1st Edition

Globalization, Employment and the Workplace Diverse Impacts

By Yaw A. Debrah, Ian G. Smith Copyright 2002

    The globalization of business is a relatively new process. Although its influence on work, employment, the labour process and the management process has become increasingly significant, little is known about these developments. In order to redress this imbalance, this book provides evidence of the nature and degree of significance that globalization holds for nation states, cultures, trade unions, employees and business management. Underlying the various contributions is a focus upon the varied and complex nature of internationalism in the business world.

    1. Yaw A. Debrah and Ian G. Smith Globalization, Employment and the Workplace: Diverse Impacts?
    2. Paul Blyton, Miguel Martinez Lucio, John McGurk and Peter Turnball Globalization, Restructuring and Occupational Labour Power: Evidence from the International Airline Industry
    3. Edmund Heery, Rick Delbridge, John Salmon, Melanie Simms and Dave Simpson Global Labour? The Transfer of the Organizing Model to the United Kingdom
    4. Nicholas Bacon and Paul Blyton The Impact of Ownership Change on Industrial Relations, Jobs and Employees' Terms and Conditions
    5. Andries Bezuidenhout 'What We Do' or 'Who We Are'? Trade Union Responses to Globalization and Regionalisation in South Africa
    6. John Hassard, Jonathan Morris, Jackie Sheehan and Yuxin, X Globalization, Economic Institutions and Workplace Change: The Economic Reform Processes in China
    7. Regina M. A. A. Galhardi Globalization and Employment in Latin America: Some Issues and Challenges for the Next Millennium
    8. Frederic Speidel and Melanie Simms Beyond Convergence and Divergence Contextualising the Implications of Globalization on Industrial Relations: The Cases of Germany and France
    9. Peter Kidger Human Resource Management Responses to Global Strategy in Multinational Enterprises
    10. Tony Edwards Globalization, Employment Relations and 'Reverse Diffusion' in multinational Companies
    11. Santina Bertone and Mary Leahy Globalization and Diversity Management: Empirical Evidence from Australia
    12. Marcia Cavanaugh, George Milkovich, Ningyu Tang, Larry Godfrey and Rob Gearhart Globalization, Global Human Resource Management and Distance Learning: A Study of the Effectiveness of a Global Learning Partnership
    13. Ian Taplin and Jonathan Winterton Responses to Globalized Production: Restructuring and Work Re-Organization in the Clothing Industry of High Wage Countries


    Yaw A. Debrah, Ian G. Smith