nations and migration, myths and business, the city and the dream, it shows how modernised football itself is object and subject in processes of both neo-liberal globalisation and counter hegemonic globalisation.

    While the contributions highlight characteristics of particular local and national contexts, the volume focuses on global centre-periphery-relations and migration trajectories of football professionals by analysing recent developments in post-colonial Portuguese speaking areas: The high ranking of "Portuguese football" not only serves in national(ist) discourses or in order to emancipate the country from a marginal position, it also turns Portugal into a football-talent exporter, confronting it partly with the same ambiguous consequences as Brazil and the African countries, who "lose" their football talents to the European centre. The receiving countries, again, include Portugal.

    This book was previously published as a special issue of Soccer in Society

    Introduction  Globalised Football: A Lusocentric Perspective Part I  1. Lusophone Football Professionals in Anglophone Spaces  2. `Angels of Us All?´: Football Management, Globalisation and the Politics of Celebrity  3. Corporate Capitalism, transnational migration and the selling of soccer: The New England Revolution and Lusophone Diaspora populations  Part II  4. Football History & Migration in/from Lusophone Spaces  5. Football and Colonialism, Domination and Appropriation: On the Mozambican case  6. African Football Labour Migration to Portugal: Colonial and Neo-Colonial Resource  7. Apollonians and Dionysiacs: Gilberto Freyre’s thought on the "Brazilian people" and the role of football  8. The Bloodletting of Football Talent: Brazilian Football and Globalisation  Part III  9. Football, the Nation, the City and the Dream: Different historical and social experiences  10. Football in Russia: Nation, City and the Dream  11. Playing the Post-Fordist Game in/to the Far East: The Footballisation of China, Japan and South Korea  12. The Paradox of the Portuguese Game: On the omnipresence of football and the absence of spectators  13. Reflections on the new fiesta nacional(ista); soccer and society in modern Spain  Part IV  14. Football Discourses and Social Conflict: Money, Myths and Movements   15. "Not For Sale"?: The destruction and reformation of football communities in the Glazer Take-over of Manchester United  16. On Stupidity in Football. An Essay


    Nina Clara Tiesler, Joao Nuno Coelho